'DON'T STOP FURY VS JOSHUA HAPPENING!' Frank Warren WARNS DAZN as deadline looms

  • Publicado el 20 sep 2022
  • Frank Warren speaks to Seconds Out about Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua, Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker and much more.
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Comentarios • 556

  • Doot . Fm
    Doot . Fm Hace 11 días +58

    Some very good direct talk from Frank notably at the end about the reporting on up & coming fighters.... really good interview.... enjoyed it

  • X
    X Hace 11 días +7

    Frank saying he doesn't understand how Usyk can say he's not going to be ready for December then changes his mind a few weeks later, Frank your guy has retired 6 times in 2 months 🤣 come on.

  • john HOGAN
    john HOGAN Hace 10 días +10

    One of the best interviews Warren has ever done.

    • jazzyjeth
      jazzyjeth Hace 5 días

      hard to disagree with any of his analysis of Fury-AJ.

  • A S
    A S Hace 10 días +5

    Great HOF promoter, been doing it for years, and knows how to build fighters. Top mam. 💪💫👍

  • Mohammed Saghir
    Mohammed Saghir Hace 11 días +5

    Top interview, felt like real talk. More of a conversation than an interview.

  • james callery
    james callery Hace 9 días +3

    Great interview ….. Franks stable is on the rise …. Totally agree , who does Joshua fight if not fury next that will fund the dazn contract ?

  • Stoker Films
    Stoker Films Hace 11 días +21

    I feel that the longer the conversation goes “there SHOULDN’T be a problem” makes me think that there is one. If the bout doesn’t happen it’s going to be an embarrassment for someone. I hope the opposite is true.
    Everyone wants to see this fight take place.🥊.x

    • Matt Lambkin
      Matt Lambkin Hace 11 días +1

      I hope it isnt "when something's to good to be true, it usually is" I really can't see a problem with it happening though. 🤞 surely it will happen

  • Cus's System
    Cus's System Hace 11 días +4

    he has said Tyson has given AJ 6-40 split; rematch 50-50 split. AJ had to agree to the 3rd Dec instead of 17th Dec ; and broadcasters were meant to be BT and Dazn ?So why is he now saying Dazn DONT STOP happening ? If the fight is going to be a BT and Dazn broadcast I cannot see the problem Frankie unless you are not telling the whole truth ? Its got to be an equal split with BT. AJ has just sign a multi million deal with Dazn. Dazn allowed him to fight on SKY for the Uysk fight so surely Frankie cannot expect the same to happen with BT ?

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días

      Why would it be an equal split? Most buys is going to be on BT.

  • T.F.
    T.F. Hace 11 días +13

    Fury and his team clearly didn't believe AJ and Hearn would take the offer 🤣 so where are fury fan girls who said usyk was ducking fury? Even Fury jumped on the train to make use of the situation to call usyk a ducker. So fury ducking another serious championship fight again after a potential fight against Usyk.

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 11 días +1

      Lol Fury was the one who fought Klitschko with 13 years unbeaten and undefeated Wilder in America.
      Who on earth has AJ ever fought? AJ has been the favourite in all of his fights.

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días +2

      Clearly? You AJ man fans are deltider 🤣
      Usyk ducked Fury for a December date by claiming he was injured even though his manager Egis Klimas said that December was a possible date just days before. And now Klimas says that Usyk can fight in December again 🤣🦆

    • Jack
      Jack Hace 11 días +2

      @Tony SA23 lets pretend he didn't suffer with huge mental health issues after the Klit fight, and just put it down to "ducking". Even though he schooled Klit in the first fight and made it look fairly easy. You lot were saying he was trying to duck Whyte because he'd get found out. He proves you wrong each time and you just love changing the goal posts. Wilder was a much much more dangerous opponent to take on than AJ

    • Tony SA23
      Tony SA23 Hace 11 días +2

      @Kyle Williams Fury has a long history of ducking, going all the way back to when he ducked the rematch with a 40 year old Klitschko. It's therefore only natural that boxing fans suspect Fury of ducking now.

  • nathan hackney
    nathan hackney Hace 9 días +1

    Best interview iv seen from him,
    he makes a lot of sense

  • Clinton Jordan
    Clinton Jordan Hace 11 días +5

    Normally I'm used to Frank moaning through half an interview. This was an interview where he showed himself great. Love this interview, great knowledge Frank. I feel your passion!

  • Carl Ellis
    Carl Ellis Hace 11 días +2

    I bet it doesn’t happen and I guarantee it’s not AJs side, also Joe Parker to fast and crisp for Joe Joyce, Joe is a good boxer but gets hit a lot and is slow so Parker needs good combos and move and just keep doing that

  • Simon ODONNELL
    Simon ODONNELL Hace 11 días +2

    When as it ever been 20% for a mandatory? That is the lowest price! Yeah let's make it happen, but don't think for 1min fury hasn't seen the perfect time to get it on with AJ! I know you're giving him a lifeline but don't make it out like your doing him a favour! When you know your doing it for the cash! Tyson never takes a fight that doesn't make sense! Whereas AJ fights the best every time consistently! 🤔😉💪👍

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller Hace 11 días +6

    AJ has a big contract with DAZN so it's up to DAZN really, AJ doesn't have a say but BT have to understand if they want the fight they have to be flexible and give DAZN something or its not in their best interests but then the relationship between DAZN and AJ will turn frosty so I can't see them not coming to an arrangement but I can imagine it's the rematch details if AJ wins that is the real hold up as AJ would be champion, DAZN will want a lot more than BT are willing to give

  • Matt Lambkin
    Matt Lambkin Hace 11 días +1

    Dont write off AJ if it happens! Wilder cherry picked Fury, and we all know what happened there

  • Marcin Smazik
    Marcin Smazik Hace 11 días +1

    I like what I hear except for the altruistic BS (giving AJ a shot). Fury didn't want the fight to happen out of the goodness of his hart. He did it because AJ is still a cash cow and now Fury is in a better position to receive a bigger chunk of the money (the money that Fury says he doesn't care for...). Secondly AJ just lost twice, with no tune up fight so let's be real - it's a good deal for Fury in the end.

  • ukfirebird
    ukfirebird Hace 11 días +1

    Great interview, Frank at his passionate best, talking 100% truth.

  • Marvin Dorfler
    Marvin Dorfler Hace 11 días +8

    Frank's defensive talk about it ' not being their fault If it doesn't happen ' is pretty telling. Why would we not believe anything tyson tells us, its not as if he's known to tell lies 🤔

  • James Mitch
    James Mitch Hace 11 días +1

    Got to love a good contradiction. The TV companies should get in the way, followed by not confirming BT will do joint coverage and mumbling into Tyson being the A side 🤣🤣

  • Jabroni Maloney
    Jabroni Maloney  Hace 11 días +12

    As if he’s waited this long to mention that it wouldn’t be shown on dazn. It was asked a million times over the last couple weeks. Its an obvious stumbling block if it was an issue. Warren and fury never wanted it. They didn’t expect aj to take the offer.

    • P K
      P K Hace 10 días

      @z388z He said it wouldn't be an issue them coming to an arrangement

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días

      He never said that it wouldn’t also be on DAZN. He said that it’s up to BT and DAZN to figure out when AJ finds his pen and signs the contract.

  • Declan Nann
    Declan Nann Hace 11 días +7

    Probably best interview I’ve watched from frank in years.

    • T-bonewhufc
      T-bonewhufc Hace 10 días

      not as good as his interaction with Dillian whytes lawyer Jeffery Benz.

  • JasonE.7
    JasonE.7 Hace 11 días +2

    Every time Fury steps up? Apart from the 3 year lay off after winning the title?

  • Liquidmetal14
    Liquidmetal14 Hace 9 días +3

    Appreciate Bricktop's honesty.

  • Keith Chegwin
    Keith Chegwin Hace 11 días +5

    I doubt it will happen, I hope I'm wrong tho. It's just hard to trust Fury with his track record.

  • BaseDaKID - The HARDCORE Casual

    Frank seems to be forgetting that the WBC can raise their purse split for mandatories up to 50% for fights they consider to be huge in commercial value or for challengers that bring a very big commercial backing behind them, so Joshua definitely wouldn't be only getting 20%.

    • Peter Doleman
      Peter Doleman Hace 8 días

      @Patrice Siani fury v whyte

    • Peter Doleman
      Peter Doleman Hace 8 días

      @Patrice Siani look it up he broke aj record attendance

    • Patrice Siani
      Patrice Siani Hace 9 días +1

      @Peter Doleman Which fight? Numbers please? Has he got endorsement deals? With who? PPV numbers?. Give us more insights.

    • Peter Doleman
      Peter Doleman Hace 9 días

      U chat bolloks tyson holds the record gate

    • Patrice Siani
      Patrice Siani Hace 11 días +1

      What would he say that? He keeps on misleading the public. TF is not a big draw ad far as the Business side is concerned. AJ is. Live gate numbers, PPV and sponsorship deals are there to prove it. Why didn't he offer the standart 20% ?. That man is full of lies .

  • Daniel Collinson
    Daniel Collinson Hace 11 días +2

    Sorry to break it to you Frank, but Tyson isn't the no.1 heavyweight in the world. Usyk has all the belts apart from the WBC and iz p4p number 1 fighter in the world. So it's clearly Usky who's the best.

  • Jacob Pro2011
    Jacob Pro2011 Hace 11 días +1

    Absolute joker! always trying to put it on AJ and Eddie that it's on them. They have clearly come out and said they accepted all the terms of the offer..So if it doesn't happen it wont be because of AJ & Eddie. Always trying to deflect the blame!

  • Magic Egg
    Magic Egg Hace 11 días +1

    Clearly it needs to be a 60/40 split between the TV companies , that's a very interesting negotiation

  • gabj en
    gabj en Hace 11 días +29

    When you start saying it’s the tysonfury show, these are the type of comments that stop fights happening, shut your face and let the fight happen. Frank your the problem and always have been, look at Joseph Parker he said franks a nightmare to deal with. Stop trying to get one over on people and let the fighters get in there. But out frank.

  • stefan campbell
    stefan campbell Hace 11 días +1

    Frank already laying the road for an excuse. DAZN to blame for the fight not happening. See it coming a mile off. Only guy doing the talking is fish eyes, Hearn’s been miraculously quiet

  • Alien Technology
    Alien Technology Hace 11 días +4

    Lol! Fury was saying he's retired a few weeks ago, now there's some rush to fight this year and now Fury is talking about fighting for the undisputed. How do you go from being retired to having an urgency to fight. I can't take Fury or Frank seriously.

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes Hace 11 días +2

    This fight has a better chance of getting done than the mic used for Seconds Out interviews being fixed 🙄

  • Steven Townley
    Steven Townley Hace 11 días

    Well said Frank 👍🏻

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Zeeshan Ahmed Hace 11 días +13

    This is Team Tyson not wanting the fight all over it. 100% Eddie would not have accepted the fight if a dual broadcast was not mentioned.
    Good luck watching Fury vs Charr.

    • Disco King
      Disco King Hace 10 días

      @Ian it's as simple as this if Fury beats AJ (which will happen) AJ Dazn and Hearn future P.P.V's go up in smoke not to mention the mental hit AJ will take. Be harder to build up AJ again

    • Ian
      Ian Hace 10 días

      @Jack Fury's latest 3 fight deal with bt ended with Whyte and he didn't sign a new one cos "retired". If you're not willing to deal in facts and reality I'm afraid I can't help you

    • Jack
      Jack Hace 10 días

      @Ian that's still 2 more than you kid 😘. Fury does have an exclusive with BT, so that's a lie. Fury is the A side here, with a belt and hasn't just come off the back of 2 losses. He's thrown AJ a lifeline, and even offered a very reasonable split to get the fight made. If he was bluffing, why the hell would he intice AJ in with such a good deal. I know you're probably balls deep in Eddie right now, but at least take the blindfold off before you post another dumb comment

  • Perpetualintellectual
    Perpetualintellectual Hace 11 días +1

    Frank seems to put rematch clauses in all of his fights nowadays....did you ask why joyce needed a rematch clause?

  • Barry Parry
    Barry Parry Hace 11 días

    So wait AJ, and anyone else can be made in December but, a middle weight can’t be made in the same amount of time?
    Who’s AJ going to fight next if not fury that’s a big downgrade for him?
    Spot on frank, so if Fury don’t fight AJ who you got for him?

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano Hace 11 días +2

    Frank was on point today

  • John Jones
    John Jones Hace 9 días

    I like Frank. I remember him starting out as a promoter. The other UK promoters did their best to shut him out. Well done Frank.

  • iNeckle
    iNeckle Hace 11 días +1

    If this fight doesn’t happen now we should all just forget about it, sick of hearing about it just get the fight on already.

  • Lcvilla
    Lcvilla Hace 11 días +1

    If this fight dont happen it wont be down to joshua

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Hace 11 días

    I’m a fan of Frank but I’ll disagree with him on the mandatory purse and there was no push back on it, the mandatory purses are made off the last couple of purses, so mandatory he could essentially get a bigger percentage ;-)

  • The Landlord
    The Landlord Hace 11 días +1

    Good interview ,cheers!

  • Brynley Smith
    Brynley Smith Hace 11 días +1

    Usyks management again have said he will be ready for fury this year I'm a fury fan undisputed trump's AJ. It's now becoming clear Fury's team not fury himself are scared of usyk and see AJ as the easiest fight. Which is quite clear after back to back losses. Now if usyk corner is telling the truth and he does indeed fight again this year against anyone it will prove once and for all that Fury's team have deliberately ducked usyk if usyk doesn't fight this year it would seem fair to say team fury was telling truth.

  • Baz H
    Baz H Hace 11 días +6

    Shifty body language from fish 🐟 Face🤣 Warren is notorious for his fair contracts😆

  • Kyushu Brit
    Kyushu Brit Hace 10 días +1

    Gotta love, Frank.

  • Dublin in my heart 💙
    Dublin in my heart 💙 Hace 11 días +2

    Great interview

  • Earl Collins
    Earl Collins Hace 11 días +1

    Warren won’t let Dubois anywhere near Whyte or any of the other big boys ,, Chisora would fight Dubois in a heartbeat,, and beat him .

  • James Kid
    James Kid Hace 6 días

    I reckon the best rivalvy in boxing over the last few years has been between Frank and Eddie

  • Ninja's Rose
    Ninja's Rose Hace 11 días +1

    I've said all along this fight won't happen. And it won't lol. Hot air and bullshit. I absolutely 💯 % guarantee it Hahaha!

    ARTWORK BY THE HAND. Hace 11 días

    Frank is a LEGEND in the game. End of story 👍

  • T-bonewhufc
    T-bonewhufc Hace 10 días +1

    Why is'nt this fight going to happen ? In a word Eddie hearn, to lose to a Frank Warren would be more than he can take! The only reason it will happen will be the fact that DAZN are financially in trouble and HEARN needs the money! Thats why he's throwing Benn in with Eubank jr to get hammered,MONEY!!

  • Chris Mcbride
    Chris Mcbride Hace 10 días

    He is one million percent spot on ,,and I love seeing the boxing news taking a hiding ,,they had the industry to themselves for all them years and now they are nobody’s in the game and salty af

  • Jordan Delurey
    Jordan Delurey Hace 11 días +1

    Was always gonna be a stumbling block im beginning to think honestly i love tyson but if he really wants to fight aj then just do it this year on year nearly done bullshit is just no good for any1

  • Dan Ball
    Dan Ball Hace 11 días +6

    It's abit sus how much he was emphasising that if it doesnt get made will be other sides fault

  • Thirdfish
    Thirdfish Hace 10 días

    Is Joshua running the clock down, if he is it's an escape hatch by saying he hasn't enough time to prepare even though he's just had a fight.

  • Satoshi Black
    Satoshi Black Hace 11 días +29

    Stop all that it's got to be done this week or it's off nonsense ffs or what? Is Fury going to sweep aside an AJ fight to fight Chisora? Do me a favor, it's either AJ or Usyk end of, anyone else and it's a bloody farce.

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días

      Fury is fighting on December 3rd so that he can be ready for Usyk in March. If AJ starts stalling and doesn’t sign by the end of the week, Fury moves on to fight someone else. It would be AJ’s fault for it falling through for dragging his feet and not signing the contract 🤷‍♂️

    • Tony SA23
      Tony SA23 Hace 11 días +2

      @Sha Sha World Why? Three weeks ago the Liar King was 'retired' and now it's a matter of life and death that he fights in November. Its amazing how Fury fanboys regurgitate the utter nonsense he spews as if it were fact.

    • david brady
      david brady Hace 11 días

      Usyk said he won't be ready till next year

    • Sha Sha World
      Sha Sha World Hace 11 días

      Fury wants to fight November/early December, so a contract needs to be signed pronto.

    • call 212-555-HAIR
      call 212-555-HAIR Hace 11 días +2

      does aj deserve a title shot after back to back losses ? convince me that he does ?

  • Pukka P1e5
    Pukka P1e5 Hace 11 días +36

    Feels like Frank is already making excuses 😂

    • Harley
      Harley Hace 10 días +1

      @Tica Time BT/ Fury said "joint broadcasting rights" knowing AJ's contracted terms to DAZN, they have changed their mind in the contract full well knowing AJ wouldn't take it .
      first cause a problem with the date, then the rematch split ... AJ agreed it publicly and called the bluff.... it's Fury's team who don't want the fight here, see the truth and stop being gullible ! ..... Stop believing Fury's bullshit, funny how he's gone quiet since AJ agreed the terms online too ! ... went from talking crap everyday to being silent !

    • Tica Time
      Tica Time Hace 11 días +3

      Don’t see how . They offered the fight . It’s Joshua signing to dazn that’s going to stop this fight . Eddie doesn’t want fury he knows he gets beat 😊

    • Rhys
      Rhys Hace 11 días

      That you Eddie

    • Lee Murf
      Lee Murf Hace 11 días +3

      He doesn’t need excuses when he offered the fight, why would he waste his time and money trying if he didn’t want it? Doesn’t make sense does it? A lot of money involved already at this stage with time and legal paperwork/contracts.

  • Jason Allatt
    Jason Allatt Hace 11 días

    Good interview. 👍

  • chuck lombardo
    chuck lombardo Hace 11 días +1

    I think Eddie and Frank will become friends after this fight

  • Interstellar Beat Teller
    Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 11 días +18

    They keep placing insurmountable hurdles then blame them for falling over! They actually had the stadium booked for the 17th Dec for a Fury fight, then all of a sudden that date is no good....Obviously that would give an extra 2 weeks of negotiation time...

    • Marks out of Zen
      Marks out of Zen Hace 10 días

      @z388z 🤷‍♂️

    • Kevin Mcnicoll
      Kevin Mcnicoll Hace 10 días +1

      Totally true. Pretty sure as well they said if Fury ends up fighting Charr it is on Dec 17th. They don't want the Joshua fight

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 10 días

      @Harley If you want to get deep; half these guys don't even like Fury, it's just that he represents the opposite of poster-boy AJ.
      It's actually better if they don't fight because they'll then get another few years of trolling 'AJ is a stiff dosser who wouldn't last a round with Fury',

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 10 días

      @White hair What's mad is y'all thinking Fury could retire as the best of the era without beating AJ.
      Nobody mentioned Pacmans losses to Mayweather, just that he had to beat him to be crowned best of the era.

  • Jamie Faulkner
    Jamie Faulkner Hace 11 días

    Go on Frank!

  • Paul K
    Paul K Hace 11 días

    Warren talked a lot of sense here, as anyone who knows a bit about the sport knows.
    Not sure what Boxing News are playing at.

  • Legend !
    Legend ! Hace 11 días +1

    This will never happen - Hearn and warren will never work together ever

  • Liam Boxman
    Liam Boxman Hace 11 días

    compares Benn vs Eubank jr to a youtube fight!? WOW!! 🤣

  • Dnav Fejiro Pyro
    Dnav Fejiro Pyro Hace 11 días +6

    When I say Fury is the biggest boxing fraud that we have ever seen y'all think am joking .... If this fight doesn't happen then there's ur proof fury is trash a man who gets praises for fighting bums his whole career he only has 3 notable names on his resume and some deranged ppl call him the goat it's a shame... I'll jus be here waiting to see if the fight happens or not 🙄🚶🚶

    • Dnav Fejiro Pyro
      Dnav Fejiro Pyro Hace 10 días

      @z388z listen to urself yapping 🙄🙄🙄

    • Incarnated Steroid Abuse
      Incarnated Steroid Abuse Hace 11 días +1

      Fury is now in talks his plumber for a fight, Fury's not happy because the plumber wants 5%

    • Incarnated Steroid Abuse
      Incarnated Steroid Abuse Hace 11 días +1

      Bluff called Frank and Fury's now ducking for the third time 🫢

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días +1

      If this fight doesn’t happen it’s because AJ ducked 🦆

  • Team Ferguson Boxing
    Team Ferguson Boxing Hace 11 días +1

    Lost 3 of his last 4 fights? What are you on about

  • CRB1
    CRB1 Hace 11 días

    “They done it in the pass” wtf Frank talking about ?
    BT never done a joint broadcast. Brit’s correct me if I’m wrong?

  • React to this Channel !!!!
    React to this Channel !!!! Hace 11 días +3


    • Gary Salmon
      Gary Salmon Hace 11 días +2

      aj is a bum he’s lucky to get another title shot at all it will be at least 2 years for another one

  • Harsha Sankar
    Harsha Sankar Hace 8 días

    Tyson Fury states that Hearn and AJ has had the contract since September 16th. Hearn states he has only had it a day or two.
    Who would you believe? Why would Tyson Fury propose a fight to a man who has lost his last two fights and then try to "wiggle" out of it? That does not make sense.
    How complicated is a contract considering terms are agreed to and considering Team TF has agreed to do everything jointly with Team AJ?
    At the end of the day, all parties have to do things based on a handshake and all have to have basic trust with each other. It is that simple.

  • talk sense
    talk sense Hace 9 días

    he's been practicing this lol
    he's saying we and them talking about the tv companies he's either with them or not.
    he knows he don't want dazn anywhere near this fight.

  • Ricardo Iv
    Ricardo Iv Hace 11 días

    Personally never believed that this will happen in December even after all people I chat about boxing with - said "OOOH have you seen, ITS HAPPENING" - Yeah right... Boxing is a business - go figure mate...
    Also Frank doesn't sound legit when he talks about this fight happening. Just it feels that when he talks about it - he himself knows that it won't happen.
    Anyway, it was a stunt from Fury , BT etc... Probably to be on the HEADLINES and to start SELLING his next fight which would be against some TAXI DRIVER.
    If Fury would be in AJ's shoes and he would be coming after loss in august 22 , I dont believe he would have another fight in DECEMBER. NO WAY.
    I dont dislike Fury, but this propose for a fight was way out of the window from the beginning and its nothing else but the sell for his next fight which wont be AJ.

  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson Hace 11 días

    If frank continues to try his hardest to lay blame of the other party when him himself will be the one at fault… I won’t be watching Tyson fight some bums like he did before wilder. You don’t want your legacy to be coming back just to con the fools of the fight game, don’t want to follow in the shoes of David haye.

  • John
    John Hace 11 días

    This will suck, if it doesn't happen! Some one will step in and ruin it!! Mark my words!!

  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom Hace 11 días

    Frank Warren is awesome

  • Brian Charles
    Brian Charles Hace 11 días

    The fight was never actually going to happen. Why is it hard for these promoters to be honest?
    It's all just a fart cloud of empty talk and it's all just to keep people talking about their fighters on social media...Same thing happened when they were meant to fight over a year ago - they had months of contracts going back and forth over and over again, and then finally - oh we're fighting Wilder again actually, sorry...
    Not just blaming Warren, it's Hearn too and all the media hype stirring the pot....
    The truth is Fury isn't going to fight again until next March or April, he'll say he's wanting to fight in December but blame Joshua, Joshua has no fight lined up, he's not a guy that boxes more than once every 10 months - so he won't be in the ring any sooner than Fury - Hearn will blame Fury's camp for not moving the fight till later in December...
    Everyone's to blame but it's no ones fault...it's why boxing is on its arse as a sport now....promoters and fighters do what they want when they want, no independent governing body to control this nonsense..

  • stinky feet
    stinky feet Hace 11 días

    Dazn nearly bought bt sports but bt sports overpriced themselves, if you're willing for rivals to take you over then there's no excuse.

  • Colin Elliott
    Colin Elliott Hace 10 días

    Frank won't answer the question on BT sharing the broadcast. This is so obviously a bluff. He knows damn well that if DAZN are cut out the fight won't go ahead.

  • Dazzlar Nic
    Dazzlar Nic Hace 11 días

    Go on Frankie….old school works! Making the new crop look dated now, Frank has longevity

  • pthomsk1
    pthomsk1 Hace 11 días +3

    So why did Fury want 50/50 when he had one belt and Joshua had 3 belts? So if BT are not standing in way Frank then it’s a joint broadcast with Dazn with BT in UK and with Espn in US with revenue share right?

    • pthomsk1
      pthomsk1 Hace 11 días

      @Spaghetti Legs bob arum said until he has another two fights in the US Top Rank are still part of his promotion.

    • Spaghetti Legs
      Spaghetti Legs Hace 11 días

      Fury doesn't even have a contract with ESPN anymore. It could just be dazn worldwide and bt in UK

    TRUTH WINS UK Hace 9 días

    Legend frank warren

  • Dog Bastardly
    Dog Bastardly Hace 10 días

    I think DAZN will stop this fight from happening. Fury wants the fight. AJ wants the fight. Warren wants the fight. Hearn wants the fight. However, DAZN will NOT risk their biggest commodity losing three fights in a row...

  • mark breeze
    mark breeze Hace 11 días +1

    What if aj v Tyson’s is a draw will there be a rematch then?

  • Nancy Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi Hace 11 días

    Sooo from what I'm gathering we are never going to see a Undisputed HW fight... cool

  • j v
    j v Hace 11 días +20

    frank talking like this again!!!! sounds like he"s trying to pass the blame on why this fight dont happen already "DONT KNOW ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT THIS SOUNDS VERY SUSPECT"

    • CRB1
      CRB1 Hace 11 días

      This fight was never happening long as Aj is on DAZN. ESPN/BT would never do a joint broadcast with DAZN & Frank knew that

    • henrycastle1
      henrycastle1 Hace 11 días

      Thumb nail and length of broadcast says it all
      God bless them all though

  • Lewis Beaton
    Lewis Beaton Hace 11 días

    Dazn are a complete joke! I knew theyd never let AJ fight

  • Jack Gallagher
    Jack Gallagher Hace 11 días +2

    So they haven’t offered to do it on joint broadcasters this fight is not happening then move on

  • Funny Fuse
    Funny Fuse Hace 11 días +55

    I think fury was bluffing and it's backfired a bit. Fury Vs charr on BT sport box office hahaha. ( Hope I'm wrong )

    • MrLongred
      MrLongred Hace 9 días

      I’m a Fury fan & thought AJ fought a decent fight v Usyk 2.
      We saw Usyk able to kick on after losing round 9 ,
      & AJ couldn’t .
      Fury would have done .

    • Marks out of Zen
      Marks out of Zen Hace 10 días

      @myAutoGen because he is scared of fighting a guy who lost to a pumped up cruiserweight 😂🙄

    • Funny Fuse
      Funny Fuse Hace 10 días

      @Jack where did he say this?

    • Jack
      Jack Hace 10 días

      @Funny Fuse Eddie Hearn has just admitted that DAZN is the blocker, which even he didn't expect let alone the Fury camp. Glad he's made you lot look like mugs

    • Jack donkey
      Jack donkey Hace 10 días

      @Funny Fuse so if fury is bluffing that must mean he does want to fight Joshua then tell me please why On earth would fury not wanna fight Joshua the man is basically a journey man losing most of his fights lately

  • Michael Manning
    Michael Manning Hace 11 días

    Amazing now the Buatsi vs Pascal fight is off he took off for anyone other then Callum Smith is a big Duck

  • Four-Twenty 420
    Four-Twenty 420 Hace 10 días +3

    5:20 Fury AJ talk

  • wajidhaq
    wajidhaq Hace 11 días +3

    Why can’t it be dual broadcast BT Sports box office & DAZN ppv? Frank acting like he did with the Joyce vs Parker negotiation, refusing sky sports to show the fight, even now it’s only on sky if Parker wins this Saturday 😊and Joyce exercise his rematch clause

    • David Low
      David Low Hace 10 días

      Because they need to agree on a common PPV price and ultimately that's up to BT as the promoter's platform. If they can't then it's BT only and AJ has to deal with his side of that...

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días

      Frank never said it couldn’t

  • Dublin in my heart 💙
    Dublin in my heart 💙 Hace 11 días

    Frank an fury are been more than fair. Dazn will try an stop this mark my words

  • London Taylor
    London Taylor Hace 11 días

    Fisheyes definitely has something up his sleeve, I know what that cheeky grin means

  • Monty 1979
    Monty 1979 Hace 11 días +3

    Why does Frank keep saying Tyson is accommodating Joshua when he's the one calling Joshua out

    • Monty 1979
      Monty 1979 Hace 9 días

      @Scribble💯 I actually disagree Joshua should look to rebuild after back to back defeats rather than go back in with Fury.

    • Scribble💯
      Scribble💯 Hace 9 días

      Because it's a fight Tyson doesn't need and Joshua does.

  • Antonio Matthews
    Antonio Matthews Hace 11 días +35

    So no broadcast split. They expecting DAZN to let Joshua go to another network.

    • Monty 1979
      Monty 1979 Hace 11 días +1

      @Kenny B because he's signed a contract with Dazn you plonker

    • Monty 1979
      Monty 1979 Hace 11 días +1

      @Patoban I don't think you understand how contracts work. AJ is no longer the boss and is signed to Dazn

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 11 días

      @Tommy He didn’t…

    • Incarnated Steroid Abuse
      Incarnated Steroid Abuse Hace 11 días

      @Tim he'd already lost his belts when he signed, the point is aj is still exclusive to danz and Frank/Fury knew thid and knew it would be a hurdle.

    • Alpha 0
      Alpha 0 Hace 11 días

      Dazn's rubbish though

  • Daniel Crossley
    Daniel Crossley Hace 11 días

    BT/Queensbury have the rights for UK… DAZN/Matchroom will have/will want the rights for the rest of the world.. which BT MAY allow however it could come at a price or a percentage % should I say.. then that’s when the problems arise I think personally

  • Simon Grey
    Simon Grey Hace 11 días +1

    Fury’s playing his tricks he going to fight a bum AGAIN

  • barbaro Helm
    barbaro Helm Hace 11 días +2

    is fury running from usyk ?

  • Loucas
    Loucas Hace 9 días

    Anyone who believes what Frank has to say about fury v Aj is a fool. The fight wont happen. Frank and Fury are using AJ negotiations as a reason to say we tried to make the fight but AJ didnt want it and now we are fighting Charr. Frauds!

  • Lee Gilmour
    Lee Gilmour Hace 11 días

    You can tell Boxing news is gonna noise Frank right up

  • Matt Lambkin
    Matt Lambkin Hace 11 días +5

    15:37 look at Frank! With his Cheshire cat smile!! Lol. It shows how big Eddie Hearn(Matchroom) is! when Frank Warren(Queensbury) needs to team up with other promoters to win/compete against him. Not the first time lately either