When would you have stopped the fight?

  • Publicado el 3 jun 2008
  • Wayne Llewellyn catches Michael Sprott taking him almost clean out.
    Sprott gets up at the count of nine and is allowed to continue - did the referee stop it too late - the commentators seem to thing so.
    Or were Wayne's punches not causing any real damage until the referee stopped the fight?
    You make the call!
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  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher Hace 6 años +22

    I have a lot of respect for referees- their job is essential but they will always have detractors who think they could have done better.

    • Hunter McNabb
      Hunter McNabb Hace 4 años

      Centrist Philosopher the ref could have done better by far

  • HeathInClearLake
    HeathInClearLake Hace 3 años +6

    Decent timing on stoppage. Unless the fight was already a 1 sided beatdown and going in to the late rounds.

  • Raven Singularity
    Raven Singularity Hace 8 años +29

    I would have stopped it on the first knockdown, it was clean, he hit his head on the mat, he was entirely unconscious.

  • sailorpete2316
    sailorpete2316 Hace 11 años +24

    Ref did a good job. He saw that the hurt boxer was still blocking most of those shots and he didn't stop it too early.

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo Hace un año +2

    I thought it was spot on. He was still defending himself and most shots were hitting his gloves.

    OZKAR Hace 7 años +73

    The fighter was still defending himself, so the ref did his job accordingly.

    • Boomclash gamer
      Boomclash gamer Hace un año

      @Hunter McNabb not really

    • Hunter McNabb
      Hunter McNabb Hace un año

      @Boomclash gamer and you made it even better

    • Boomclash gamer
      Boomclash gamer Hace un año

      @Hunter McNabb the fact that a 2year old commentar replied is even more hilarious

    • Hunter McNabb
      Hunter McNabb Hace un año

      @Mr Hairy Sac the fact that you replied to a 2 year old comment is hilarious 🤣

  • The Roaring Blaze
    The Roaring Blaze Hace 5 años +9

    It was OK..... He was blocking, moving, and holding.....

  • Roddas
    Roddas Hace 11 años +1

    The ref did great, it wasn't too late, it was right on time. We need more refs like that.

  • kingq01
    kingq01 Hace 6 años +95

    Good stop, right on time.

    • Hshsg Shsgg
      Hshsg Shsgg Hace 2 años


    • kirt
      kirt Hace 2 años

      @Jason Eagles crazy statement, fuck corruption mate. People die in the ring

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. Hace 4 años

      The Boxers Last Stand that is because more boxers are dying. The rule is it can be stopped if the fighter is not throwing any punches not because he is covering up. Just because you are covering up you still can be hurt.

    • Jason Eagles
      Jason Eagles Hace 4 años +2

      No it was too early. The guy was still defending himself. Stoppages are getting more and more frequent these days, and it's allowing room for corruption.

    • Hunter McNabb
      Hunter McNabb Hace 4 años

      kingq01 no bad stop should have called it first time he dropped him

  • djdriftking8807
    djdriftking8807 Hace 11 años +1

    He stopped it with perfect timing, whoever thinks different doesn't know fighting....

  • Gabe Garcia
    Gabe Garcia Hace 11 años +1

    perfect stoppage...he was covering up the whole time

  • Trontholomew Garzantaria
    Trontholomew Garzantaria Hace 11 años +1

    The Ref did a good job & stopped it at the perfect time because after having been knocked down never landed another clean punch. GOOD JOB REF

  • D. Jinerson
    D. Jinerson Hace 4 años +10

    About 10 seconds too long for me.....but I’ve seen much worse

  • SA
    SA Hace 2 años +1

    0:27 Right there...........he'd already been down and almost didnt make it on time..........now hes failing to defend himself.

  • dastrn
    dastrn Hace 11 años +1

    I actually said "Right there" the exact second the ref jumped in. He did a great job.

    • L A
      L A Hace 5 meses


  • Contentz
    Contentz Hace 11 años

    Referee had good timing, made a good call. He still had his hands up, when they finally went down he called it. Nothing wrong here

  • Blaze Gill
    Blaze Gill Hace 11 años

    perfect stopage he was still covering up he wasnt taking alot of damage but it was clear he was done

    KARMIOS Hace 11 años

    If the round had ended sooner, then sprott may have recovered. I think the ref was right to keep it going, he was defending reasonably well.

  • Anthony Lucania
    Anthony Lucania Hace 11 años

    Good timing by the ref. Even though the guy was hurt he covered up well and the other guy didn't land flush.

  • AirBabe
    AirBabe Hace 11 años

    @OvalleFamilia Thank you for the reply, you make your point very well. I have to say I am suprised that there are cases when only the ref can stop the fight, I find that a bit disconcerting that a situation could arise where the trainer wants to stop it (and he knows his man better than the ref) but can't. I have to say that on reflection perhaps the ref could have held back a bit, as you say he wasn't taking substantial damage, he might have made the bell and consequently got his legs back.

  • Magjee
    Magjee Hace 11 años

    Good job by ref, he gave him a chance to recover.

  • Ken Pruitt
    Ken Pruitt Hace 11 años

    Great ref. Great fighter. 'Nuff said.

  • joopsnoop
    joopsnoop Hace 11 años

    Ref did a good thing and timing of the stoppage was spot on IMO. The punches weren't scoring -- all landing on the gloves. Ref was in a position to see Sprott's eyes after the knockdown, definitely better position that the commentators. You have to give the fighter an opportunity to fight out of it and he did. It is not about if he didn't recover from the knockdown as ALL fighters take time to do that. It is about whether the fighter is able to defend himself. And Sprott was defending well.

  • Robert Riss
    Robert Riss Hace 11 años

    dude that was perfect timing, he wasnt really getting hurt, he could of and as soon as he did the ref stopped it

  • fxE20170
    fxE20170 Hace 11 años

    That was a good stoppage. The fighter was still protecting himself, and you can clearly see the ref almost stop it before when he seemed like he was not protecting himself. Good on the ref.

  • Sammy Mohamed
    Sammy Mohamed Hace 7 años

    I listened first time without audio, I thought :43, which is fight after those two vicious shots, would have been good. Earlier could be fine but the guy was defending himself and appeared OK if still a little wobbled, so I understand why he did not stop it immediately after the knockdown. When the ref stopped it was as far as would be reasonable imo, anything after that would be ignoring the fact that the fighter hasn't thrown back or otherwise done anything meaningful while eating huge, clean shots.

  • SYKE
    SYKE Hace 2 años

    This is what you call counting a knockdown right and getting up at the right time aswell!

  • rikonai
    rikonai Hace 11 años

    He was stil defending himself effectively except for that last few punches.. good decision

  • gunay205
    gunay205 Hace 3 años

    Perfect timing stopped it at the right time as the other guy was punching him on the gloves

  • x2eXu50x
    x2eXu50x Hace 11 años

    The stop was perfectly timed.

  • kyle praseutsack
    kyle praseutsack Hace 9 años +2

    all the blame shouldn't be on the ref..the corner could throw in the towel too if they felt like their fighter was getting demolish and sure enough he was done.

  • James
    James Hace 11 años

    damn! major props for him not giving up

  • tyme4mike
    tyme4mike Hace 11 años

    Most of the punches thrown after the knockdown were eaten by the fighter's gloves. He's in a defensive mode which is EXACTLY what a fighter is taught to do if he's wobbly or needs to catch some breath. He doesn't know if there's only a few seconds left in the round so he's defending very well, waiting on the bell like he's trained to do. The stop came at the time it should have and the ref did his job admirably.

  • Quin CG
    Quin CG Hace 4 años

    Given every chance - well done, and that actually takes a sharper eye.

  • AboveAverageTV
    AboveAverageTV Hace 11 años

    yea the reff was completly right. he was still standing and able to defend himself

  • Gator
    Gator Hace 11 años

    he stopped it at the perfect time

  • matthewcagefighter
    matthewcagefighter Hace 11 años

    ref was spot on to the second, really good call. commentators have to make more of it.

  • drumfucked
    drumfucked Hace 9 años

    are you serious? he got through with at least 3 punches almost on the back of his head. the impact could be enough to cause a concussion. sure it's a rough sport but don't underestimate the power of the hits he took. I do Muay Thai and i have experienced it a lot, that some hits didn't look as hurtful as they actually felt. If you look exactly you see some hits landing behind his blocking glove

  • Boxing 2018
    Boxing 2018 Hace 4 años +2

    nothing late with the stoppage....all good, i woulda stopped the fight at the same time the ref here did. if anything the joshua klitschko fight was worse when klitschko was first knocked down in round 11, the man could barely stand straight... but sometimes fights need to be that intense for its moneys worth... if a man is still standing after taking a barrage then it obviously means he is still capable of fighting if not he woulda been down n out!

  • Robert g
    Robert g Hace 11 años

    looks like a good call to me... gave him a chance to fight when he didnt he ended the fight

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Hace 11 años

    It was a PERFECTLY timed stoppage. The referees are professionals and know what to look for to allow a fight to continue or be stopped. The announcers have absolutely NO CLUE as to what goes into such decisions and therefore announcers should stick to useless blabbing as that is all they are good for here. They are qualified to be NOTHING more than TALKING HEADS. The announcer's opinions on the stoppage is no better than the drunk arm-chair- referee at home yelling at his TV and spilling beer.

  • LKeet6
    LKeet6 Hace 9 años

    ignored my main point, that there was a substantial risk of a badly injuring punch getting through. Especially in a heavyweight fight. Sprott was out of it, staggering backwards. You're right that people can come back, but there was no sign from sprott, usually the guy will come back with a couple, get hit again, maybe get saved by the bell and recover between rounds. None of that here. The fight game isn't too much for me, i've seen 100s of fights and only 2 or 3 inept referees like this.

  • sabin97
    sabin97 Hace 11 años

    i agree, fighting a 3 min round is incredibly tiresome. most people havent experienced that, but the concentration needed is quite a lot. i like ligh and middleweigth fights better than heavyweights because they tend to be more strategy and skill focused. heavyweights are mostly(but not entirely) about raw power

  • Barnaby Cat
    Barnaby Cat Hace 23 días

    10 seconds after Sprott got up and they started fighting again. He never had his feet and it had to be called. If not seconds after the second break before he even got to the corner.

  • C V
    C V Hace 9 meses

    Ref was perfect in his stoppage

  • rjaymoose
    rjaymoose Hace 11 años

    "What does Wayne Llewelyn have to do?" Damn near kill him, I guess.

  • ahenry12293
    ahenry12293 Hace 11 años

    That was a fine stop. He was still defending himself.

  • ajuvix
    ajuvix Hace 11 años

    These guys are professionals. You have to give them every chance to ensure a decisive outcome by their own merit and not the judgment of the referee. Good call by the ref at the appropriate time.

  • Zakaria Baitar
    Zakaria Baitar Hace 11 años

    Respect for that fighter he didnt want to go down shame on that refferee!

  • B. Turner
    B. Turner Hace 11 años

    it seemed like the opponent knew it was over and showed some mercy

  • Dillon!
    Dillon! Hace 11 años

    That was fine, he was not even connecting to his head when he was hitting him, so I think the ref had perfect timing

  • Daniel Olsen
    Daniel Olsen Hace 11 años

    I would have called it a few seconds earlier. He DID get up after the knockdown, he responded to the ref, but it was clear after a few more seconds that he wasn't able to defend himself.

  • Carlos Slim
    Carlos Slim Hace 11 años

    a couple seconds after the 9 count , realizing he was in no shape to continue the fight or risk injury.

  • Viktor M
    Viktor M Hace 10 años

    it was a perfect stoppage, i would stop it at the same time

  • IronBros Australia
    IronBros Australia Hace 11 años

    that was fine, gave him a chance to recover

  • jdilly1000
    jdilly1000 Hace 4 años

    That stoppage wasn't premature, comeback victories are based on such circumstances.

  • B Riser
    B Riser Hace 9 años +1

    Probably once he got up from knockdown, and got hit flush again.. we could make argument that fight should have been stopped from first knockdown.

  • christo930
    christo930 Hace 11 años

    I think the ref did do a good job. Most of those punches were landing on the gloves and not on the fighters head. As soon as he took some real head shots, he stopped the fight. Great refereeing, maybe a little late. I wouldn't have let him take that last head shot though..

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hace 4 años

    I dont see a problem here at all.
    Sprott was covering up, hurt yes...but the ref gave him the opportunity to come back.
    The shots were not cleanly landing.
    The stoppage was a good one

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez Hace 11 años

    I've never seen someone get knocked out from getting punched in the arm.

  • Milo Berrios
    Milo Berrios Hace 9 años

    I agree with the ref on this one, the downed boxer had enough time to make an attempt to at least guard himself and counter-attack, he stayed on his feet enough for me to give him a chance, I've seen longer and more brutal stoppage delays than this in boxing and mma

  • neonblack88
    neonblack88 Hace 11 años

    That wasn't that bad that was perfect timing by the ref, gave him a chance to recover, saw he couldn't and stopped the fight.

  • lee jay Funk
    lee jay Funk Hace 11 años

    The ref did a great job!

  • Manuel Izturriaga
    Manuel Izturriaga Hace 11 años

    honestly i would have stopped it after the first knockdown. Look at him, he is still wabbling when he gets up

  • nick fisherkeller
    nick fisherkeller Hace 11 años

    perfect time to stop the fight, the guy is still protecting himself, then he bounces around a bit

  • Dirkvreugd
    Dirkvreugd Hace 11 años

    When you can walk you can fight.

  • scouserdan3
    scouserdan3 Hace 11 años

    he was defending himself.... as far as the ref is concerned hes still good to fight

  • XSVterror18
    XSVterror18 Hace 11 años

    If he can defend himself and move around the ring, he can make a comeback

  • 4UDylan
    4UDylan Hace 11 años

    perfect stop time at 56sec because the guy who lost did keep his hands up well. ref was right....hard call though

  • Gingervitis
    Gingervitis Hace 11 años

    0:45 I would have stopped it. But I can see what the ref was thinking. The guy wasn't really taking damage, so I can get behind the ref's decision.

  • rmcdfitness
    rmcdfitness Hace 11 años

    I know he never threw one punch after the knockdown but he was defending himself the entire time, try to give them some time to gather their bearings or get it to the end of the round. He just didn't recover well and I think it was stopped at the right point.

  • wornoutshoes11
    wornoutshoes11 Hace 11 años


  • MrStoneClark
    MrStoneClark Hace 11 años

    The ref did a good job as the boxer was able to keep his hands up and defend himself.

  • Donovan Steyn
    Donovan Steyn Hace 11 años

    Too late my ass. That was perfect timing.

  • Greg Monts
    Greg Monts Hace 11 años

    He was still defending himself. It was only 30 more seconds. But as a fighter thats an eternity.

  • Jack Landry
    Jack Landry Hace 11 años

    that, my friend, was an ass kicking

  • void778
    void778 Hace 11 años

    A true fighter always apreciates the a chance to come back, otherwise he could always give up himself. If it was up to me it was the fighters not the judges who are the only on allowed to stop the fight.

  • thexMechanic
    thexMechanic Hace 11 años

    He was defending himself. Ref did right. Now, I'm more surprised his corner didn't stop it.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller Hace 9 años

    Seemed a pretty legit stoppage to me

  • Paganstars
    Paganstars Hace 11 años

    Good stoppage, he wasn't all that groggy after the first count. second count dropped his hands, caught an overhand right. Good refs decision

  • Jonny Angel
    Jonny Angel Hace 3 años

    Caught him bang on the whisker 😂

  • CommonSense
    CommonSense Hace 9 años

    Ref did a beautiful job! Pefect timing. You have to give the fighters a chance to "redeem" after having been knocked down. The guy clearly gets up in 8 seem to not wobble as much to indicate he's out. But if you not gonna punch back, on top of taking some POUNDING lefts, it's over.

  • Steven
    Steven Hace 11 años

    @riddleman65 Jim Watt who is one of the commentators was one of the best lightweight boxers of his generation he was WBA and Ring world champion, so am pretty sure he already knows how to fight and knows what he's talking about when it comes to Boxing

  • madpuppy100
    madpuppy100 Hace 11 años

    This must have been the first fight the announcers ever seen. I think the ref made a good call when to call it off.

  • Tony White
    Tony White Hace 11 años

    Looked like a legit stoppage to me.

  • Brandon Ripley
    Brandon Ripley Hace 11 años

    0:55 That was too "let?" I would say that it might have been, but not by a long shot. I think he stopped it around the time where I thought it necessary.

  • UFN100
    UFN100 Hace 11 años

    He obviously had enough sense to defend himself after the KO to avoid another knock down. He didn't turn is back or drop is guard. The rules state defend your self at all time and he did this. Ref made a the right call

  • Daniel Aiz
    Daniel Aiz Hace 4 años

    I’d say 0:49 but when I stopped it at that time and I saw the comments I thought the round was going to last another 1:30 minutes and I was shocked at the comments that said it wasn’t late.

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown Hace 9 años

    I'd have stopped at 0:45
    Tbh, I thought you stopped the fight once he stops defending himself, he still had his gloves up till the very end

  • vinsta76
    vinsta76 Hace 11 años

    Michael had his guard up, he was defending himself. After the knock down he got caught by a hefty punch straight away but continued to defend himself. Then after some glancing blows the ref stopped it when one more clean punch got through.
    I thought the ref did an ok job

  • isaiah richardson
    isaiah richardson Hace 6 años +1

    the referee did o.k. because most of the punches were missing but since no offense was offered from the stunned boxer it gives enough reasons to stop contest

  • lfcblaze
    lfcblaze Hace 11 años

    He is holding his hands up as his last line of defense, and even if the blows were hitting his gloves, the impact was still strong enough to cause significant damage. It was quite clear that he was not coming back from that barrage of attacks, and the corner didnt throw in the towel because they were sure that the ref should have stopped the fight.

  • YoungDreezee
    YoungDreezee Hace 11 años

    the ref gave Sprott a chance instead of stopping it quickly. nice punch by Wayne

  • joe knight
    joe knight Hace 10 años

    I think sometimes fights are stopped to early, some fighters recover and end up winning. I think the refs stoppage was fine,maybe a second earler would good,but not a bad stappage.

  • Frank
    Frank Hace 11 años

    Perfect stoppage!

  • May the Alt F4 you
    May the Alt F4 you Hace 10 años

    perfect stoppage if i've ever seen one.

  • Crafty Vegetarian83
    Crafty Vegetarian83 Hace 11 años

    Would've stopped it right when he got laid out. The dude was wobbly the entire time and took unnecessary damage. Even though he was blocking, he was still getting hurt. The dude had no legs and offered zero offense- he immediately goes into defense and was just a sitting duck before it was called.

  • E93. iS DrEw
    E93. iS DrEw Hace 11 años

    Hahah im laughing at all the people that say it was stopped at the right moment. That's y boxers go through so much pain and discomfort in their later years. MMA rules is where its at

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D Hace 11 años

    Well, after the knockdown, even though the fighter was wobbly, the biggest part of the punches did not land cleanly, they mostly hit gloves and arms. The fighter in red trunks was defending himself with gloves up, avoiding taking many clean shots to the head, although he took a decent uppercut from the other guy while his head was being held down. Until he is not blocking the shots well enough, let him continue, give him a chance to find his legs and get back in this thing.

  • DwiteTheSpriteKnight
    DwiteTheSpriteKnight Hace 11 años

    I would have been thinking about stepping in any moment after the first knock down. Once it's clear a fighter cannot fight back that should be the end of it. As a spectator I would not have complained if it had been called off after the knock down.