• Publicado el 21 sep 2022
  • Eddie Hearn catches up with Joe Leigh to discuss his recent Twitter spat with Leonard Ellerbe. He also recaps Canelo Alvarez vs GGG 3 and updates on Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.
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Comentarios • 429

  • Obliterated Dosser
    Obliterated Dosser Hace 10 días +35

    More chance of Ali v Frazier 4..
    Than Fury v AJ...

  • JW
    JW Hace 11 días +59

    So funny that Eddie is going to stop this fight

    • Boxing And god
      Boxing And god Hace 8 días +1

      @JW you sound slow

    • Boxing And god
      Boxing And god Hace 8 días

      @JW why would just sign anything without going through it ?

    • JW
      JW Hace 8 días


    • JW
      JW Hace 8 días +1

      Why doesn’t aj just sign the contract how bad could it be :S

  • Steven Townley
    Steven Townley Hace 10 días +5

    Hearn will do what he usually does and kill the fight, just get the fight done you double glazing salesman 😂

    • Rhodes Boyson
      Rhodes Boyson Hace 10 días +1

      He's doing it to protect aj. AJ is piss weak.

  • John Baker
    John Baker Hace 10 días +4

    Eddie Hearn knew AJ was going to get his "arse" handed to him by Usyk which is exactly why Eddie had AJ signed ✍️ directly to DAZN who is now a dead asset. So AJ vs Fury will never happen as Eddie Hearn continues to play the public for dumb.

  • Sir Manni
    Sir Manni Hace 10 días +3

    I think this is a lie because he just doesn’t want AJ to fight. And that’s been the MAJOR complaint in boxing. Not letting fighters fight in their prime. Rather let them make it to collect social security benefits and then walk to the ring in crutches 🩼.

  • sean lines 💚 team MVG 🎯

    well a week ago everything was good and they was just waiting on contract i think aj is having second thoughts

  • Winston Charles
    Winston Charles Hace 11 días +50

    The irony that DAZN launched with a hard sell about bringing more fights to the fans 🥊

    • L J Lilac
      L J Lilac Hace 6 días

      @Kragle Love I felt the same, quite excited when it became available here. The commentators were nearly as bad as sky and that is saying something. It's a shame really as a few of the DAZN cards were really good IMO. However too far and inbetween to justify paying. I didn't mind paying for low key months as long as the bigs fights were included. May aswell now just buy the odd PPV if and when needed. I hope AJ vs Fury gets signed. Worried Hearn is getting cold feet. Would be a great way to end the year. Cheers

    • Kragle Love
      Kragle Love Hace 7 días

      @L J Lilac I did the same thing. Content was not the best, the commentators were hopeless. Very biased in commentary. It buffers and pixelates during main cards. And now your paying PPV. I wanted to support match room and Eddie. But I cannot ride with them anymore after moving the post

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días +1

      They don't want their cash cow destroyed. 🤷‍♂️💯

    • L J Lilac
      L J Lilac Hace 9 días +1

      Also remember DAZN was to be the Netflix of Boxing and the end of PPV. 18 months on and all of a sudden we have PPV on DAZN. I was a paying subscriber for 12 months or so. Some months nothing of interest then when I saw GGG vs Canelo was PPV I cancelled my subscription.

    • King Ralph
      King Ralph Hace 10 días +3

      If this fight doesn´t happen, the fans should boycott those responsible. Period!!

  • Check-a-Bitch Beats
    Check-a-Bitch Beats Hace 9 días +1

    Looks like Eddie already finding a way out of the fight…like we knew he would.

  • Paul McNallyf !ll
    Paul McNallyf !ll Hace 10 días +1

    Says everything that we all knew. Joshua/Hearn have ducked the biggest fights in Fury and Wilder because they know the danger to the cashcow. Ruiz was never seen as a threat and Usyk was an over blown cruiser they expected to walk through. Hearn wants to take him back on a 5 winning streak to build up the hype again, Joe Joyce, Whyte, Chrisosa etc 😴.

  • Carl Ellis
    Carl Ellis Hace 10 días +7

    If this fight doesn’t happen us fans will be so pissed!! We are sick of the biggest fighters not fighting! I also want Spence Vs Crawford!!

    • J D
      J D Hace 10 días

      Spence Crawford Nov 19th

  • Tica Time
    Tica Time Hace 11 días +23

    DAZN have been the worse thing I’ve seen in boxing . Game changed since Eddie left sky

    • Cardinal Charles
      Cardinal Charles Hace 10 días

      You’re right, British boxing just don’t feel the same since

    • Ivegotabfmv
      Ivegotabfmv Hace 10 días +2

      Dazn, thriller (or whatever the heck they’re called) and platforms like that have been dire. I miss hbo boxing.

  • Jimmy Corkhill
    Jimmy Corkhill Hace 11 días +90

    If DAZN are stepping in the way of this happening - they are finished. There is no getting round this, no excuses, and the public will never ever subscribe to them again knowing they’ve ruined this fight

    • John Baker
      John Baker Hace 4 días

      @fury is a fraud 😂😂😂😂🤭 FACT!!! 🤓👍

    • Billy Bong
      Billy Bong Hace 8 días

      @fury is a fraud You are weird af 😅😂😂

    • fury is a fraud
      fury is a fraud Hace 8 días

      @Wesee Thetruth didn't stop the fight happening the first time around though did it? The contract could have been cancelled back in the December. But nice try

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días

      @fury is a fraud actually Wilder and arbitration stopped it.. but nice try.

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días


  • Gary Gleed
    Gary Gleed Hace 10 días +2

    Eddie hearn said there was no issues last week ? Everything has been agreed to the more and more he says a don't believe this isn't gonna happen and for once a believe fury and Warren

  • Panmad
    Panmad Hace 10 días +2

    "AJ has always wanted to fight Fury and he thinks he can beat him"..
    Source: Eddie Hearn 2022.
    Seems like AJ fussing over his ring walk. 'Shall I go first or last?'. decisions, decisions

    • francis hughes
      francis hughes Hace 2 días

      WRONG AJ has NEVER wanted to fight Fury, that,s why he wont sign, he is waiting for "shyester" Eddie to come up with a valid excuse, to stop the fight from hapening, D.A.Z.N. SKY, ESPN, & everyone else are all in agreement & happy, except for Hearn,

  • Jason
    Jason Hace 10 días +14

    Say the fight doesn't happen, it'll be interesting (and comedy gold) watching Eddie promote AJs next two fights and trying to convince the public to buy the PPV after the admission they'd be warm ups

    • Steve Allen
      Steve Allen Hace 10 días +3

      100% dude! And who's gonna pay to see Fury v Charr! Fury v AJ will get made, too many men can smell the money!

  • Jim Reaper
    Jim Reaper Hace 10 días +3

    Lmfao Eddie, DAZN & AJ are all ducking Fury coz they know Fury knocks Joshua out cold... Yet still the Rematch-room fan boys are still trying to blame Fury 🤔

  • Robin Starkie
    Robin Starkie Hace 10 días +4

    If he's refused vada testing then he's probably on something 🙄

  • JW
    JW Hace 11 días +24

    Can’t wait to see AJ v Fury in 2030✋

    • Stephen Cartwright
      Stephen Cartwright Hace 9 días

      @Jack Alot of these divs don't understand and believe eddie hearn

    • Peter Williams
      Peter Williams Hace 10 días +1

      Fury will never fight Joshua, he's too afraid to face the very real prospect of getting kayoed. He might one day grow a pair and fight Usyk bcos he's unlikely to get kayoed but very likely to lose on points, but then he can always claim he won. More likely is a 4th, 5th and 6th fight against the Windmill bcos he knows he can beat him.

    • JW
      JW Hace 10 días +2


    • Adam Pilbeam
      Adam Pilbeam Hace 11 días +5

      Me neither but I think your a bit optimistic 🤣

  • 85 Hixy
    85 Hixy Hace 10 días +4

    Why can't they just say you sell your box office we'll sell ours as BOTH fighters EQUALLY monopolise this fight.

  • J D
    J D Hace 11 días +38

    7.15 Fury AJ.

  • Long shanks
    Long shanks Hace 10 días

    There's always the arguments on both sides of any fight but there is no argument for aj beating fury that could convince me

  • Harry Blox
    Harry Blox Hace 10 días +1

    Surely it's not hard..Fury is taking the bigger percentage and is calling the shots so it goes to BT. Hearn locking aj with match room and dawn has caused the problems

  • rob staniforth
    rob staniforth Hace 10 días +4

    AJ Knew signing for DAZN was his way from fighting the main guys in division...
    Everyone including AJ Knows he's just been in an Era where it was shit... And his matchmaking was a easy job.

  • tigerward88
    tigerward88 Hace 10 días +5

    Eddie dragging it out

  • seth kofi sekyi
    seth kofi sekyi Hace 11 días +15

    Can ya'll stop this broadcasting bs and make this happen

  • John Baker
    John Baker Hace 10 días +1

    What a "snoozer" 😴 💤 Eddie Hearn and DAZN put on this past weekend with Alvarez and Golovkin.

  • Peter Darlow
    Peter Darlow Hace 11 días +20

    Your not convincing me Eddie!!!

  • coopdogg86
    coopdogg86 Hace 10 días +1

    Fury v AJ wont happen, was never going to happen. Its a very clever PR trick to sell Fury v Charr.

  • Jez Edwards
    Jez Edwards Hace 10 días +3

    Well done Eddie.

  • ArchyBalls
    ArchyBalls Hace 11 días +53

    So basically Aj has signed his life away to DAZN??

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días


    • Jim Reaper
      Jim Reaper Hace 10 días

      @Tom Jakx who gives a shit about Wilder he's a bum... But atleast he didn't cry on live tv after getting beaten up, like Joshua did, so there's that

    • Tom Jakx
      Tom Jakx Hace 10 días

      @Jim Reaper the moment you realise Deontay Wilder has the same amount of wins as AJ in his last 5 fights too lol

    • Gary Gleed
      Gary Gleed Hace 10 días +2

      AJ Is going to duck fury and he's getting hearn to do the talking

    • Harry Blox
      Harry Blox Hace 10 días +1

      And fury is calling te shots here essentially. It should go to BT sport. But I can see how him signing to dazn messes this up. Hearn thought aj would be the big prize still but he's the b side now.

  • z388z
    z388z Hace 11 días +33

    DAZN padding their PPV numbers with subscriptions 🤣🤣🤣

    • z388z
      z388z Hace 10 días +2

      @FLY GUY They include subscriptions in non-PPV territories in their PPV numbers

    • Daniel Fuller
      Daniel Fuller Hace 10 días +2

      @FLY GUY and how many subscribers bought the PPV?

    • FLY GUY
      FLY GUY Hace 10 días +2

      You have to buy their subscription to buy the ppv.. so it’s not padding

  • Brian Fitzpatrick
    Brian Fitzpatrick Hace 10 días +36

    Dazn don’t want it , they’ve invested massive money on Joshua and don’t want 3 defeats in a row

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días


    • Richie
      Richie Hace 9 días

      @Rhodes Boyson I think he is completely, but that's Matchroom folks.

    • Rhodes Boyson
      Rhodes Boyson Hace 9 días

      @Richie are you saying Whyte isn't a pudding? :p I disagree.

    • Richie
      Richie Hace 10 días +1

      @PandzaMan Unless your Eddie, how the hell are you meant to know.
      There's a reason why AJ never faced Wilder despite being champion for three years when he was WBC champion.
      The same reason why he won't face Fury despite having a crack at a 40% purse.
      The gamble on fat pudding at 3 weeks notice and a career cruiserweight backfired though didn't it 🤣

    • Nick Kray
      Nick Kray Hace 10 días

      You can't refer to the gypsy queen as pudding

  • Arks Kotch
    Arks Kotch Hace 10 días +1

    If AJ doesn't take this fight hes finished

  • Cbrown2021
    Cbrown2021 Hace 7 días +1

    If this fight doesn't happen, Dazn might as well forget about the UK MARKET, I am a massive HEARN Fan however Frank WARREN has played a Blinder here, unrefusable OFFER

  • Kul Athwal
    Kul Athwal Hace 10 días +2

    I would suggest everyone actually watches the interview first from 7:11 before losing their shit over this click bait headline lol

  • Nick Kray
    Nick Kray Hace 10 días

    At least he's honest. Bricktop claiming its all good, he pulled the same shit with Whyte

  • Adam White
    Adam White Hace 10 días

    I said from the start the broadcasting would be an issue all these professionals getting hyped up who said broadcasters wouldn’t be an issue of course it will be an issue DAZN own AJ and BT own fury

  • Johaldo Ronaldo
    Johaldo Ronaldo Hace 10 días

    Eddie's melting bigtime now 😂😂😂
    Canelo PPVs flopped. AJ's lost his titles and is the B side of Fury.
    And now they clearly don't want it.

  • Hortz
    Hortz Hace 11 días +7

    Hmm not sure Eddie wants this..

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith Hace 10 días

    Its taking too long which makes me think it wont happen

  • Baz H
    Baz H Hace 11 días +5

    The reality is that Fury team are still in negotiations with Usyk. Usyk is talking about Wilder and Fury is talking about Joshua. Truth is Fury and Usyk fight is probably more likely next.

    • Baz H
      Baz H Hace 10 días

      @Rhodes Boyson You sound like a deluded fanboy.

    • Rhodes Boyson
      Rhodes Boyson Hace 10 días +1

      Usyk lost his bottle bro. Neither of the second division guys will fight fury. Pathetic. AJ is a fraud. Hearn is not a fighting man.

    • Baz H
      Baz H Hace 10 días

      @matthew hicks You could be right but the reality is that we don't know what's in the contract. It is well documented that hands can be shaken and everyone agrees to the terms but when the contract is received conflicting terms are added to contract. Promoters in boxing are notorious for iffy contracts and it's common knowledge that contracts have to be renegotiated and revised. This could all be a smokescreen for negotiations. I hope it's AJ and Fury but like I said, Usyke vs Fury is probably next in my opinion.

    • matthew hicks
      matthew hicks Hace 10 días +4

      The reality is Fury made a fair offer, which AJ accepted. They agreed a date and now Hearn is trying to stop the fight because when Joshua loses to Fury, his cash cow is finished!

    • Majid Hussain
      Majid Hussain Hace 10 días

      Doubt it as fury wants a warm up before getting in with usyk and who better then aj who has bein usyk last 2fights

  • Elias Vergsen
    Elias Vergsen Hace 11 días +4

    It's only 10 weeks to the date. Needs to be done soon. Really don't think this is happening.

    • mista schaub
      mista schaub Hace 11 días +4

      What you expect from Anthony Lossua

  • vladimir curkoski
    vladimir curkoski Hace 9 días +1

    Before Usyk fights I was thinking Fury will beat AJ but now after AJ lost twice from Usyk I think he will beat Fury and if that happened he will fight Usyk for 3rd time and he would probably beat Usyk in that fight

  • QMK B
    QMK B Hace 10 días +1

    Aj needs this fight more than fury

  • Disco King
    Disco King Hace 10 días

    100% Hearn and Dazn do not want this fight. Hearn wants to build up Joshua's brand again and Dazn has made Joshua their main money man. Hearn and Dazn will pull out their too afraid that Fury will completely crush AJ physically and mentally.

  • L J Lilac
    L J Lilac Hace 9 días

    "People are telling lies" says the man who promised no PPV on DAZN. Imagine being a netflix member paying your monthly membership only to find when a new good series comes out Netflix block you from accessing it and request an extra £20. Hearn told us DAZN was the netflix of boxing and would be the death of PPV boxing. This guy is the most dishonest person in boxing, that says a lot.

  • Steven Cavanagh
    Steven Cavanagh Hace 10 días

    No promoter , no manager , no trainer , no broadcaster should get in the way of any fight happening not just Joshua v foney , enough money will be made from the fight for everyone to get a good slice of the pie , theres no need for greed !

  • Silver123 Stack
    Silver123 Stack Hace 10 días +20

    Here we go, I’m telling you these guys ducked wilder don’t fall for the nonsense

    • Rhodes Boyson
      Rhodes Boyson Hace 8 días +1

      @Silver123 Stack wilder being very cynical about whole business making it sound more like WWE. Hearn has made it into a bit of a farce. He thinks he's Vince McMahon.

    • Silver123 Stack
      Silver123 Stack Hace 9 días +1

      @Rhodes Boyson yes Hearn and aj have had a touch in the boxing division started in a dying sport, beat a old Wladimir Klitschko just about lol. And beat old retired men 40+. Then lost to Ruiz and usyk not even proper heavyweights I mean come on.

    • DeepakSingh
      DeepakSingh Hace 10 días +2

      @Rhodes Boyson ducked Ortiz? 😂😂😂 Ortiz ran a mile from the MSG fight. Multiple people said no to fight AJ that night and here you are saying AJ ducked Ortiz 😂😂😂😂

  • Sweet Hot
    Sweet Hot Hace 9 días

    Anyone who keeps saying AJ wants the fight that many time it’s clear that he doesn’t or Dazn don’t want to lose their investment
    Eddie Hearn is a sausage as always

  • Jermaine Ferdinand
    Jermaine Ferdinand Hace 9 días +1

    Eddie said at first he excepts all terms lol now look

  • Jay Fernando
    Jay Fernando Hace 10 días +14

    If this doesn't happen it will fall on hearn an aj team .

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días


    • Gary Gleed
      Gary Gleed Hace 10 días

      Aj is done

    • Jay Fernando
      Jay Fernando Hace 10 días

      @roo boy 🤣

    • Jack
      Jack Hace 10 días +2

      Eddie Hearn admits DAZN is the blocker
      Eddie Hearn gobblers "fUrY's DuCkInG"

    • Rhys
      Rhys Hace 10 días +1

      @roo boy 😂

  • Ajxni
    Ajxni Hace 10 días +1

    Of course it's an issue. It's always an issue with your DAZN fighters. Y'all expect the whole world come over to that overpriced ass app to fight.
    When in actuality this fight on ESPN+ would be WAAAAAY BIGGER. Better promotion, etc

  • Wesee Thetruth
    Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días

    AJ and Hearn are ducking Fury. 🤷‍♂️💯

  • ExoticGrundy
    ExoticGrundy Hace 10 días +2

    Here comes the excuses from hearn

  • Alex
    Alex Hace 10 días +1

    Stop the bullshit Eddie, we all know if the fight doesn't happen its because AJ/Matchroom didn't want it. Can't blame him though, as we all know he will get smashed the same as Dillian Whyte did.

  • Rob
    Rob Hace 10 días +9

    Looks like AJ and Eddie have ducked it

    • Wesee Thetruth
      Wesee Thetruth Hace 8 días

      Quack quack baby!!!🤷‍♂️💯

    • Marco
      Marco Hace 10 días

      @Rob Exactly mate. They knew that all the way through. Barry Hearn admitted in umpteen times anyway on IFL. Yet Matchroom Casuals think it was PBC ducking.

    • Rob
      Rob Hace 10 días +3

      @Marco Fighting Wilder would be literally career ending for AJ.

    • Marco
      Marco Hace 10 días +3

      Nowt new there then. Ducked Wilder for years too.

  • tigerward88
    tigerward88 Hace 10 días +1

    Sign the fight Joshua should thank his lucky stars fury has given him this opportunity step up sign

  • Oliver Court
    Oliver Court Hace 10 días

    Have a drink every time he says the word “fight”

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano Hace 10 días +2

    They are ganging up on you due to your arrogance, Edward

  • deathfromabove592
    deathfromabove592 Hace 10 días +2

    Fury and warren have played a blinder here.

  • Kevin Mill
    Kevin Mill Hace 11 días +5

    Stop making excuses

  • Rockstarnic88
    Rockstarnic88 Hace 10 días

    2 conclusions 1 fight won’t happen 2 if it does Garcia gone

  • Pablo
    Pablo Hace 10 días +1

    AJ is not going to beat Fury anyway. 3 losses in a row is way too risky for them. After that loss he’ll be spent. They’ll duck.
    Fury isn’t scared to face anyone full stop. Fury’s a bigger draw than AJ right now so of course he can call the shots, why’s that so hard to believe.
    If I was AJ I wouldn’t fight Fury until I’d won again.

    • Panmad
      Panmad Hace 10 días

      he took that fight too quick for my liking

  • Anthony Dosser
    Anthony Dosser Hace 11 días +7

    I had a panic attack and lost my pen lads lol

    • Boris Pecic
      Boris Pecic Hace 10 días

      God bless you and your pen✝️

  • TW
    TW Hace 11 días +6

    Why is nobody talking about the fact there is zero undercard for Eubank Benn

  • where theres a will theres a way

    doesn,t sound convincing does he ?

  • sebastian
    sebastian Hace 10 días +1

    Danz don't have ppv platform?It's looking like AJ sliding out the way of the facing the Fury!

  • Richie
    Richie Hace 10 días

    Eddie and DAZN don't want it! They want a pudding for mid December and have been working on securing that contract.
    Too many loose lipped people in DAZN!

  • t green
    t green Hace 10 días +1

    Kid galahad never lived up to the hype.

  • Cbrown2021
    Cbrown2021 Hace 7 días

    also can we call out Hearn for suing jake Paul for calling out that dodgy Ref, hearn list my respect in a week what a shame

  • bigaln1
    bigaln1 Hace 10 días

    It’s shocking how much shite there is between the 2 teams if fury wants the fight and aj want the fight get it fucking done ffs🤷‍♂️

  • Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

    Fight is categorically not happening. Same old bull shit. When theirs a couple of ppl who don’t want the fight on either side, it’s not gonna happen. Whether it’s broadcasters, promoters, management whoever. It’s not happening

  • dilligaf
    dilligaf Hace 8 días

    Fights are as hard to make as you want them to be.

  • Steve Fraser
    Steve Fraser Hace 8 días

    Shows how poor DAZN numbers are in the UK. They're the problem in this fight

  • Declan Nann
    Declan Nann Hace 10 días

    Think everyone is hopeful for this fight but deep down knew that it would always fall apart because of politics.
    AJ and Fury are both game for this but their teams, promotional companies and broadcasters will ruin it for them as always.
    Is it just me or have we been waiting for buatsi to have a big fight for years now. There is nurturing a career and there’s watching you’re career disappear. Him and eubank jnr most wasted careers so far.

  • Ian P
    Ian P Hace 10 días

    See iv said all along this fight wont happen because of Eddie hearn! And all his interviews proofs it ! He doesn't want this fight his gonna be so awkward to try stop the fight ! Everyone on Furys side says possative and wants the fight eddie is the stumbling block

  • Rob Birnie
    Rob Birnie Hace 10 días

    Eddie just get it signed … talking about broadcasting rights 🤦🏻‍♂️it’s not your show. Your lucky get the chance with Joshua coming of a loss.

  • Martin J Higgins property investment

    Eddie hearts needs to love out the way, he will try and stop the AJ fight ha

  • 2blessed*
    2blessed* Hace 11 días

    Just heard for the first time lol n here smith vs buatsi
    Sometimes you just say wow to some news and say what a fight

  • Martin James lewis
    Martin James lewis Hace 10 días +4

    load of boll!!!!!! hearn knows his golden goose is nearly at the end one more defeat for the stiff and its over

  • MotivationMindset100
    MotivationMindset100 Hace 10 días

    5:40 true legend mindset ill make a video on you Eddie wow

  • Rup Dog
    Rup Dog Hace 9 días

    This reporter is 10 times better then the owner of this channel. Really good incisive questions

  • RockyAliTyson
    RockyAliTyson Hace 6 días

    So one of the biggest fights in boxing might not happen because they can't figure out who want's to broadcast it? Im tired of these corrupt organizations being so greedy.

  • aybz9
    aybz9 Hace 10 días +19

    I've been saying from the beginning that there's no chance Eddie will allow Joshua to take this fight. For the last 2 weeks he was saying that everything is fine with the contract, but now all of a sudden there are issues.

    • Jim Reaper
      Jim Reaper Hace 10 días +5

      @Anonymous no no, Eddie accepted the terms, then when the contract from Fury gets sent, Eddie won't sign it and starts saying there's problems (but won't elaborate or even speculate on these "problems")
      So then if Eddie & AJ won't sign a contract they agreed to....Thats means they don't want the fight and are DUCKING Fury!!
      Simple facts man, Fury has gone out of his way for this fight, then when contracts get sent, Joshua runs scared 😱

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Hace 10 días

      @Jim Reaper i think its the opposite m8 Furys given Aj a massive life line if he beats Fury which ino is a big if hes back granted i think they would of preferred a tune fight or two first to get Ajs confidence back and some of what you said is facts mostly opinion none of us no what will happen it’s impossible

    • Jim Reaper
      Jim Reaper Hace 10 días +4

      @Anonymous Eddie accepted everything, the 60/40 split, the 50/50 rematch split, the date, venue evrything, but now all of a sudden, there's problems???
      Eddie, DAZN & AJ all DUCKING Tyson Fury as they all know Fury knocks the career out of Joshua (FACTS)

  • wayne barker
    wayne barker Hace 8 días

    It’s Hearn against the world 😂 AJ is done, he’s the b side and Hearn is gonna stop the fight because he hasn’t got broadcast rights 😂 why should it be on dazn? Frank warren and Tyson are the a side so it should be on bt. What a mug! Is AJ ever gonna get another title shot?

  • Dan
    Dan Hace 8 días +1

    This is why ufc is destroying boxing best fighters fight with boxing never happens at the time the public wants it to happen no one wants to see AJ VS fury in 5 years

  • Art
    Art Hace 9 días

    Eddy hearn has it all a suscesful dad a family business a good looking wife an amazing home very good looking fame and fortune a jet set lifestyle luxury and privilege at his fingertips grew up in a mansion millions of pounds in the bank an amazing career and reputation in the sporting entertainment industry world of business he has it all traveled all over the world boy what a lucky man

  • Nishaan24
    Nishaan24 Hace 11 días +17

    How can anyone say Fury doesn’t really want the Aj fight.... no one is boxing is scared of Aj right now.... most hw boxers would love to be next in line to fight Aj.... it would be their biggest pay day!

    • francis hughes
      francis hughes Hace 2 días

      @Paul Stephenson Hearn got the contract, & said yes we are happy with 60/40, everythings fine, & now there are problems, which translates to = Eddie, "how can we get out of this fight", the Joshua fanboys are soo blind, it,s unbelievable.

    • Paul Stephenson
      Paul Stephenson Hace 10 días +2

      So why send a contract with a date in November the December 3rd when Fury’s team had agreed Dec 17th??? Warren already had Cardiff booked to fight Chisora on Dec 17th, the Fury fanboys are soo blind it’s unbelievable

    • Lcvilla
      Lcvilla Hace 10 días

      @Rhodes Boyson have you not seen joshuas opponents to furys 🙄

    • Rhodes Boyson
      Rhodes Boyson Hace 10 días

      @Lcvilla huh? Did you know that Ali g-oshua was never on bail and poohsyk was never in Ukraine? Are you aware that Eddie always asks his fighters to duck dangerous fights? He is a PR man from private school, his job is too hide the truth. If hearn accuses an6one of ducking, it means that aj is ducking again. Hearn is nit a fighting man, he sees no shame in lying and ducking. Pathetic.

    • Lcvilla
      Lcvilla Hace 10 días

      If this fight dont happen its down to furys team, look at there records of opponents

  • Nageliooo
    Nageliooo Hace 11 días +7

    Team fury back on the bullshit, always wanting everything their way to the maximum instead of getting the fight done
    Thought it wasn't about money anymore from fury lmfaooooo pathetic

    • emperorninjakingruler Berkeley
      emperorninjakingruler Berkeley Hace 10 días

      @Israel Adesanya because the promotional team are the ones that deal channel broadcasting not aj or fury lol

    • Israel Adesanya
      Israel Adesanya Hace 10 días +2

      @emperorninjakingruler Berkeley how can he agree but the broadcasting is a issue? Stop believing anything hearn says its embarrassing.

    • Israel Adesanya
      Israel Adesanya Hace 10 días

      Fury has offed him the fight or its back to the queue for joshua, either take it or have a title shot in a couple of years.its that simple.

  • TalkdaTalk 100
    TalkdaTalk 100 Hace 9 días

    eddie 😂 come on don’t lie

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano Hace 10 días +1

    Edward is reeling

  • Brian Garden
    Brian Garden Hace 10 días

    Can’t understand why charr name coming into it if fury don’t fight AJ or Usyk next then fans won’t buy into it would be a shambles and can’t see Fury going backwards and after the few years is brits have had with pandemic price hikes the Duke dying the queen dying cannot think of a better end to the year with Fury being undisputed champion of the world and bring all belt home to Britain 👍

  • Janessa Williams
    Janessa Williams Hace 10 días

    Joshua afraid, knows he'll get his ass knocked out

  • Darren Wayne
    Darren Wayne Hace 10 días

    Why should it be an issue, Espn, on behalf of Top Rank, and Dazn should have the right to screen it.

  • E P
    E P Hace 11 días +18

    He doesnt want the fight and never has wanted it. Same with AJ.

    • punchy
      punchy Hace 10 días

      @KG 1874 what's the weight limit on heavyweight then champ of course the guy walks around at heavyweight even when he was at cruiserweight he had to make weight

    • roasted icons
      roasted icons Hace 10 días +1

      @fury is a fraud ducked it was usyk that did not want the fight in november december so fury moves on to the next fight bum dosser aj a 3 fight loss for the watford dosser

    • Lightwalker
      Lightwalker Hace 10 días

      @KG 1874 Almost everyone is a middleweight at some point of their life. It's called growing! Lmfao...

    • Anthony Dosser
      Anthony Dosser Hace 11 días +2

      He's right i dont

    • KG 1874
      KG 1874 Hace 11 días

      Usyk is a natural middleweight 😂 he grown into a cruiser over time you could argue he’s natural cruiser but natural heavyweight is madness cmon now

  • MrBubble78 loucas
    MrBubble78 loucas Hace 6 días

    It should be up to the champion so stop trying to get out of it

  • daniel nelson
    daniel nelson Hace 10 días +2

    Always been a fan of Eddie but he be the one to take this fight from us

  • L J Lilac
    L J Lilac Hace 9 días

    FFS - AJ and Hearn can't accept an absolute gift.

  • daryl stanley
    daryl stanley Hace 10 días


  • scott hakes
    scott hakes Hace 10 días

    eddie come on mate dont stop this fight happening iam a a subscriber to dazn this will not be good for for dazn if they stop this fight OVER greed MONEY