• Publicado el 21 sep 2022
  • Sam Jones returns to discuss Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker, Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua, Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn and more.
    Eddie Hearn on Fury vs Joshua: esclips.com/video/wQd_rdiQ5Ko/vídeo.html
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Comentarios • 24

  • Baz H
    Baz H Hace 10 días +2

    Joyce would lose every round but to his credit he may still be standing after twelve rounds.

  • Immanuel Immanuel
    Immanuel Immanuel Hace 10 días +2

    That's a blatant lie. Joe couldn't hurt Usyk in the fight. AJ had Usyk rocked a couple of times in that fight, unlike Joe who was just walking into shots without any success 😃😂🤣 Please drop your sentiment in a nearby trash can and rewatch both fights✌️

  • S B
    S B Hace 10 días

    I agree about the rehydration clauses but not the way he says, if you can't fight at 165 you shouldn't be fighting at that weight you should have to fight at the weight you are going to enter the ring

  • Baz H
    Baz H Hace 9 días

    Joe loses every round vs Usyk but he will see all twelve.

  • Tuff Glove Boxing
    Tuff Glove Boxing Hace 6 días

    Joyce would KO Usyk

  • Steven Townley
    Steven Townley Hace 10 días

    They should weight the boxers on the day of the fight not the day before then it would do away with all this hydration bullshit

  • Shola Martin
    Shola Martin Hace 10 días

    Joyce does better than AJ?😂😂Really Really what are on mate?. Who has Joyce fought??, I tell I a bunch of low level boxers. Beating Daniel the quitter doesn’t make take Joyce anywhere close to USky. Common mate as a true boxing fan we know the levels.

  • Luke Bignell
    Luke Bignell Hace 10 días

    He needs a new hair dresser. Threads are hanging off the left side of his head.

  • T Sampson
    T Sampson Hace 8 días

    joes head will not only be in the game, but on the receiving end of parkers fists

  • Jason Mardonio Meza
    Jason Mardonio Meza Hace 10 días

    Why wouldn't this fight happen between Fury and AJ??

    • Jason Mardonio Meza
      Jason Mardonio Meza Hace 10 días

      @Steven Townley I hear you. I believe because of Eddie Hearn AJ never fought Wilder. I think AJ wanted that fight too. Eddie just afraid of losing the value of his cash cow. I can understand it but even if AJ were to lose to Fury he can still rebuild. And you could never say that AJ didn't fight the best of his era. Eddie I hear always claiming that AJ is the boss and he must make the fights that AJ really wants. We shall see.

    • Steven Townley
      Steven Townley Hace 10 días

      Because of Eddie Hearn he’ll fck it up just watch he always does

  • Chris Wilkie
    Chris Wilkie Hace 10 días

    Troy will get battered Sam and you can’t admit it Josh is levels above

    • Kevin Lou
      Kevin Lou Hace 10 días

      Meh. Josh gasses and has no power. That’s the problem. Troy will stop him late. They’re both meh.

  • T Sampson
    T Sampson Hace 8 días

    oh stop it you plonker sam

  • Boxing boxing boxing
    Boxing boxing boxing Hace 10 días +2

    Usyk isn’t fighting any mandatories, but I don’t believe Joyce will do shit with usyk he’s really slow he’s slower than Joshua and Joshua was missing all night

    • Jason Taylor
      Jason Taylor Hace 10 días

      Joyce won't get to fight usyk..because he will lose to parker...Joyce has never been in a big fight..his record is bad..and all the talk about his chin..is rubbish..his chin only been tested by top 50 powerless opponents with no fitness..DDD had no defense..or foot movement..Parker has never been knockout in amateur or professional..Joyce has been knockout in amateur in first round by a Russian in 30 seconds..also by A.J..lot of people making Joyce into something he is not..and don't do their homework..

    • Boxing boxing boxing
      Boxing boxing boxing Hace 10 días

      @Bradley Wilson he isn’t fighting Joyce anyway shane fury has just said he’s fighting Manuel charr and the. Usyk early next year

    • Bradley Wilson
      Bradley Wilson Hace 10 días

      He’s slower but better chin stamina and output he can box watch his fight against Dubois