World Chess Boxing Championships - 1 of 2

  • Publicado el 22 jul 2008
  • Highlights of the World Chess Boxing Championships from Germany, July 2008.
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  • William Chen
    William Chen Hace un año +968

    This is by far the coolest variation of the most intense and blood wrenching sport out there. Boxing is a nice little addition too.

    • Obombanatio Nation
      Obombanatio Nation Hace un mes


    • Yarak Haram
      Yarak Haram Hace un mes

      @Noah Kornelius "I am 14 and have to make everything a superlative"- the comment

    • Am I Incognito? Maybe
      Am I Incognito? Maybe Hace 3 meses +2

      Yeah, almost getting a checkmate against a physically better opponent then the chess part is over...
      You better get ready to dodge and block because they're definitely gonna try to win during the boxing part.

    • No Halo
      No Halo Hace 3 meses +2

      @Noah Kornelius not enough brain trauma/damage

    • Noah Kornelius
      Noah Kornelius Hace un año +10

      Nah, imagine if it was Go mixed with MMA
      That would be brutal

  • Escapism
    Escapism Hace 2 años +1129

    When you want to assert your dominance both mentally and physically

    • Метастаз
      Метастаз Hace 2 meses +2

      Muhammad Ali was so good because of this. He often won combat before even entering the ring. Tyson also, but with different means, he's a natural regarding psychology.

    • Yt V
      Yt V Hace 5 meses

      @Bartosz LMAO I laughed for a good hour with this comment

    • Bartosz
      Bartosz Hace 2 años +137

      when you want bad bitches and cute nerdy girls at the same time

  • Imi Man
    Imi Man Hace 3 años +2638

    This is legit the most intense sport i've ever seen

    • Leonardo Novara
      Leonardo Novara Hace 7 meses

      It's a great example of a meme becoming reality.

    • Gyro Zeppeli
      Gyro Zeppeli Hace un año

      Imi Man Hello Mikey.

    • Oeumuepo Stéphanois
      Oeumuepo Stéphanois Hace un año

      Chessclock jenga is also quite intense, have a look at Tom Scott's video

    • Dub Line
      Dub Line Hace 2 años

      you said it

    • lombardi
      lombardi Hace 3 años +2

      @Keeper movin’
      Yeah, I agree on that.

  • Berning Sandwiches
    Berning Sandwiches Hace 3 años +6290

    Nothing improves your chess skills like head trauma.

    • Sky Prophet
      Sky Prophet Hace 4 meses

      Lmfao hahaha

    • Maalik Serebryakov
      Maalik Serebryakov Hace 8 meses

      @Scott W Pilgrim “we lose around 85,000 braincells a day just by living”
      Where did you get this information?

    • hoofungpoo
      hoofungpoo Hace 10 meses

      @Yurii lol

    • legueu
      legueu Hace un año

      nothing help your cardio like sitting still for hours XD

    • capitaldescent
      capitaldescent Hace un año

      Thought we were playing checkers here

  • Italo Marquezini
    Italo Marquezini Hace un año +916

    The Queen's Gambit next season should be like this

    BOPPE Hace 2 años +4350

    From the creators of chessboxing:

  • milan-hoi
    milan-hoi Hace un año +348

    I love this.
    "... has opened with the queens gambit"
    "... has gone with the slav defence"
    "Right cross to the chin!"
    "Takes knight"

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons Hace 3 años +419

    This is actually a great idea. You beat the crap out of each other and shortly after you have to concentrate. Love the idea

  • Andrew Wygal
    Andrew Wygal Hace 3 años +3400

    how has this not been made into an anime yet

    • Weedrill
      Weedrill Hace 9 meses +1

      @Paradox gauge A weeb is a derisive term for a non-Japanese person who is so obsessed with Japanese culture that they wish they were actually Japanese.

    • Hamood Habibi
      Hamood Habibi Hace un año

      Ur a god oh my-

    • Désiréé
      Désiréé Hace un año

      @WaterBottle454 it's litteraly a medium for any genre

    • Ian Chong
      Ian Chong Hace un año

      @WaterBottle454 i agree because manga is better

    • LordSafro X
      LordSafro X Hace un año

      @WaterBottle454 cap you just dont fw it

  • n
    n Hace 3 años +4900

    What’s a good way to kill and gain brain cells?
    Chess boxing: say no more fam

  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica Hace un año +37

    I wish this was a more widely-competed sport. It's so much fun.

  • Ciaronymus Bosch
    Ciaronymus Bosch Hace 3 años +2767

    This is like a monty python sketch

    • Fredric Hallas
      Fredric Hallas Hace 3 meses


    • Sue Zuccati
      Sue Zuccati Hace un año

      It even has a kinda british narrator

    • jayive34
      jayive34 Hace un año

      It does.

    • TheZotmeister
      TheZotmeister Hace un año

      "The existence or non-existence [of God] to be determined by two falls, two submissions, or a knockout." - _Monty Python's Flying Circus_ , episode 2

    • ASSA™ INC
      ASSA™ INC Hace 2 años


  • Joseph Tilden
    Joseph Tilden Hace 3 años +212

    I’m giving a speech about any extreme sport for my class. I don’t regret choosing this one.

  • Burr
    Burr Hace 2 años +120

    Mike Tyson would probably be good at this. He just has to make random moves and win with a 1 punch knockout

    • a
      a Hace 7 meses

      @Hiyo Ryan He's not fighting Magnus carlsen

    • Hiyo Ryan
      Hiyo Ryan Hace un año +4

      He would be checkmated in 5 moves

    • Thomas Van Riper
      Thomas Van Riper Hace un año +11

      Either that or he gets rolled really fast in chess and bites your ear off.

    • rick ross
      rick ross Hace un año +6

      @yes, you are right no

    • yes, you are right
      yes, you are right Hace un año +3

      @reeq wait really?

  • Michael Van Zyl
    Michael Van Zyl Hace 3 años +16

    I love how accurately the commentator describes the chess positions

    • Mf Tripz
      Mf Tripz Hace 3 años

      Cuz he a chess announcer, his boxing commentary is hardcore boring

  • Angelm3296
    Angelm3296 Hace 2 años +301

    When you focus on strength and intelligence in an rpg

    • AxelBrionac
      AxelBrionac Hace un año +10

      Battlemage in a nutshell

    • warpatato
      warpatato Hace un año +18

      It's the unarmed monk caster build

  • Simone Cominardi
    Simone Cominardi Hace 2 años +349

    This is just a regular board game night with my friends. We start playing at something and then we continue by beating each other up

  • Specy Boy
    Specy Boy Hace 3 años +419

    Gotta love the commentator who sounds like a teacher reading from a script.

    • dynaboyj L.
      dynaboyj L. Hace un año +5

      I think the announcing for this is about as good as you can get for a general audience. The guy appears to know what he's talking about in both sub-sports and he crafts a good narrative.

    • Patrickoobes
      Patrickoobes Hace 2 años

      It sounds like he is

    • NoEsUnYoutuber
      NoEsUnYoutuber Hace 2 años +21

      I was gonna say BBC Documentary host but that works too.

  • Mr. Cub Fan 415
    Mr. Cub Fan 415 Hace 3 años +49

    George Carlin was right, full-contact chess is actually a thing!

  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega Hace 3 años +365

    Imagine the callouts from the coaches lol.
    (I dont box and I dont play a lot of chess.)

  • Leyenda La Nova
    Leyenda La Nova Hace un año +24

    We need Mike Tyson vs Magnus Carlsen on this

  • Damianexis
    Damianexis Hace un año +2

    Historia bez cenzury bawi i uczy! :D

  • DudeGuyBro Homes
    DudeGuyBro Homes Hace 2 años +8

    This is so awesome! Lol silly in a way, but classy too. Gentleman’s sports.

  • I am Alpharius
    I am Alpharius Hace 3 años +2

    I literally have absolutely no earthly clue why no one is funding this to an International level.
    I would love to get in the ring and play some intense chess and beat the FUCK out of someone at the same time.

  • E DubZ
    E DubZ Hace 3 años +1

    This is one of those things where its so weird and unique it must be real.
    A shout out to the announcer for that riveting live play by play

  • Rotten Redhead
    Rotten Redhead Hace 2 años +2

    What an elegant and explosive sport!

  • George Bmncv
    George Bmncv Hace un año +1

    I'd pay to hear the crowd go from 'oh wow what an uppercut' to them yelling 'AND KNIGHT TO G7!!CHECKMATE'

  • Joshua Henderson
    Joshua Henderson Hace 8 meses +3

    Imagine being one move away from a checkmate and getting ko’d before time.

  • Jmfirelord
    Jmfirelord Hace 3 años +2419

    Imagine Magnus Carlsen vs Floyd mayweather
    It’s either gonna be
    Floyd takes out Magnus in a round before Magnus Checkmates him in 5 moves

    • Kharon
      Kharon Hace 6 días

      You think Mayweather knows how to play chess?

    • Kestell Laurie
      Kestell Laurie Hace 7 días

      @Cyril Schwarz Yip, according to Wikipedia, the time control is 9:00 a side, so just wait after move 1. Then he just clocks Carlsen.

    • Writam Chatterjee
      Writam Chatterjee Hace 12 días

      If magnus mates him in 1 mnt then fine or just resign 🤣

    • TimDaOne
      TimDaOne Hace 2 meses

      People are really arguing this shit. If they start with Chess, Floyd stands no chance. Even if he learns scholar's mate he'll still get mated in no time. But, if because of regulations Floyd is able to stall the game Magnus got no chance😂

    • cable kibble
      cable kibble Hace 4 meses

      I think defending yourself from a master is much easier to do in chess than in boxing

  • Sunstrike tacos
    Sunstrike tacos Hace 2 años +3

    If me and my brother fused we'd be unstoppable

  • Jack Herrmann
    Jack Herrmann Hace un año +2

    I’m curious as to how well someone like mike Tyson or Magnus Carlson would do

  • Da Beast From Da Weast
    Da Beast From Da Weast Hace un año +4

    6:45 "But a few drops of blood don't stop the Russian"
    Just like in Stalingrad..

  • Darflex Swolez
    Darflex Swolez Hace 2 años +16

    This is surprisingly entertaining

  • NJA2k8
    NJA2k8 Hace 8 años +1086

    You'd imagine them playing chess in deep thought and then at the sound of the bell they knock over the board to the side with pieces flying everywhere then they start whaling on each other. I was wrong.

    • Am I Incognito? Maybe
      Am I Incognito? Maybe Hace 3 meses +1

      I thought it was a large chessboard with boxers and two people say where the boxers go, if a piece is eliminated they get punched.

    • Candy Domination
      Candy Domination Hace 4 meses +1

      Honestly, that's what I was expecting and hoping for. This is good too, though.

    • Mars xoxo
      Mars xoxo Hace 3 años +1

      @jesse reuss us theodd1soutERS will just go somewhere else! We're clearly not wanted here

  • WOD gaming
    WOD gaming Hace 3 años +12

    Wow its actually a real sport... 😮

  • Pan Lis
    Pan Lis Hace un año +1

    This is "body and mind" in its purest form

  • Scott The Dick
    Scott The Dick Hace 2 años +4

    This needs to be in the Olympics or we riot!

  • Stepforward
    Stepforward Hace 2 años +1

    This is the most intense game I've seen

  • a bird
    a bird Hace 7 meses +2

    One day a player is gonna get knocked out, stay on the ground for 5 seconds come back into the chess round and outsmart his opponent with a mate in 3 moves.
    The power of head trauma

  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong Hace 2 años +93

    Friend: So, what kind of sports do you like to watch?
    Me : *It's complicated*

  • Denisowator
    Denisowator Hace 3 años +2

    This is basically the equivalent of being a medieval army general. XD
    Strategical planning, then running at your enemies with a sword.

  • LongDongDaddyFromCincinnati
    LongDongDaddyFromCincinnati Hace 3 años +12

    I was expecting them to get to throw a punch for each piece they took from the other. Checkmate would be just the loser having to take a pummeling.

  • Albatross
    Albatross Hace 2 años +3

    9:56 for chess boxing you need coolness

  • Scott Fillinger 40k
    Scott Fillinger 40k Hace 2 años +1

    Man boxing and chess. Your training mind and body. This has to be one of the healthiest sports out there

  • Adelin
    Adelin Hace 2 años +1

    We really need magnus carlsen to play this.

  • Lucian Ganea
    Lucian Ganea Hace un año

    This was more intense than I expected

  • IrulewithLucas
    IrulewithLucas Hace 6 años +607

    This is honestly as real as sports get.

    • Daniel Khastou
      Daniel Khastou Hace 3 años +4

      V or an insane chess player could run around and not get hit and then checkmate in like 6 turns. So then mike tyson has to know at least some chess. Then the chess god has to be decent at boxing cuz the boxing legend would beat his ass. This sport is fucking insane

    • V
      V Hace 3 años +5

      @Ree idk I would take any higher lvl pro boxer tell him to stall out the chess round and then easily knock out any of those amateur fighters
      but yeah i see what you mean and it's crazy how the one guy said he pressured him during the boxing to get him to make mistakes in chess rounds

    • Ree
      Ree Hace 3 años +28

      @I Miss The Old Days Damn the strategy that must go into this at high levels has gotta be crazy since trying too hard during the boxing rounds will leave you gassed out, which would make it much harder to think when you´re doing the chess part, but hurting your opponent will make him have a much harder time thinking about the chess match as well, or you can try to play it safe, stay on the defensive and tire the other guy out during the boxing to make his chess weaker if you´re worried he´s gonna out-think you, or you can do it when you feel you´ve got a good thing going on in the chess match and you wanna preserve your cognitive abilities as best you can. Man, there´s levels to this shit.

    • yourdedcat7597
      yourdedcat7597 Hace 4 años +7

      IrulewithLucas real shit

  • Schäfer G.
    Schäfer G. Hace 2 años +2

    This is looks crazy fun lol. It forces you to keep thinking despite the lack of oxygen and fatigue

  • Maja Cetojevic
    Maja Cetojevic Hace 2 años +26

    Fun fact: Since all schools teach English as a foriegn language in my country, all the english textbooks have this lecture called "weird sports" or something like that. And we learn about chess boxing in there.

  • random guy
    random guy Hace 3 años +57

    when they say chess is not an athletic sport

  • Begotten Z
    Begotten Z Hace 2 años +2

    World’s championship chess boxing 🥊
    So beautiful 😍

    ARVSPEX Hace 2 años +8

    Someone told me about this thing and I didn't believe him, thought it was a joke.
    But no, it's bloody real.

  • Mishell Hurtado
    Mishell Hurtado Hace un año

    Ahora... Lo quiero en vivo :D

  • Possessed Potato Bird Official

    When your trying to raise your psychic stat but someone keeps fighting you

  • MilesRubi - Miles Redmond
    MilesRubi - Miles Redmond Hace 8 meses +1

    seeing two guys in boxing gear just casually playing chess in a spectator-filled stadium is so funny to me

  • Damian
    Damian Hace 2 años +5

    I wonder what would happen if the best chess player and the best boxer played each other in this

    • rick ross
      rick ross Hace un año +1

      @Ritchie Cole It's not like they're playing bullet, plenty of time for the superior fighter even if he just doesn't make moves
      For Floyd it’s easier to learn to survive 1 round of chess against Carlsen to make it to the boxing round than it would be for Carlsen to learn how to box/get in shape to survive against floyd lol

    • Ritchie Cole
      Ritchie Cole Hace un año

      Well seeing that magnus Carlssen also plays speed chess and can get skilled players into checkmate in under 2 minutes I'd say he'd have a pretty decent chance against Anthony Joshua just as long as the timer doesn't run out

  • AccidentalApoloGee
    AccidentalApoloGee Hace 3 años +20

    This is what will come to my mind for now on when ever I hear revenge of the nerds lol

  • okthen
    okthen Hace 3 años +8

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever watched

  • Xchexco
    Xchexco Hace 2 años +1

    I cried tears of pride during the Russian anthem

  • effortless35
    effortless35 Hace 7 años +2394

    "a keen chess player and a good amateur boxer, he's a math student at the Russian College for Space Travel in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia"
    You can't make this kind of stuff up.

    • roamer
      roamer Hace 2 años +1

      actually it's "Institute of Space and Information Technologies"

    • Mr. YoYoBoBo ChaddyInsaneZhangII
      Mr. YoYoBoBo ChaddyInsaneZhangII Hace 2 años

      @Andrew_Owens aw now i feel sad

    • Erick Herrera
      Erick Herrera Hace 3 años +1

      Jkjk Jkjk he learned by doing it. By 70 he could still deadlift like 700 lbs. dude competed and fucked his body up so we could all have access to that information

    • Moist Mayonese
      Moist Mayonese Hace 3 años +1

      Erick Herrera Great coaches may be. Athlete does not absolutely NEED to understand the principles behind what he is doing.

    • Erick Herrera
      Erick Herrera Hace 3 años +3

      Jkjk Jkjk I sort of get where you’re coming from. When I went through high school, I hated jocks. Rather I thought I did. Over the years what I realized that I disliked was the culture associated with jocks.
      An insane amount of intellect goes into physical training. Look into a great powerlifting coach, Louis Simmons. He merged several training systems and SERIOUSLY abused f=ma to extrapolate the greatest possible force production a lifter could produce.
      I would’ve never thought of implementing the concepts of physics into weightlifting until I ran into that dude.
      Great athletes are nerds dude.

  • sipntea
    sipntea Hace 3 años +2

    this is fantastic, i love this. Beat up on the board, and beat up on the ring. crazy good

  • 0ozy
    0ozy Hace 3 años +1

    Now this is a sport i can get into

  • new born assassin
    new born assassin Hace 2 años

    Chess and boxing do have similar aspects if you really look at it your setting your opponent up to knock him down and get rid of him *checkmate*
    This is actually brilliant 😂 if this doesn't become a legit sport I'ma be pissed

  • Fred Krazé
    Fred Krazé Hace 2 años +1

    This is actually entertaining to me............
    Its this mix of intelligence, strategy, and sheer power that contrasts, yet compliments each other.................

  • Greedy Learner 20
    Greedy Learner 20 Hace 3 años

    I am now going to play this with my friends all the time

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Hace 3 años +1

    When you can't beat your opponent on chess
    Then Beat it after the game 😂

  • Brandon Barrett
    Brandon Barrett Hace 8 meses +1

    I want this guy to narrate my life

  • JoseFN
    JoseFN Hace 2 años +1

    2:54 lets gooo i thought i was the only one who still used the queens gambit lol

  • Leo T M
    Leo T M Hace 2 años +1

    Never forget, for chess boxing you need coolness

  • SecretTechniqueGuy
    SecretTechniqueGuy Hace un año

    There is something really compelling about the combination of chess and boxing. Feels like a better waybto capture the essence of human conflict and show the beauty well-rounded scholar-athletes which tends not to exist in the elite competitors in normal sports or chess.

  • Plateforme Musicale
    Plateforme Musicale Hace 3 años +2

    I love this concept!!

  • Bruhdon
    Bruhdon Hace 2 meses

    Imagine how good Bobby Fischer would’ve been at this lmfao

  • Ronald Ochoa
    Ronald Ochoa Hace 3 años +1860

    I like how they look tuff but then turn into civilized chess players

    • John L
      John L Hace un año +1

      @Erick Herrera *checkmated.

    • Zaid Hernandez
      Zaid Hernandez Hace un año +1

      @Shadow Fall also, one guy has a good physique

    • Zaid Hernandez
      Zaid Hernandez Hace un año +1

      @Shadow Fall well, they fight

    • Sam Gomez
      Sam Gomez Hace 2 años +1

      @Erick Herrera Wait, are you saying they think they or their opponent could die

  • Clare del Rosario
    Clare del Rosario Hace un año +2

    Still waiting for Borgov vs Harmon match for season 2!

  • Dr. Pastrami
    Dr. Pastrami Hace 11 meses

    I can't imagine the pounding headache they must be having. Instead of taking a break after taking blows to the head, they need to further strain their mental capacity by having to think critically. Im imagining their head being like that scene in spongebob where he forgot his name. Just complete anarchy.
    Truly a unique sport. I hope it grows in popularity.

  • LaXmBo
    LaXmBo Hace un año

    gratulacje dla tego pana

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard Hace 3 años

    Do we really need to merge boxing with chess...? Can we not live without it?

  • Max Rice
    Max Rice Hace 4 años +231

    I actually think this is a great pairing, physical and mental

    • You Have to Live It
      You Have to Live It Hace 2 años +4

      @Sonic Fx colleges don't make you smart mate

    • Sonic Fx
      Sonic Fx Hace 2 años +1

      @You Have to Live It When you realize that more women ho to college than men. When you realize everytime you move you need physical power.

    • Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison Hace 2 años

      Erik Van der Zee Lol

    • Ehsan Re
      Ehsan Re Hace 3 años +3

      @You Have to Live It they will challenge eacb other not men so it surely possible to have such competition between women..i dont why you say they do t have strength

    • You Have to Live It
      You Have to Live It Hace 3 años +17

      @Ehsan Re because you need mental and physical power for this while women have neither

  • Billy Hatzi
    Billy Hatzi Hace 3 años

    Definitely a touch absurd, it could be a Monty Python sketch.
    I have to concede though, it would certainly enliven the chess championship if Carlsen unseated Kasparov 2 moves before a forced mate by getting a good punch in.

  • Allain Cumming
    Allain Cumming Hace 3 años +7

    When you combine Hajime no Ippo with Yugioh.

  • Aidan Keo
    Aidan Keo Hace 2 años +1

    That opening tho 🤣

  • Frank the Skeleton
    Frank the Skeleton Hace 3 años +44

    Damn, I'm just here because someone wrote this in my rented psychology textbook...

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah Hace un año

    I wanna see this with unathletic chess champions just to see how they’re going to fight after chess and vice versa

  • Illumina09
    Illumina09 Hace un año

    Imagine mashing 3 games into one: (tic-tac-toe, tag and taekwondo) Tic- Tag- Taekwondo

  • DonMIFC
    DonMIFC Hace 5 meses

    Mark Hunt would be good at this. I think he was a pretty high ranked bullet player at one point

  • Kermit Hatake
    Kermit Hatake Hace 11 meses

    parabens aos envolvidos

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos Hace un año

    my shuffled playlist going from heavy metal to classical music

  • Gabriel Davila
    Gabriel Davila Hace 3 años +5

    This is some manly shit right here. Using your body and mind to fight a battle.

  • Churros4514
    Churros4514 Hace 3 años +104

    Alex better get ready, because my marshmallow boi James is gonna Win.

  • S T R I D E R
    S T R I D E R Hace un año

    Damn I thought they were gonna punch each other after every piece move, like some guy commented in a Magnus Carlsen video

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 3 años +6

    lol imagine if you started with boxing first?? Because imagine Mike Tyson joining up and TKO'ing everyone in the first round.... on the other hand, Magnus Carlsen could check mate first round and never have to box

    • TK F
      TK F Hace 3 años

      Now just imagine if magnus drew with his opponent "he would be maliciously fucked" HAHAHAHHA

  • Trombonebone
    Trombonebone Hace 2 años +1

    Whoever has the most brain cells at the end of the match, wins.

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy Hace un año

    Giving up after losing your queen is not great. Everyone expects you to panic and thy start rushing. My grandfather always made me play without the queen at least once every time we sat down to play.

  • Iluminación del cielo.

    Deberían mostrar el tablero para ver la posición y observar quien tiene ventaja dentro del juego...

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon Hace 3 años +393

    “But a few drops of blood doesn’t stop the Russian”

    • SS
      SS Hace 6 meses


    • Pf_kX ๋
      Pf_kX ๋ Hace un año +4


    • Kenny Bastian
      Kenny Bastian Hace un año +12

      Why does this sound so historically accurate

  • This Random Dude
    This Random Dude Hace 3 años

    Someone please convince magnus to participate in this event.

  • Storm Williams
    Storm Williams Hace 3 años

    This looks awesome!!!

  • daveyork0
    daveyork0 Hace 2 años

    Imagine the scope for trashtalking your opponent's chess blunders while you go for the inside left hook

  • C J
    C J Hace 3 años

    most intense spoat ever

  • Lexiouse
    Lexiouse Hace 3 años

    This has GOT to be the best sport on planet universe