• Publicado el 27 abr 2017
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Comentarios • 401

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo Ferreira Hace 4 años +7

    Dois exemplos como atletas. Muito respeito por esses caras.

  • Neo Martens
    Neo Martens Hace 4 años +91

    This fight will be remembered for a long time because of the class of the fighters. No cussing, no shaming. Peace, guys.

    • SwiftlessYT Vlogs
      SwiftlessYT Vlogs Hace 2 años +5

      I loved this fight, easily one of the most memorable I’ve seen!
      The young hungry lion in Joshua, the old veteran in Klitschko!
      Was it too early? Was it too late?
      I loved every second of it! It was a war!! And as you said because of the class of the fighters!

  • Kero
    Kero Hace 4 años +239

    The most respectful face off ever

  • zizi izi
    zizi izi Hace 5 años +760

    both gentleman, no need to talk trash or acting tough to be really tough

    • Chezzabelle
      Chezzabelle Hace 2 años +2

      @jackforpresident22 mate lets be honest if you got hit with a jab off off Ruiz youd be on the floor unconscious 🤔😂😂😂 and to get 'knocked out' by someone then come back 6 months later and beat the guy proves hes tough mentally and physically

    • jackforpresident22
      jackforpresident22 Hace 2 años +2

      @Daryus Mirza makes no difference to my comment 😂 the black racist @aaron Pryor was talking about how white people aren't tough when Joshua got destroyed by a guy way whiter than him lol

    • Daryus Mirza
      Daryus Mirza Hace 2 años

      @jackforpresident22 CAN WE GET A 2 TIMEEE

    • jackforpresident22
      jackforpresident22 Hace 2 años +1

      @aaron pryor you mean like how Joshua wasn't tough against Ruiz? A guy way whiter than him? 😂

  • robert harb
    robert harb Hace 4 años +6

    First class athletes both of them . What stands them both appart from other heavyweights is not their strength or power , though they are very strong , but simply their humility and respect for others , great champions

  • James
    James Hace 3 años +2

    Only person to ever knock AJ down since he turned pro and AJ showed the heart to not only get up but, come back and knock the juggernaut down. One of the best fights ever! 2 of the greatest fighters any of us will ever see!!

  • Iacopo Malaspina
    Iacopo Malaspina Hace 4 años +78

    it's fantastic to see how much respect they have from each other

  • Smooth Style Fighting
    Smooth Style Fighting Hace 5 años +18

    I was leaning towards Klitschko in my prediction video and after watching the weigh in I am more convinced that Klitschko will beat Joshua but I hope I am wrong.

    • Kelvin Amita
      Kelvin Amita Hace 5 años +7

      SO WHAT DO U SAY NOW? HUH? There's a difference between AJ opponents before and after they have beeb KOd

    • Truth Hitman
      Truth Hitman Hace 5 años +1

      AJ by knockout

  • RonyByron
    RonyByron Hace 4 años +31

    Million respect for these 2 fighters

  • AngelDMR
    AngelDMR Hace 4 años +337

    Cool dudes, drama is always cool but respect and humbleness wins all

    • Liam Reid Scoot
      Liam Reid Scoot Hace 2 años +1

      Look at tyson fury 🤣

    • CreamofTheCrop
      CreamofTheCrop Hace 2 años +1

      AngelDMR 90Daychallenge nah that’s stupid and boring 🤮

  • kacperkooo o
    kacperkooo o Hace 4 años +4


  • Gustavo Baptista
    Gustavo Baptista Hace 4 años +4

    Two great champions inside and outside the ring

  • Osama Ahmed
    Osama Ahmed Hace 3 años +4

    Wladimir is a true legend 👏💪

  • Kaan Can
    Kaan Can Hace 3 años +4

    real gentlemen and real athletes
    JOSHUA ♥️

  • GreenDagger
    GreenDagger Hace 5 años +18

    Damn!! Both guys are ripped. Dead-even fight!

  • Андрій
    Андрій Hace 3 años

    Обое были в потресающей форме. Респект!

  • SweetBolin
    SweetBolin Hace 5 años +200

    Both look ready 👀 age & experience or youth and speed. Fascinating match up.

  • Francesco Lunardon
    Francesco Lunardon Hace 4 años +6

    Two real gentlemen!

  • Yusuf Ibrahim
    Yusuf Ibrahim Hace 3 años

    This are very mature boxers who sees boxing as a match and not a fight. Kudos to them, I so much love them both

  • Larbi Lip
    Larbi Lip Hace 3 años +18

    Vladimir one of the best in history we miss you men

    ALKUKES Hace 4 años +7

    The most best face off ever like a real man

  • saikat biswas
    saikat biswas Hace 4 años +18

    I just loved the right .no thrash talks no abusive language was used they behaved like true gentlemen .they made me to love boxing once again

  • KHD the Positivist
    KHD the Positivist Hace 3 años +1

    Respectable and amazing face off

  • Kev's Digital arts & more

    I wish you recorded Anthony Joshuas weight cause i couldn’t hear how much he weighed. Respectful and humble fighters is rare to see nowadays

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 Hace 2 años +3

    Favourite 2 fighters. I remember watching this live in the pub

  • TheDOE 5
    TheDOE 5 Hace 3 años +4

    Nothing but respect for Vladimir.

  • Tony George
    Tony George Hace 5 años

    AJ looks rather nervous, big step up for him tonight

  • Check The Last Monday
    Check The Last Monday Hace 4 años +1

    Respect.... this is the one what I always wanted to see between fightera no thrash talks no ego

  • Asep Setiawan
    Asep Setiawan Hace 3 años +6

    Both good person, sportif, humble is gentleman

  • pineapple juice
    pineapple juice Hace 4 años

    It's nice to see they respected eachother

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Hace 4 años +1

    Great thanks for showing the actual weight of Joshua!

  • ffcuk63
    ffcuk63 Hace 4 años

    There are both great athletes!!!

  • Kein Wiedererkennungswert
    Kein Wiedererkennungswert Hace 4 años +1

    i really like how they treat each other with respect

  • The Randomiser
    The Randomiser Hace 3 años +1

    The only two gentleman of heavyweight boxing

  • Alex Bronze
    Alex Bronze Hace 3 años +1

    Да, всё-таки Владимир слабоват психологически. И это, как по мне, ещё больше увеличивает уважение к нему, потому что он был чемпионом.

  • theboxin fan
    theboxin fan Hace 5 años

    klitschko is the most gentle boxer
    but I think that he will get KOed in 8/9 R

  • RainDrop Media
    RainDrop Media Hace 4 años

    Respect to these men for not resorting to trash talk. Just a friendly fight between two guys who are cool with each other. I'd rather watch that than two idiots scream at one another.

  • Oussama gacem
    Oussama gacem Hace 4 años +2

    Wladimir so relaxed...

  • DepressiveGaming
    DepressiveGaming Hace 4 años +2

    this was one of the best fights in havy weight i have ever seen :D

  • B N
    B N Hace 4 años +5

    Much class there... Respect...

  • Reisis Saputra
    Reisis Saputra Hace 4 años

    I know joshua has an amazing shape but damn old man Klitchko body is beyond fit for his age

  • Mr Tupac
    Mr Tupac Hace 4 años

    the difference in the face off from these guys to mma is astonishing, these two dont have any need for showing of, they already know what they capable off

  • GoogleUser 2022
    GoogleUser 2022 Hace 4 años +2

    Klitschko better Body than AJ with 40 dude. Unbelivable. Too me he Won the Fight couldnt handle the Dropdown.

  • Fares Abdo
    Fares Abdo Hace 2 años

    my respect for both warriors

  • RZ. lalrammawiia
    RZ. lalrammawiia Hace 4 años

    miss those day's both is very good sportman good behave respect and god bless both of you today and for the future

  • Asha r
    Asha r Hace 3 años

    Fury gave it so much talk and couldn't stop wlad & aj did it in 11 rounds without trash talking

  • Tarkan Basarslan
    Tarkan Basarslan Hace 4 años +2

    Klitchko bros. the best in prime 🥊

  • Nero
    Nero Hace 4 años +21

    AJ looks so good, my grandma thought it was CGI

  • H J
    H J Hace 2 años

    When you respect the game

  • Curtis Stanley
    Curtis Stanley Hace 2 años

    Klitschko says '1 2 3 and turn' to AJ just before they both turn to face the front. AJ subconsciously does it. Mind games

  • Connor
    Connor Hace un año

    Love his peace sign

  • ta raison
    ta raison Hace 4 años

    Klitchko intelligent Man, the respect thé science fight, an exemple

  • Muhammad Rafiq
    Muhammad Rafiq Hace 3 años +1

    no trash talking like ufc..respect each other👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • bmw m5 bmw
    bmw m5 bmw Hace 3 años +1

    One of the top boxing fight ever 💪🖒👊

  • Ich Bleibt
    Ich Bleibt Hace 2 años +1

    Both great gentleman

  • 류기현
    류기현 Hace 4 años +128

    5:40 rock and scissor. Just saying

    • SeargentMcMulla
      SeargentMcMulla Hace 2 años

      I think if they done paper their careers would be over 😂😂

    • Kerem Kural
      Kerem Kural Hace 2 años

      And it happen ...

    • SB GYM
      SB GYM Hace 2 años +1

      But it's true bro

    • axel blaze
      axel blaze Hace 2 años +4

      So that's why he lost

    • Don Charles
      Don Charles Hace 2 años +3

      I see paper too. Guy clapping on the Left

  • Atomic Bomb
    Atomic Bomb Hace 2 años

    Is Wladimir much taller than AJ or was he standing on something? AJ is 6'6"

  • Thongbam Rohen
    Thongbam Rohen Hace 3 años +2

    Both of them are so gentle

  • Qandil kakka
    Qandil kakka Hace 4 años

    That is a lot of class on that stage ...

  • Melvin Hermano
    Melvin Hermano Hace 4 años

    Both humble😎

  • Furqan Anwar
    Furqan Anwar Hace 2 años


  • feelinger12
    feelinger12 Hace un año

    That was calm as fuck, these men are warriors

  • Sandy Singh
    Sandy Singh Hace 4 años

    Two beasts wid gentleman personality...

  • Saleem Javaid
    Saleem Javaid Hace 5 años

    Big test for Joshua.

  • T
    T Hace 4 años

    Only supported Klitschko because RHCP Can’t Stop. :P
    What an epic fight!

  • Suyash Upadhyay
    Suyash Upadhyay Hace 4 años +8

    No trash talking among legends, only mutual respect.

  • Shuxrat Toraxonov
    Shuxrat Toraxonov Hace 2 años +1

    Joshua, respect)))

  • RolanD
    RolanD Hace 5 años +79


    • Rigos MMA & Boxing Hub
      Rigos MMA & Boxing Hub Hace 2 años

      @Arent Mulajikr

    • Arent Mulaj
      Arent Mulaj Hace 2 años +1

      @jackforpresident22 hahahaha he got the titles back 🤪🤪

    • jackforpresident22
      jackforpresident22 Hace 2 años +3

      Itz Zee like how Joshua lost against Ruiz lol. But at least wlad made it to 11 rounds and not 7 like Joshua

    • Itz Zee
      Itz Zee Hace 4 años +3

      Janek kowal haaaaa he lost

  • NeTTRo
    NeTTRo Hace 4 años +1


  • BoxingWave
    BoxingWave Hace 5 años +44

    Hope Joshua is ready!

  • Binti Iddy
    Binti Iddy Hace 2 años +2

    Handsome Joshua 😍😍😍🥊

  • Dekroxx
    Dekroxx Hace un año

    That's what people love about them both

  • JayJay TV
    JayJay TV Hace 5 años +67

    As much as I want Klitschko to win, Anthony Joshua will win because I dreamt about it last night; and dreams ALWAYS come to pass!!!

    • Joel Lipsey
      Joel Lipsey Hace 2 años

      well i mean you were right

    • Ndubuisi Ukwuani
      Ndubuisi Ukwuani Hace 4 años


    • Diego Bonsoms
      Diego Bonsoms Hace 4 años

      At least you're true to your name. Did your tarrot reading tell your 5th chacra that your Libra energy makes your dreams come true?

    • RocketLaunch99
      RocketLaunch99 Hace 4 años +3

      You should stop dreaming

  • Johnny Patel
    Johnny Patel Hace un año

    Look at Eddie hearn looking all concerned and that for the first time LOL

  • manu 42
    manu 42 Hace 4 años +1

    good, there is respect !!!

  • Government Nwankwo
    Government Nwankwo Hace un año

    The two gentle giant.

  • Davide Serpe
    Davide Serpe Hace 4 años

    Two gentlemen

  • Lim Kaamen
    Lim Kaamen Hace 3 años +1

    Great gentlemen!

    CITIZENX ZONE Hace 4 años

    Michael buffer is the living legend

  • Y0uTu6e114
    Y0uTu6e114 Hace 4 años

    King Joshua !!!

  • life is beautiful
    life is beautiful Hace 4 años

    Ну бой харош был.Но сейчас другая история претендент Уайлдер главное собитие

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Hace 2 años +2

    Wladimir literally wore 3 inches heel to boost his confidence i think vs joshua 😂😂 it could be even more than 3 inches because vs fury he was very close to fury's height.

    • Abdullah
      Abdullah Hace 2 años

      @Matt G yup if you want to see his actual height look at him in the ring fury looked so much bigger than him, when they were clinching fury had to duck a lot to match his height.

    • Matt G
      Matt G Hace 2 años

      Abdullah Yep although it’s kind of pathetic it’s also quite interesting too, he did the same thing with his robes as well by putting in shoulder pads to make him appear more broader than what he actually is

    • Abdullah
      Abdullah Hace 2 años +1

      @Asi mit Niveau its heels because remove the shoes from both of them it would be 1 inch difference to joshua 6 ft 6 yet in this picture wladimir looks 2 inches taller even tho in reality he is shorter so this is legit 3 inches of boot or even more you never know for sure.

    • Asi mit Niveau
      Asi mit Niveau Hace 2 años

      Abdullah Klitschko wore shoes and Joshua didn‘t

  • Önce vatan Önce vatan

    Joshua süper 💪

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar Hace 4 años

    If klitz was sightly in his 30s he'd beat aj

  • Public toilets Cheap toilets

    It's hard to believe deontay wilder and tyson fury are taller then them

  • Crazy Voodoo
    Crazy Voodoo Hace 4 años +3

    Klitchko - the best!!
    Joshua - like too !))
    Thk you!)..

  • Risa Lee
    Risa Lee Hace 3 años

    Broner must watch this for him to learn

  • AK-9
    AK-9 Hace 5 años +5

    wlad looked nervous for the first time and AJ looked mean! cant wait to be in that stadium tomorrow night!!!

  • Marco Pohl
    Marco Pohl Hace 3 años +1

    Very respectful :)

  • mackyrulez
    mackyrulez Hace 2 años

    Two of the most gentle of giants

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Hace un año

    Wlad is a real class

  • Bossfight 3
    Bossfight 3 Hace 4 años

    Joshua told what to do by Eddie

  • gian nazhan
    gian nazhan Hace 3 años

    Keren...aksi keduanya...respect each other.....

  • General Aladeen
    General Aladeen Hace un año +4

    3:15 The man is bigger than AJ.😂

  • Tawanda David Gotami
    Tawanda David Gotami Hace 5 años +50

    Lets go Vladmir

    • Kiki
      Kiki Hace 4 años

      Francis 😂😂😂😂

    • Noor lyr.
      Noor lyr. Hace 4 años

      +Francis 😂😂😂😂

    • Francis
      Francis Hace 4 años +1

      looks like you both didnt go

  • kaiju
    kaiju Hace 4 años +3

    Anyone else laugh when klitzscho kept putting up the peace sign

    • Big penis
      Big penis Hace 2 años

      He is throwing up the devil horns cause hes alligned with Satan. It sounds crazy but it is 100 percent fact.

    • Spooz Lo
      Spooz Lo Hace 4 años

      kelnhwrd lmao

  • Chris der Macher
    Chris der Macher Hace 4 años +1

    Klitschko Best men

  • burak varol
    burak varol Hace 4 años

    ikiside çok beyefendi boksör

  • Фархот Хажаев

    Без Вовчика бокс стал уже не боксом Володя вернись

  • William Tsunku
    William Tsunku Hace 3 años

    RE : SAFEY
    It was nice meeting you and a wonderful experience.