• Publicado el 24 ago 2018
  • Deji reaction to TKO loss over Jake Paul | KSI vs Logan Paul
    interviewed by Radio Rahim.
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    DEJI in LOCKER ROOM After TKO LOSS vs Jake Paul
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Comentarios • 12 856

  • El Señor
    El Señor Hace 4 años +800

    People are congratulating Deji for losing more than congratulating Jake for winning. This is the best case of loss in history.

    • Lil Logie
      Lil Logie Hace 4 meses

      Jake still is getting congratulated for winning. People are tired of dejis shit

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g Hace un año +1

      Well, people hate Jake Paul but lets be real Deji had no chance vs Jake.

    • Robbie wilson
      Robbie wilson Hace un año

      he took the loss like a real man

    • Timi Ojeaga
      Timi Ojeaga Hace un año

      @World well said

  • Mz
    Mz Hace un año +35

    “This is the last loss I’ll get” ummm...

    • Jack kcaJ
      Jack kcaJ Hace un mes +4


    • YunaYT
      YunaYT Hace un mes

      Well.. shit 🤣🤣😂

    • Yaser
      Yaser Hace 6 meses

      Damn, even more ironic😭

  • Ani
    Ani Hace 4 años +758

    Deji with no athletic background, at a physical disadvantage, being a brothers shadow and frowned upon, he never gave up. He represents his trademark "Tank" wonderfully and I have only one word for him. Respect. Jake had the advantage in all possible ways and a first round KO on his side was possible but Deji proved him and everyone wrong. Well done.

    • Robert_6- _
      Robert_6- _ Hace un año

      @Covert Person do you think gib would beat deji?

    • Abdullah Azzam
      Abdullah Azzam Hace un año

      Bruh losing is losing, he lost that's it

    • Timi Ojeaga
      Timi Ojeaga Hace un año

      @FurKing - Gaming & Graphics that is amazing, but he did do mma too didn't he

    • FurKing - Gaming & Graphics
      FurKing - Gaming & Graphics Hace un año

      He did judo for 8 yrs

    • Timi Ojeaga
      Timi Ojeaga Hace un año

      @Ultimate AMVs i thought it was mma he did

  • The Fail
    The Fail Hace 4 años +6

    Respect to you Deji for never giving up, and respect to Jake for taking this win calmly and being humble...

  • StiffBatster
    StiffBatster Hace 4 años +1171

    I gotta say, this interviewer is doing a fantastic job. He does a really good job at making the person he's interviewing feel like he's interested. Most interviewers don't do that, so props to this man.

    • SeedialSr
      SeedialSr Hace 4 años

      How did he didn't stand a chance? he made him bleed are you blind. the only reason he won is that he had an advantage in the last round when deji was tired asf so was jake but jake took that advantage to keep pushing and get that win! ''you didn't stand a chance''? he lasted 5 rounds u bum.

    • Lloyd Watkins
      Lloyd Watkins Hace 4 años

      U made us proud deji

    • SeedialSr
      SeedialSr Hace 4 años

      i feel like deji wanted to throw some tekken punches lol

    • Polo
      Polo Hace 4 años

      Your life is over after that

  • Shinobi Master gamings
    Shinobi Master gamings Hace un año +13

    Who's here after Deji lost to Vinnie?

  • IveGotBrains
    IveGotBrains Hace 7 meses +7

    Watching this 3 years later. He was so emotional. Come on Deji, you can beat the fuck out of Alex.

  • Owen Pitcher
    Owen Pitcher Hace 4 años +6

    Tbh I think we’ve all gained more respect for you after the fight, you didn’t let anyone down Deji ❤️🥊

  • jess
    jess Hace 4 años +72

    Awe, he looked like he was gonna cry :’(

    • Timi Ojeaga
      Timi Ojeaga Hace un año +2

      @Nahsur yes he looks well tired and i can hear the tiredness in his voice

    • Nahsur
      Nahsur Hace un año +8

      i bet he was just tired tbh

  • B. M.
    B. M. Hace 4 años +5

    Yes he could win. Hold your head high. You did GREAT DEJI.

  • bella. ava
    bella. ava Hace 4 años +22

    He is really brave to take a loss and he is taking it well , it just sucks 😣

    • arthur johnson
      arthur johnson Hace 3 años +2

      taking it well? Do you see how bitter deji is against jake paul after he lost? Lol

  • Danel Miller
    Danel Miller Hace 4 años +39

    Well done deji:-)

  • Memphis Steelers
    Memphis Steelers Hace 4 años +20

    Tbh he surprised me I was expecting a 1st round TKO, just keep grinding my guy you gone get their 😬💯

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones Hace 4 años +2281

    Everyone thought it would be a 1st round KO...
    Lasted until round 5 to lose to only a TKO...

    • Drew
      Drew Hace 3 años

      @Kieran Jones Not an actual knock out. He still was barely on the ground

    • Joshua Sanchez
      Joshua Sanchez Hace 3 años

      Sam Jones TKO is worst then KO it means you quit instead of finishing the fight

    • Domenic Tronnolne
      Domenic Tronnolne Hace 3 años

      Sam Jones you are so right

    • iSwearToCod
      iSwearToCod Hace 4 años

      yes like mad for example

    • iSwearToCod
      iSwearToCod Hace 4 años

      you seem mad

  • Helen Chambers
    Helen Chambers Hace 4 años +48

    Personally, I’m team Paul all the way, but Deji, you really did have a great fight and I thought your spirit was amazing! You never gave up.

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan Hace un año

      we need more Paul fans like you Helen Chambers

    • Charlie Harcombe
      Charlie Harcombe Hace 2 años +13

      shadowman we need no Paul fans

    • shadowman
      shadowman Hace 2 años +15

      Helen Chambers see we need more Paul fans like this🙌🏽

  • xlowkeyxmiax Is littt
    xlowkeyxmiax Is littt Hace 4 años +13

    I like how he never gives up I love how hes not dissing Jake I like how he’s just saying that he’s the one and not putting it on jake

  • Appel1989
    Appel1989 Hace 4 años +636

    Tbh Deji looks the most untrained of those 4 and yet he has done the most visual damage.
    He was just lacking some stamina to defeat Jake

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone Hace 2 años

      Chris L.P not true I’m darker than deji and I box and u can see my bruises easily

    • Crabby Scrabby
      Crabby Scrabby Hace 2 años


    • BabyMoonkie
      BabyMoonkie Hace 2 años

      Jake's nose was broken btw Soo he didn't really do anything

  • Samantha x
    Samantha x Hace 4 años

    Bro... this makes me sad. Deji did SO well and he surprised me! for having no athletic/fighting background. He really tried his best and never gave it his all and just never gave up! He just ignored everyone who was shitting on him and saying Jake would knock him out in 30 seconds and he put up a fantastic fight despite what people had to say! He really made everyone so proud and the fact that he thinks he let people down makes me really sad because he did just the opposite of that. And to whoever thinks Deji let them down are fake fucks and need to sit tf down because I would like to see you try and fight Jake Paul who more experience. Deji bro he is a champ and I’m so so so proud of him!🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • ricecakejohnson
    ricecakejohnson Hace 4 años +123

    Deji did alot better then expected, and I will say he has alot of potential. Also, just wanna throw in OMG Scarce can take alot of punishment, I did not think he had a chance to win and especially when he got into the ring, he looked so stiffed and out of his comfort zone(thought he was gonna get knock the F out 1st round), but DAMNNNNN, Scarce hung in there like a champ!!!

    • Avonte Payne
      Avonte Payne Hace 4 años

      putnamehere hold ma doodle fanboy? The hell am I fanboying? the headgear situation goes both ways. I’m saying “THE HEADGEAR PROTECTS FROM CONCUSSIONS BUT DOESN’T ABSORB A LOT OF THE PAIN BE CAUSE IT STILL HURTS LIKE A BITCH GETTING PUNCHED”

    • Anarchy411
      Anarchy411 Hace 4 años

      @Avonte Payne it protects him from a knock out. No matter what you say. The insurance wouldn't allow the fight of it didn't. You can still get bruised and hurt. But it won't allow a knock out. Be honest man
      Don't fan boy him. He failed. He didn't train hard enough. Shows how weak he is mentally

    • Avonte Payne
      Avonte Payne Hace 4 años

      putnamehere hold ma doodle I’m aware that it’s very useful, but I’m also aware that it still hurts like a bitch getting punched around (source: getting my shit beat in when I used to box) it’s kind of like an airbag in the sense that an airbag will keep you from getting completely fucked up or killed but it can also break your nose. If that makes sense

    • Anarchy411
      Anarchy411 Hace 4 años

      @Avonte Payne yes it does why do they foot ball players where it. They had to wear it to get insurance on the fight. They take it off and deji would of been dropped. And either ksi or logan would of been dropped.

    • Avonte Payne
      Avonte Payne Hace 4 años

      putnamehere hold ma doodle headgear doesn’t absorb that much damage

  • Adam the best
    Adam the best Hace 4 años +2

    i like how the interviewer got surprised when deji said he's gonna fight again, he was like "it was a good fight, kinda, but let's not get ahead of ourselves"

  • ProBot gaming
    ProBot gaming Hace 4 años

    Respect is all I gotta say to everyone who participated in this event it just comes to show that no matter who you are you can be a better you and that’s what I’m getting from deji he’s not athletic but he fought like he was which is hard but not if you can put in the work so congratulations to Jake and deji for a great fight deji I hope the next fight you have. You win so you can prove everyone that you don’t play let’s go 💪🏻 and I’m not bias against anyone I love watching these entertainers they make my day and I’m a fan of everyone

  • benji
    benji Hace 4 años +10

    I still love Deji i Don't care about the fight
    Deji will be my no. 1

  • joe brooks
    joe brooks Hace 4 años +1

    Deji made everyone proud. He gained much more from this than Jake did. Much respect

  • Jamie Eddolls
    Jamie Eddolls Hace 4 años +979

    Is anyone else more interested in Deji's future than KSI's? I feel like he's always been in his brothers shadow and this is him literally surprising everyone and coming out as his own person. quite poetic. furthermore his style is pretty interesting. dont see a lot of people rely on speed really

    • Sayr
      Sayr Hace 4 años

      @Isaac Bridges You're reading too much into Mario and Luigi's relationship...I wouldn't say Luigi has more potential either.

    • J Bird
      J Bird Hace 4 años

      kelly kahil you have a lot of future on that forehead of yours mate

    • Danyal hussin
      Danyal hussin Hace 4 años

      NotSocial well said

    • NotSocial
      NotSocial Hace 4 años

      Jamie Eddolls
      Deji's boxing is a lot better than Ksi In my opinion. KSI was disappointing against Logan, throwing wild punches and leaving his face open. Deji is a smart fighter but just needs to Strengthen his stamina and be more aggressive.

    • Danyal hussin
      Danyal hussin Hace 4 años

      Jamie Eddolls no he hasn’t been in his brothers shadow

  • Carolyn Cabeza
    Carolyn Cabeza Hace 4 años

    You did us proud Deji! You going to get this W and get that belt from Jake when you fight him again!! Thank you so much Deji!

  • Alixium Music
    Alixium Music Hace 4 años

    Lets me honest man, Jake has been an athlete his whole life. You basically started 6 months ago. You are insane for being able to survive all those rounds without even being KO'd. Also, you made him bleed, which was much needed for him. Lol.

  • Perri Mitchell
    Perri Mitchell Hace 4 años +2

    so proud of deji :D cant wait to see what he does in the future! loved the fight :) deji was surprisingly great

  • oXo Helen oXo
    oXo Helen oXo Hace 4 años

    Well done deji, you never let anybody down you done so well

  • Lil Dice
    Lil Dice Hace 4 años +1133

    Deji you had heart but you need to align that with skill which requires a much more serious intensity during your training but you’ve come far bro. Personally i’m proud of Deji but you need to redeem yourself and whoop dat boi asss

    • Eman W.
      Eman W. Hace 4 años

      For real

    • zeusboltes
      zeusboltes Hace 4 años

      @OUSSAM THE FANBOY KILLA be quiet you're just another keyboard Warrior

    • Dakota Cehrs
      Dakota Cehrs Hace 4 años

      Lil Dice Deji loss haha I new it

  • Bryce Little
    Bryce Little Hace un mes +7


  • Macmittens411
    Macmittens411 Hace 4 años

    I don't even know this deji guy that much but you know it got me kind of teary-eyed everytime I watch the fight and saw how good he did he's a good role model

  • bryn.cecile
    bryn.cecile Hace 4 años

    I always have had faith in Deji and I always will, although I don’t know exactly how much he trained, I don’t think he was prepared as much as he could’ve been

  • Dave Nero
    Dave Nero Hace 2 años +40

    deji is literally built like my dad lmao

  • Marlena Beard
    Marlena Beard Hace 4 años +65

    Deji was the underdog everything was against him everybody said he would lose. But he performed amazing jakes nose was bleeding, all he had to do was work on his cardio. I respect him you can obviously see he wanted to prove everyone wrong. Keep in mind that Deji did not give up his team threw in the towel for him he has heart just needs some stamina. Great fight though.

    • Marlena Beard
      Marlena Beard Hace 4 años

      For all those talking about how its easy to get a bloody nose chill its not that deep and if its so easy then why did Deji not have a bloody nose. All i'm saying is it's way more humiliating getting a bloody nose then losing a fight.

    • Elite
      Elite Hace 4 años

      "Deji was the underdog everything was against him everybody said he would lose. But..."
      No "but" here. He lost, over.

    • Ruan J v Rensburg
      Ruan J v Rensburg Hace 4 años

      A bloody nose doesn't mean much could also mean jake bleeds very quick but great fight all four of them

    • Ladajzo Brinton
      Ladajzo Brinton Hace 4 años

      they ruined it, they should of asked during the breaks if he wanted to give up or something, Deji was doing pretty good compared to what most expected. It''s kinda sad, i feel like they let him down

  • Big Mick
    Big Mick Hace 4 años +20

    Deji you won in my mind at sometimes i feel sorry for Jake having to deal with the tankkkk

  • S H
    S H Hace 3 años +4

    It annoys me that he cant be the bigger person and say jake did a good job and give jake a bit of credit. I remember jake even saying after he won well done deji u put up a great fight. So why deji cant do the same i dont know. Just still bit immature i think.
    And still saying i know i can beat jake well u just had ur chance bro an u couldnt deliver u would get so much more respect by saying he was to good to beat tonight and im guna train even harder for the rematch so i can beat him. Jus my opinion no shade throwing.

  • Grace Andrews
    Grace Andrews Hace 4 años +1

    Deji has everybody’s heart. Deji I wish you could see this. You shouldn’t have said you let your self down you should of won. Everybody adores you ily Deji xx

  • Joonas Vellend
    Joonas Vellend Hace 4 años

    I was so happy that deji gived us such a fight you didnt let anyone down

  • Alex Basha
    Alex Basha Hace 4 años +1806

    Deji did WAY better than what I expected. Props to him.

    • Jasmin The creator
      Jasmin The creator Hace 3 años

      Gage Stivers Yeah a with a bleeding face...

    • Plain Simple
      Plain Simple Hace 4 años

      James Henderson Your really confident deji was full of surprises how do you know he can’t kick your “Fighter” ass up in my opinion you need to be put in your place

    • mr cumberbatch
      mr cumberbatch Hace 4 años

      @James Henderson deji will kick your ass if you tried to fight him.

    • mr cumberbatch
      mr cumberbatch Hace 4 años

      @James Henderson you're not a fighter, you're a 12 year old that plays minecraft xbox edition and roblox, go watch something else you shouldn't be watching this, it's too bloody for you.

  • bigdogpac
    bigdogpac Hace 4 años

    We all love you deji. You really did great

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz Hace 4 años

    amazing to see how all of their mentalities and attitudes have changed after the fight. Props to all 4

  • k01dsv
    k01dsv Hace 4 años +2

    Sitting there with a beer belly saying "I'll never give up" sure makes you believe in what he's saying ^.^

    • Zalii
      Zalii Hace un año

      @Random Content Guy still hasnt fought

  • JustJJ
    JustJJ Hace 4 años

    Feels like I can’t say that I supported deji
    Without getting bitched on by toxic fucks... but I respect the fact that he went to go prove everyone wrong and didn’t back down no matter what. He was told multiple times to quit and he still went through to show people that he should be taken seriously and that’s why I respect him and I think that’s why that crowd had his back.

  • Chase Pinheiro
    Chase Pinheiro Hace 4 años +920

    Deji did way better than everyone expected 10/10

    • mr cumberbatch
      mr cumberbatch Hace 4 años +1

      @ESclipsReviwer he got bigger balls than you

    • DoogarHarzJr
      DoogarHarzJr Hace 4 años

      why am i crying?

    • Shaft Sherrif
      Shaft Sherrif Hace 4 años

      Adem Toyran he got fucking our classes the whole time his own corner knew he was getting pounded jake paul controlled the pace of the fight where the fight took place and what type of punches were thrown

    • Shaft Sherrif
      Shaft Sherrif Hace 4 años

      Artifical Human he talked shit then came in and got out classed

  • Night Rise
    Night Rise Hace 4 años

    Deji.. You did amazing. You might've lost but you won a'lot of respect from your fans. And besides you made that asshole bleed. It was beautiful

  • carter dorvil
    carter dorvil Hace 4 años +15

    You did good bro, but I knew you were not readyyyy physically and mentally.

  • TripleThugs
    TripleThugs Hace 4 años +2

    Proud of you... you legend

  • Savage Phantom XZ
    Savage Phantom XZ Hace 4 años

    I’m proud of you Deji. Hopefully one day u guys can have a Rematch

  • JHolland
    JHolland Hace 4 años +1402

    He just needs more cardio

    • Andrew Hajj
      Andrew Hajj Hace 2 años

      And diet plans.

    • Aige
      Aige Hace 2 años


    • Alex Boulton Boxing
      Alex Boulton Boxing Hace 3 años

      @Elijah Mwanga he is the smaller oppenent therefore being close is where he needed to be

    • Will Gaff
      Will Gaff Hace 3 años

      More cardio? Deji still would of lost..

  • S
    S Hace 3 años +4

    Those final hits by Jake thoooo

  • Gaming Gixx
    Gaming Gixx Hace 4 años

    Man I wanted Deji to Win but I got mad Respect for this Man he seems like a pretty cool dude

    PELLPA PIG Hace 6 meses +7

    1:43 I'm not too sure about that, buddy.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Hace 4 años +3

    Deji is still the winner to me!

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin Hace 4 años +88

    Nothing but respect for Deji ✊🏽 He came a long way from that sparring video I seen like 4 months ago and even though he lost he displayed potential (better than KSI I.M.O) but Jake was too much for him...

    • Sergio Mejines
      Sergio Mejines Hace 4 años

      _Swanlord_ it’s boxing not a bodybuilder contest, plus if Deji got lean that would be worse than becoming a benefit

    • Anxoh
      Anxoh Hace 4 años

      Riiftz jakes size advantage saved him.

    • Riiftz
      Riiftz Hace 4 años

      And also still managed to bloody Jake's face, all respect for deji, deji did amazing.

    • Riiftz
      Riiftz Hace 4 años

      Nah, it was just jake has an athletic background, deji doesn't. If Deji had an athletic background, he would easily have knocked Jake out in second round no doubt.

    • Small Might
      Small Might Hace 4 años

      I feel like deji did well very well I thought he would win but he did amazing to me

  • Spawn
    Spawn Hace 4 años

    Respect for deji he put a lot of effort into his training even if he didn't win the fight hes won a lot of respect even his brother thinks so

  • ə ß
    ə ß Hace 4 años +6

    The way he fought in the beginning was good so he needs to work on his stamina

    • Gedis
      Gedis Hace un año

      Same thing with the Vinnie Hacker Fight

  • @MichielMarto
    @MichielMarto Hace 4 años +13


    • Qwerty123
      Qwerty123 Hace 2 años +4

      ItsClout2k how lol, it was a good fight.

  • miclazy
    miclazy Hace 4 años

    we are proud of you Deji

  • Borheim
    Borheim Hace 4 años +356

    We all underestimated him, he was actually pretty good.

      IBTHAT1GUY Hace 6 meses

      I think this comment definitely came at a time of recently bias. Nowadays it’s very evident that if anything we overestimate him. He clearly doenst take boxing seriously and just isn’t passionate about it

    • Phillip Dahle-Hansen
      Phillip Dahle-Hansen Hace 4 años

      fight him then
      since you are so big

    • Phillip Dahle-Hansen
      Phillip Dahle-Hansen Hace 4 años +1

      I knew for a fact Deji was going to win, unfourtnatly not tho ;(

    • 0_Moco
      0_Moco Hace 4 años

      Pro Gamer or his face or nose is sensitive

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 4 años

      U talking bout Deji? If you are I’m sorry he sucked

  • MBIP LLC Scott
    MBIP LLC Scott Hace 4 años

    All 4 of you fought like hell.. Mad respect to you all

  • Mohammed Abbas
    Mohammed Abbas Hace 4 años +2

    You’ve got a heart of a lion ❤️

  • Sean Scholes
    Sean Scholes Hace 4 años

    deji is a fighter hes been through a lot and even though he came from a non existent althetic background he gained the respect of so many people i never really watched much of csg but up until 6 months ago his videos were my escape from all my problems in my opinion even though deji lost the physical fight he he won the mental fight he overcame the impossible all the odds were stacked against him and yet her overcame every obstacle... he is a true tank constantly taking fire but never backing down he in my opinion he is my hero i have gained a lot of respect for deji...i guess all thats left to do is continue supporting him and as his fans let him know we will be fighting right along side him... well done deji you succeeded in winning the respect of a lot of people and even though you lost to jake paul you did what you said you were going to won the hearts of a lot of different people

  • Skull
    Skull Hace 4 años

    Honestly it serves him right he came into jakes locker room cursing and there were kids there he is immature and this is the most mature you will ever see him.

  • Samuel F
    Samuel F Hace 4 años +1111

    This interviewer is really good! He doesn't take sides

    • F.A.F
      F.A.F Hace 4 años

      kacchan k salty? Jeez chill out

    • Samuel F
      Samuel F Hace 4 años +1

      @J GAMES This sentence doesn't make any sense to me, but okay...?

    • J GAMES
      J GAMES Hace 4 años

      His black... he had chosen long ago...
      Kidding... no such thing as racism xD

    • Jalal Ayoubi
      Jalal Ayoubi Hace 4 años +1

      That’s exactly what i thought about

    • Samuel F
      Samuel F Hace 4 años +1

      @kacchan k yeah but most people can't do that job half as good as he did. I mean, just by reading hour comment, I already know you would do a terrible job... But none would hire a 9 year old kid with adhd, so it doesn't matter anyways

  • Lopo2211
    Lopo2211 Hace 4 años

    Deji just needed some experience, he showed speed and determination can't wait until his next fight it's going to be awesome. also this guy is a good interviewer no dumbass questions

  • Hendrik Vlogs
    Hendrik Vlogs Hace 4 años

    i got the biggest respect on him, not everyone can handle a lost game so good.

  • Peyton Hagens
    Peyton Hagens Hace 4 años

    Jake had been an athlete before this, Deji hadn’t. Deji impressed me with how well he did. Not to mention Deji being 5’7 and Jake being 6 foot.

  • Aaron Lewis16
    Aaron Lewis16 Hace 2 años +1

    He may of lost the fight but he won the night 🥊🥊

  • Juniorg5
    Juniorg5 Hace 4 años +177

    Deji u did good, very proud of u man

  • Unknown Man
    Unknown Man Hace 4 años

    I really think that deji is going to be emotionally affected by this and it’s going to change him completely and he will come back stronger

  • Douglas Owensby
    Douglas Owensby Hace 4 años

    Deji he was very sweet about his loss and he was nice about it and even though Jake paul won and I know u too had ally of beef but I think u can settle it bc Jake paul said that deji gave it a lot of heart and if he was on a street fight he would kick there ass lol watch that vid but deji u did actually do very good and hope we see ya agian in a fight honestly I think u both are rlly good

  • Payton Berta
    Payton Berta Hace 4 años

    Even though I was going for jake I have a lot of respect for Deji

  • Jayden cassar
    Jayden cassar Hace 4 años

    He didn't steal the belt from him but he stole my heart

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Hace 4 años +165

    Deji deserves to be addressed as ''Deji'' not ''KSI's little brother'' like everyone tends to address him by after his phenomenal performance tonight. I was rooting for him the entire time, I know he said he let himself and us down but he did absolutely amazing and doesn't need to look back in disappointment. I hope he gets his rematch against Jake Paul and continues his journey to winning the hearts of the nation. Well done Deji, like another comment said ; Jake may of won the fight however Deji won the night (credit to the guy who wrote that - NK Games)

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones Hace 4 años

      Glad we can agree.

    • Blazy Dubz
      Blazy Dubz Hace 4 años

      @Matthew Jones 👍👍👍

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones Hace 4 años

      Fair enough, your opinion is your belief and mine is mine, we'll agree to disagree.

    • Blazy Dubz
      Blazy Dubz Hace 4 años

      @Matthew Jones if u cant haddle sombody disagreeing with you then dont leave the comment

    • Blazy Dubz
      Blazy Dubz Hace 4 años

      @Matthew Jones my opinion is that it is the year 2000. That sounds pretty wrong to me but if that my opinion it cant be wrong

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson Hace 4 años +1

    He fought hard but I didn’t expect for him to win. At least he did some damage tho

  • Jameson Junge
    Jameson Junge Hace 2 años +2

    It’s because he wouldn’t train. The sidemen tried to give him everything he needed to train and he didn’t use anything they gave him. It his own fault.

  • Camilla C.
    Camilla C. Hace 4 años

    He did amazing he surprised me so much he held his ground and made Jake all bloody haha

  • Dan Horwood
    Dan Horwood Hace 4 años

    I’d luv to train with dej cause he actually has so much heart

  • PlaTiNuM V1beZz
    PlaTiNuM V1beZz Hace 4 años +49

    So much respect for deji. I also feel like u could've done better but it was a good fight. Just need to wrk on your endurance cause i noticed he got sluggish at the final moments. But extremely proud of deji

  • Jamie Wise
    Jamie Wise Hace 4 años

    Deji fam! I was one of those dons teling you that you better win! Saying I will be so let down. But brooo, I'm sooo fucking proud of you my g. You went HARD. Fought like a champ! My guy!

  • Riingo
    Riingo Hace 4 años

    watching Deji was interesting. He had the movement and technique but just couldn't execute what he wanted to do. In boxing technique I'd say he's better than KSI but just doesn't have the power or stamina to keep up, I feel he's a little weak in getting hit too, jabs seemed to hurt him quite a bit.

  • Connor Herries
    Connor Herries Hace 4 años

    Deji, with this video you gained my respect.

  • Hadassah Munday
    Hadassah Munday Hace 4 años +6

    Deji you did OK, we haven't seen your Dad in ages,hope he's well and proud of you.
    Don't beat yourself much,with morer training you can be better than even your Bro, you are a natural,pls,get a better training team,rise up,dust yourself off and work harder..Blessings to you.

    • VJ
      VJ Hace 4 años

      Hadassah Munday he has Viddal. What you mean “better training team”

  • Nij Ad
    Nij Ad Hace 4 años +156

    I'm honestly soo proud of deji as a very long time fan of his and seeing him perform as well as he did was inspirational

    OMARIO Hace 4 años +8

    You'll pay $10 to watch the game oh hell naww 😂😂 I was Watching it for free

  • Scarlett Keighley
    Scarlett Keighley Hace 4 años +12

    You did brilliant you shocked 😦😦❤️❤️

  • Yassii Arc
    Yassii Arc Hace 4 años

    I wanted Jake too win but deji did surprise me and put up a good fight and I respect u for that. I have your back because I know people are going to say shit but u did good.

  • Connor Bond
    Connor Bond Hace 4 años +1

    Am I the only one who feels bad for Deji

  • Chingo Sakoto
    Chingo Sakoto Hace 4 años

    2:41 Yeah, that's the spirit. Do your best, Deji.

  • ahmad abdul
    ahmad abdul Hace 4 años

    dude give them respect. they give you at least 15million views from all this interview

  • Ren R.
    Ren R. Hace 4 años +67

    You don't need to prove it again, you already did.

    • Zain Javed
      Zain Javed Hace 2 años

      @Sean K No that's false, Everyone thought that Deji was gonna either get hit with one bodyshot and drop or just last 1 rounds like he does in sparring but he fought back and lasted 5 rounds.
      Its not about how he lost every round, we know that, but he earned respect from everyone.

    • Sean K
      Sean K Hace 2 años +4

      Zayn Javed he proves everyone right, no one thought he was gonna win and he never put up a good fight. He lost every round and couldn’t even last till round 6

    • Zain Javed
      Zain Javed Hace 2 años +3

      @Sean K By proving everyone wrong and putting up a hard fight against Jake

    • Sean K
      Sean K Hace 2 años +4

      By losing?

  • Gamer Freak
    Gamer Freak Hace 4 años +1

    You did a Great Job Deji, don't be upset,ignoring your Physical Disadvantage,you put a real fight to him

  • Xzavier
    Xzavier Hace 4 años +344

    Jake won the fight
    Deji won the respect
    Edit: Jesus thank you for the likes!

    • Aes Nabayra
      Aes Nabayra Hace 4 años

      take a look to the date.. use your coconut mind :>

    • Xzavier
      Xzavier Hace 4 años

      @Aes Nabayra anyways I'm not gonna argue over a trashy fight

    • Xzavier
      Xzavier Hace 4 años

      @Aes Nabayra yea I am but i didn't have to look at your videos to tell that being if you have any

    • Aes Nabayra
      Aes Nabayra Hace 4 años

      ha? hakdog.. so you're a kid too? "excalty"

    • Xzavier
      Xzavier Hace 4 años

      @Aes Nabayra excalty kid

  • Crabby Scrabby
    Crabby Scrabby Hace 2 años +1

    More respect to Deji!

  • Wary_rifle7
    Wary_rifle7 Hace 4 años


  • Ken
    Ken Hace 4 años

    Question :- Before there was alot of trash talk
    how do you feel about him now?
    Deji :- He Just surprised me He Does Hit hard
    in my opinion i am the one who let myself down
    Because i know for a fact i could have beaten him down 100%
    Me:- 😕🔫

  • Sonicbomomb's Dare Lair

    He earned my respect

  • Tinres
    Tinres Hace 4 años +1259

    Did better than joe weller.

    • TheTyrant420
      TheTyrant420 Hace 2 años

      ITS DAX

    • Chris Wolf
      Chris Wolf Hace 2 años +1

      Lol, this comment was ahead of its time... Deji lasted way longer then Joe welled when he boxed Jake Paul

    • Sayedur
      Sayedur Hace 2 años


    • i d r e e s
      i d r e e s Hace 3 años

      Kareem Telfah lasted 5 rounds. punched a lot more

  • Riya
    Riya Hace 4 años

    Tbh when I saw Deji fighting I already knew he would lose, all of you are saying he's gonna win again but like....I don't think so :/

  • adolf shitler
    adolf shitler Hace 4 años +1

    Deji did really well but he didn’t close down the space.... because he didn’t close the space he allowed Paul to continue to use his reach advantage