• Publicado el 21 sep 2022
  • Stefy Bull speaks to Joe Leigh two days out from Terri Harper's fight with Hannah Rankin, in the super-welterweight division.
    Eddie Hearn interview: esclips.com/video/wQd_rdiQ5Ko/vídeo.html
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Comentarios • 10

  • rob staniforth
    rob staniforth Hace 10 días +1

    I am from same village as Terri...
    So fingers crossed

  • zoe simpson
    zoe simpson Hace 6 días

    Terri dint school jonas i thought jonas won that fight to be fair i like terri but no way did she school jonas

  • warlordgrime
    warlordgrime Hace 11 días

    No sound

  • Dwayne Mitchell
    Dwayne Mitchell Hace 10 días +1


  • Dale Harrison
    Dale Harrison Hace 11 días

    Thats why she moved up, what is it 4 weight divisions to fight the easiest world champion. Terry got slept and her belt ripped away and her excuse was she wasnt ready to defend the title with all the commitments etc. Now were supposed to believe she's ready to be world champion again?

    • Liam Featherstone
      Liam Featherstone Hace 6 días

      @Dale Harrison get yourself in the ring mate not ready my arse
      I don't think ESclips was ready for your comment

    • Dale Harrison
      Dale Harrison Hace 6 días

      @Alan Robinson didnt mean she isnt ready to win the title...if she wasnt ready for the pressure of keeping hold of her last belt like she said in her post fight press after she lost her belt she isnt ready for the pressure of keeping hold of this belt.

    • Liam Featherstone
      Liam Featherstone Hace 6 días +1

      this comment though haha

    • Alan Robinson
      Alan Robinson Hace 7 días +2

      I guess she was ready then