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  • Floyd Mayweather best mitt workout video with Roger Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana. Floyd Mayweather shows speed, timing and power. Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana.
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    JSOUL Hace 7 años +839

    This is why hes so accurate ... 62-67% landing percentages a round is utterly ridiculous. Its incredible. These workouts arent for strength. Its for rhythm speed and accuracy

    • Todd Smith
      Todd Smith Hace 8 meses

      No one else can do this maybe jaron ennis or maybe loma this page exposed Floyd haters so much I’m not even mad anymore gotta be hater n dumb to speak negative this shit ridiculous

    • JovenFit. Net
      JovenFit. Net Hace 9 meses

      The coach is the one catching de hits 😂. That’s just show … in the real work the boxer must hit the target ☝️.

    • Cedric McClain
      Cedric McClain Hace un año

      Finally! Somebody with boxing IQ 👌

    • Bond , James - Bond
      Bond , James - Bond Hace un año

      Then what is the cause for his impenetrable defence ????

  • Phillip Fitchew
    Phillip Fitchew Hace 7 años +377

    Keeping the mind sharp. And building endurance, too. He was just punching for 10+ minutes straight. That's hard to do no matter how hard you hit something.

    • brmillgr
      brmillgr Hace 4 meses

      very hard

    • Nibs
      Nibs Hace un año +2

      @WAN~K VLOGS CHANNEL well since tysons toughest fights and lost were pure boxers. Mayweather is the best pure boxer. My money is on Money. Also Tyson is a one dimensional fighter, Floyd has 50 ways to beat him.

    • Sean C.
      Sean C. Hace 2 años +1

      KILLJOY77 you CANNOT ask such a drastic what if question lol. ofc floyd is gonna win, likewise tyson would demolish floyd if floyd moves up to tyson’s size. there’s a reason why he is the best of his weight class and he was undefeated (granted some of his wins are very arguable) mayweather plays chess the best, while others play checkers.

    • Bot Fields_HardcoreGamer
      Bot Fields_HardcoreGamer Hace 2 años


  • Jack Frey
    Jack Frey Hace 2 años +83

    This is pure poetry on the mitts. There’s a reason this guy hardly ever got hit. Best instinct and reflexes in the sport. Can’t believe I’m just seeing this now.

  • adam imberti
    adam imberti Hace 5 años +224

    This isn't a counter or defensive drill, It's specifically training his flinch reflex to fire at will. If you watch his shoulders and hips, the initial stage of a punch is being trained over and over again, to fire suddenly without thinking. That's why his speed and reaction time is so good, very short sharp bursts that are hardwired into his brain from years of doing this drill.

    • Extended Clips
      Extended Clips Hace 2 años +1


    • aaronmckay boxing
      aaronmckay boxing Hace 3 años +5

      That and endurance to punch that much non stop is tiring and trains the hands to stay up and keep punching

  • Joe 93:20
    Joe 93:20 Hace 6 años +1268

    People talking shit on his training, please don't criticise something thats clearly worked for 20 years and you don't understand

    • Nick Noe
      Nick Noe Hace 10 meses

      @sc pls 🤡

    • Vtec Banger
      Vtec Banger Hace 11 meses

      Can’t find anyone talking shit……..

    • Otam
      Otam Hace 2 años

      armani millet woah bruh, you can’t say that. Every boxer works hard.

    • Aicha Rezzouguy
      Aicha Rezzouguy Hace 2 años

      @Dominus Providebit He has 27 knockouts..

  • Normavelli
    Normavelli Hace 2 años +19

    RIP to Roger. Great trainer, great man! 🙏🏾😔

  • Jaime Sierra
    Jaime Sierra Hace un año +6

    Unless you've been in boxing , you have no idea how impressive this is 👏. His stamina was amazing!

  • King 27
    King 27 Hace 8 años +416

    "Let me work" lol Floyd aint playing almost 2 decades of domination one of the greatest ever best in this era

    • yvng.t3k
      yvng.t3k Hace un año

      @Elmacb Bomaye nah bro. Rewatch that fight. Floyd clearly won

    • Tropics Hockey
      Tropics Hockey Hace un año +1

      @Ricky 12rd fight.... just because you win the first couple rds doesnt just mean you win the fight, not to mention Maidana should have pts deducted for using Floyd's balls as a speed bag the entire fight lol

    • Elmacb Bomaye
      Elmacb Bomaye Hace un año

      De La Hoya won

    • Mario te Guia
      Mario te Guia Hace 2 años

      And also, he lost , against a mexican , when he was amateur!

    • Sebastian The Technician Santana
      Sebastian The Technician Santana Hace 2 años +1

      @Ricky nah mayweather stayed composed adjusted and won the fight he has been undefeated because of his discipline in training and his iq in that ring

  • Shawn Frierson
    Shawn Frierson Hace 7 años +961

    He's not supposed to hit the mitts hard,this exercise is for his reflexes

    • I am Greatness
      I am Greatness Hace un año

      Jesus7es7Dios7 50-0

    • edward reed III
      edward reed III Hace 2 años

      This technique is used for efficiency. When you hit the pads too hard it tightens up your muscles from the impact and makes the muscles more worn out. Light short punches still have power and it keeps you fluid and your muscles don’t wear out to last longer rounds

    • Tony FergusonXT
      Tony FergusonXT Hace 2 años

      And its also about timing and accuracy.

  • Aldwin Razo
    Aldwin Razo Hace 6 años +290

    so this is why floyd got that insane handspeed with perfect timing.. im a pac fan but i really admire this guy, so skillful..

  • Earnest Robinson
    Earnest Robinson Hace 5 años +5

    Just poetry in this man's workout routine and in his execution. kudos, Floyd!

  • AN 69
    AN 69 Hace 3 años +5

    Beautiful. A prodigy showcasing his craft. A great duo who clearly understand one another to the atom, but so do a few other duos, yet this duo is very consistent hence the "perfection".
    You can't really repeat what's always repeated, fellow commentators seem to have covered the entirety.

  • Crazypip 4
    Crazypip 4 Hace 3 años +22

    Hes training reaction. Look at all the mitts hes blocking, dodging and catching. This the man right here 👊🏻

  • Raphael Sanmartin
    Raphael Sanmartin Hace 3 años +5

    His pad work is designed to work on accuracy, reflexes, timing and hand fluency. He then works on power with the body. To keep that pace you have to be in amazing shape. This is why he's the best ever.

  • Uncle Pecos
    Uncle Pecos Hace 7 años +32

    This is the BEST Mitt Work in the Game...Period

  • Alien Kawala
    Alien Kawala Hace 2 años +1

    The man is undefeated, his mitt workout is spot on. You need to be doing this! This is for reflex + endurance + stamina, with light foot work.

  • mister charlie
    mister charlie Hace 5 años +1

    the absolute champion, i respect his skill and his ability to be great, may his reign last a thousand years.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Hace 3 años +2

    He makes it look easy, body, hand and movement coordination is impressive !

  • JNRdrigz
    JNRdrigz Hace 6 años +1819

    longest handshake in recorded history....

  • Brettski
    Brettski Hace un año +1

    I just started boxing with a trainer and I was exhausted after 2 minutes of pad work. Much respect for Floyd

  • riddley39
    riddley39 Hace un año

    Insane endurance is what I always marvelled at when it came to floyd! 10 mins straight! I don’t care how fit you are, that is so hard to do! I’m knackered after that minute, you can’t breath! His work rate and fitness is excellent and was always a strength of his! Ever remember seeing floyd tired in a fight! Smh!

  • G Clan Hawaii
    G Clan Hawaii Hace 6 años +425

    His uncle has some fast hands tho

    • Juan Jose Vazquez
      Juan Jose Vazquez Hace 3 años +2

      DonTHEhandsome1 some people don’t understand that this comment was ment tp be a joke

    • Rod
      Rod Hace 4 años +1

      Chavez beat his ass though

    • El Cochi Loco
      El Cochi Loco Hace 5 años

      DonTHEhandsome1 not one but twice

    • El Cochi Loco
      El Cochi Loco Hace 5 años +1

      the mexican assassin ji ji ji ask me who knock hom in the first round

    • Justonn Smith
      Justonn Smith Hace 6 años +59

      He was a boxer thats why lol

  • Jordan Day
    Jordan Day Hace un año +7

    Love the focus he had while talking to his mom and he just kept telling her “let me work” admirable asf

  • RTC1655
    RTC1655 Hace 3 años +58

    I think I just saw Floyd throwing a 3000+ punch combination.

  • Thora Weetman
    Thora Weetman Hace 7 años +894

    For all the keyboard boxers out there: they are training rhythm.

    • Pete Jay
      Pete Jay Hace 2 años

      @im in prison it's for multiple things..a little bit of everything.

    • hwknswltr
      hwknswltr Hace 2 años

      reflex and reaction also

      DETERMINOLOGY Hace 2 años

      People look at this and i see why floyd was 50-0...The work ethic and skillz...REALLY sharp on the mits and i dont see to many people doing mit work like them and some times roger wasnt even calling out and they know the sequences ..Floyd a beast

    • FightFairLoseEasy
      FightFairLoseEasy Hace 3 años

      speed and reaction time

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Hace 2 años

    Massive respect to Mayweather and his work ethic, his cardio and his absolute professionalism. Major in every aspect. His cardio alone is insane.

  • Agustin Naon
    Agustin Naon Hace 3 años +33

    Damn ...that some hardcore cardio...floyds throws something around 15 -18 shots/10 seconds for 15 min straight...
    Not even sweating ...i will puke my lungs out at 1.30 whit lucky

  • A.S. Washington
    A.S. Washington Hace 2 años +1

    Some people never have a world class trainer that was also a world class boxer. Floyd had 2 from the time he could walk. That body of real life experience and refinement over time, coupled with his razor sharp boxing acumen, his ability to adjust during the fight, and most importantly his extreme work ethic is why he excelled the way he did. There's a video where Roger Mayweather talked about the qualities in terms of discipline a boxer needs in terms of training and preparation. He said Floyd had it and no one had to ever tell him to train. He said, "I trained hard, don't get me wrong, but my nephew is something else." Here he is working everything he's going to do in the ring at an amazing rate of speed and precision. The muscle memory that he's developed overtime is amazing. No matter how you feel about him, he would have been a champion in any time period. This kind of mastery and intense focus on one thing doesn't happen often. Even at the highest levels of competition. There's always a pecking order, even at the top. It's cool that I can say these things about him and recognize what he has that's so unmatched, because RJJ and Benard Hopkins were my two favorite fighters with Andre Ward coming in as a 3rd before I'd start talking about Mayweather. Follow my channel, Pardon the F Bomb.

  • Calvin Johnson
    Calvin Johnson Hace 2 años

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! the timing and quickness is perfect

  • Saucee
    Saucee Hace 3 años +1

    I like how he was respectful to his mom even though she was bothering him while he was training. In the end you can hear her apologizing and he just told her that it was okay.

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels Hace 5 años +91

    i've been around boxing for 45 years, still train at 63. the technique is sharp like muscle memory after him doing hand eye training for 30 years. once you get your technique down then its keeping your reflexes sharp and dialed in. mayweather works hard, no break , just work.

    • Sami Chemais
      Sami Chemais Hace 2 años +1

      @WAN~K VLOGS CHANNEL boxing is a sport

    • Sean C.
      Sean C. Hace 2 años +1

      KILLJOY77 what kind of dumb question is that? go to ufc to ask these questions not boxing bruh

    • Bot Fields_HardcoreGamer
      Bot Fields_HardcoreGamer Hace 2 años


  • Razor _
    Razor _ Hace 6 años +5

    Some of you are a pain... He's been doing this since before olympics. This is reflex/ endurance training.

  • Tres Nueve
    Tres Nueve Hace 3 años +9

    Watch how Roger keeps tapping him on the shoulder. That's how that infamous shoulder roll was developed and perfected over time.

  • A1 Official
    A1 Official Hace 2 años +1

    Floyds endurance is insane people who train boxing know how hard it is to keep punching without breaks All Respect to Floyd💯💯💯✅✅✅✅

  • Salar Abbas
    Salar Abbas Hace 5 años +2

    Every time I see this I get extra motivated at my own training at the gym.

  • hdugtk aodjgkf
    hdugtk aodjgkf Hace 5 años +26

    start at 7:12 and turn up your sound. when the trainer throws his arm behind his back for the liver shot and comes with the overhand, you'll hear floyd throw a counterpunch right after he throws the liver shot, but you wont see the second punch.
    a perfect counter punch.
    plus, based on rythm, it is much faster than the tempo of the mittwork before.
    thats why they call it the sweet science

  • Johnwoo
    Johnwoo Hace 8 años +11

    This is the most vicious I've seen Floyd on the mitts in a while.

  • Joel Olivares
    Joel Olivares Hace 3 años +1

    This is muscle memory and cardio work.. he is building defense and counter rhythms.. that's why he was so evasive and precise hitter

  • behemoth87
    behemoth87 Hace 8 años +2

    His training is very interesting. It bares similarities to that Kung fu practice to strengthen coordination,, rhythm, sensitivity etc. That's what gives Floyd that almost extra sensory awareness in the ring.

  • Sporc
    Sporc Hace 8 años +10

    This training Floyd is in... Is BEAST mode

  • Aee Krypton
    Aee Krypton Hace 3 años

    Damn! I'm impressed his padwork. Fancy moves and fast reflex and accurate.

  • Horsin Around
    Horsin Around Hace 2 años +4

    My goodness look at the punch output... Thats a lot of punches in ten minutes. No wonder Floyd never gets tired.

  • JASE AllGood
    JASE AllGood Hace 2 años +1

    It’s hard as f to throw that many punches non stop.regardless if it’s only half punches. I dread to even imagine the burn. Gotta respect the man, for the work he puts in.

  • TheDiamond123123
    TheDiamond123123 Hace 8 años +8

    it's just inspirational to see him performing like this while the hyper media is surrounding him, I can only imagine his 'off limits to media' workouts :D

  • damomand
    damomand Hace 2 años

    He trainin’ the trainer lol. “You tightening up! Go back go back!” THE BEST EVER

  • DougTheMan376
    DougTheMan376 Hace 8 años +5

    damn the reactive mitts of the champ sure are fundamental.

  • Michael
    Michael Hace 3 años +278

    The comments i'm seeing are:
    5% talking about how he's 'not doing it right'
    95% talking about the 5 percent

    • J R
      J R Hace un año +2

      @Big Man I’m wondering too Lmaoo I box a little myself I think it’s the same pattern they’ve practiced thousands of times. I’m having a hard time believing that he just does that randomly and it comes out so well.

    • Big Man
      Big Man Hace 2 años +2

      Michael how does he do it so fast? Does he know what’s coming next or he’s just that fast?

    • Tom
      Tom Hace 2 años +1

      Fr tho

    • LegendaryUbagel
      LegendaryUbagel Hace 2 años +1


  • Ihustles247
    Ihustles247 Hace 8 años +1

    There's a good reason Floyd's opponents get worn down and dominated in their bouts. The reason is Floyd's punches land with precision and they land hard, while he dodges everything thrown his way. He is a masterpiece in and outside of the ring.

  • James Williams
    James Williams Hace 5 años +2

    The most incredible part about this is how in sync him and Roger are with them pads.....and how they can remember all that shit. WOW #TMT

  • Simon Hawkes
    Simon Hawkes Hace 2 años

    Incredible for a boxer and for his age it's even more incredible!

  • Yo-saiFF CaleB
    Yo-saiFF CaleB Hace 8 años

    Floyd. !!!! A living legend !

  • Xavier McGriff
    Xavier McGriff Hace 8 años +113

    "He has no power." By saying this you put I big IDIOT sign on your forehead. This drill is all about speed and stamina. and you wonder why your "power punchers" can hardly touch Mayweather. You're witnessing it first hand smh

  • GranBambino
    GranBambino Hace un año

    i like the part when they bring the big dude to work the body shots. hes relaxed. hes a professional. best job ever.

  • Feras
    Feras Hace 3 años +39

    "Let me work". That says it all.

  • Carlos Alexis Legorreta Martinez

    Imprecisiónante 🇲🇽

  • panzer faust
    panzer faust Hace 3 años +1

    He is making his mind flow thats why he is a reflex fighter becoz he flows with the body and the mind in perfect rhythm

  • KingSevens
    KingSevens Hace 7 años +2

    for everyone who says floyd has no power, look at the body work portion

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Hace 3 años +2

    Greatest in action !!!! 🔥 🔥 I’ll be $1,000,000 half of the people talking shit can’t even hit the mitts like that for 6 mins 😂😂

  • daffy duck
    daffy duck Hace 5 años

    the focus mitts are versatile tools and trainers can use them in a number of ways. power shots. speed, work on combos. work on reflexes accuracy the list goes on and on and on. Floyd has developed a truly unique method with his mitt partners. (floyd is training himself here) he is training rhythm, timing flow, concentration this a almost a form of boxing meditation the reason it is so effective if because there are two people involved. just like in the ring. floyd said years ago he has no rhythm when fighting. hes studying rhythm so excessively here that when he fights he finds it very easy to detect his opponents timing just like in the mitt training and thus break his opponents rhythm and style and make the fight about what he is doing. this is boxing training in it purest form also because it astounding display and test of endurance. fyi im a pac fan but im no idiot.

  • Mumen Rider
    Mumen Rider Hace 4 años +2

    Its probably the best mitts workout ever. Exclusively by the mayweathers

  • cabalofdemons
    cabalofdemons Hace 8 años +13

    Clearly these haters have never trained in a combat sport/martial art. Pad work/mitt work isn't so much about power as it's about speed, cardio, endurance, technique and timing. Floyd isn't trying to destroy the Mitt's he's working on his hand and footwork. A fighter uses a heavy bag to work power. Catch up youtubers catch up!

  • Michael Tuuaipea
    Michael Tuuaipea Hace 4 años +2

    I love watching floyd, keep it going and do what you do best.

  • Conscience Content
    Conscience Content Hace 8 años +6

    Them body shots u was dropping on Maidana was making my stomach hurt. I could feel the impact thru the TV Floyd!

  • GeeDaWizard98
    GeeDaWizard98 Hace 7 años +1

    The fact of the matter is this man is still undefeated so whatever he's doing its working👍

  • Saul Liang
    Saul Liang Hace 4 años

    Amazing reflexes and powerful punches

  • Urivan
    Urivan Hace 8 años

    Este ejercicio es coordinacion pura. Perfeccionar lo basico una y otra vez te lleva a ser un maestro del boxeo siempre y cuando lo practiques bien y lo emplees luego en seciones de sparring. No hay secretos en el boxeo. Lo realmente importante en una pelea es nunca menospreciar al rival, ser inteligente, hacer ajustes dependiendo de lo que ofrezca el rival y saber cuando emplear diferentes tecnicas para vencerlo. Generalmente hay mas de una forma de vencer a un rival pero te das cuenta en el ring. Una vez que le encontraste la vuelta se piensa pero nunca se duda porque el rival lo aprobecha.

  • Bertrand Qualo
    Bertrand Qualo Hace 11 meses

    Incredible skills 🙂 guy gave a lot to get to that level

  • Filipino
    Filipino Hace 8 años +9

    Best defensive fighter on the mitts.

  • Marius Gmail
    Marius Gmail Hace 5 años +2

    holy shit floyd was so lucky to have a uncle like roger and a father like floyd sr. I mean look at the sync between these two, holy damn. They must have done this training a million times

  • nickyboy27
    nickyboy27 Hace 8 años +1

    never gets boring seeing him on the mits

  • Michael Vargas
    Michael Vargas Hace 3 años +2

    Legendary.. telling his trainer to tighten up

  • MrEJ143
    MrEJ143 Hace 7 años +2

    This type of workout focuses on reflex, timing and speed NOT power. Don't ever think that Floyd has pillow hands. He can hurt you and he can pin point you with pure accuracy.

  • BlockChain_Basquiat
    BlockChain_Basquiat Hace 2 años +1

    Got damn. Uncle Rog is an absolute G. Nobody could pad Floyd like that

  • bee pot
    bee pot Hace 5 años +71

    Love how they incorporate the shoulder block in the work out, I've never really seen that. I'm also loving all of the boxing pros in the comments! So what if you think he's boring or runs away, if you knew anything about boxing you would be just a little envious of his talent. That and he's undefeated lol.

    • J.A
      J.A Hace 3 años +1

      @Kitty Kuchi Because Mayweather has brittle hands and he knows very well that sport injuries can ruin your life. He is smart in and out of the ring...we may never see a full on fight from Floyd but he's ensuring that he has a good retirement...you can't say the same for boxers who can't quit and end up getting Parkinson's by 50

    • Kitty Kuchi
      Kitty Kuchi Hace 3 años

      But just realize that many boxing fans who are critical of Floyd do actually admire his talent and have never questioned it. What they do question is why he didn't put his talent to the test more often and why he didn't give the true boxing fans the fights that they wanted to see at the right time.

    • b6amino
      b6amino Hace 5 años +3

      Dominus Providebit if you were mayweather and u box for ko you will lose first fight

  • quezadilla865
    quezadilla865 Hace 5 años

    so dope, wish I had someone to do that with years of training right there they know each other so well the rythm sounds dope haha

  • BoxingHacker
    BoxingHacker Hace 7 años +2

    Roger is by far one of the best, but i hope his health isn't affecting him. its sorta werid that the fighter tells the coach what combinations to use

  • iRobot15O6
    iRobot15O6 Hace 2 años +1

    Jeez, he’s not even trying
    Mad respect for Floyd here

  • Luis Adrian Lara
    Luis Adrian Lara Hace un año

    I’m amazed at how he never swallows or spits out his gum. AMAZING!!!!

  • Miguel Maineez
    Miguel Maineez Hace 6 años +7

    people don't get it when mayweather does padwork it's because his working on reaction and countering

  • nazaret
    nazaret Hace 5 años

    theres alot people who dont agree with this style of pad work but its very effective because it requires a high level of sustained concentration and focus...there is alot going on, mayweather sees everything that gets thrown at him, even though i dont consider him tbe i always admire his pad work...its not easy...pair up with some and try it...

  • Cartiercal
    Cartiercal Hace 2 años

    The fact he was working while talking at beginning lol 🔥🔥🔥

  • MrGraybaker
    MrGraybaker Hace 7 años +10

    thing i love about roger he would still be holding those mitts if floyd jr was 48-4 with no belts. Floyd Sr not so sure

  • sbb1sun
    sbb1sun Hace 5 años +1

    Damn!I'm tired as hell watching he's a monster at training 39-0 for a reason

  • ky fife
    ky fife Hace 4 años +3

    His reflexes are amazing like a cat he was looking real sharp

  • Don Chepo
    Don Chepo Hace 7 años +1

    For all you people that know nothing about boxing. This is why his connect percentage is the highest in boxing. This works your stamina, precision, reflexes, and awareness. This man works hard and even though he talks a lot of shit, you have to respect what he's done in boxing.

  • IssaMario
    IssaMario Hace 3 años

    Wooow once you understand boxing and breakdown the patterns and rhythm of this padwork, you realise why he does certain things so that it becomes muscle memory and it shows because of his fighting style in the ring.

  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C. Hace 4 años

    You can use mitt work to work on your speed and reflexes or your strength or both! Just depends on what the fighter needs to improve on.

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams Hace 3 años +1

    Like him or not. This guys fitness is something else. Regardless of what people think of him as a person or boxer, he has one hell of an engine on him.

  • Robert Jr
    Robert Jr Hace 3 años +5

    Floyd is my FAVORITE BOXER!!!!!!

  • itz Gobi
    itz Gobi Hace 6 años +2

    Damn... wish I was that fluid with mitts

  • Jason Triemer
    Jason Triemer Hace 4 años +1

    I gotta admit his pad work looks funny, but obviously it works, look how good he is in the ring so... hard to criticize 50-0.

  • mistah Jackson
    mistah Jackson Hace 5 años

    @15:47 all you need to know about fighting is there. From Dempsey to Ali, to Bruce Lee to GGG. From Wing Chun to Jiu Jitsu. It's right there.

  • Jon Cing
    Jon Cing Hace 3 años

    If you never hit mitts before you'll appreciate the art that goes into this. Free flowing mitts

  • thirdhander
    thirdhander Hace 2 años +1

    It might look like he’s not showing power but oh god damn when you acc get that punch it destroys you for your whole life

  • David Powell
    David Powell Hace 8 años +8

    He looks great. I think he knows he is fighting a crazy person on may 3rd

  • Christian Cain
    Christian Cain Hace 5 años

    Amazing to see the work ethic & passion despite all the money & success

  • thirdhander
    thirdhander Hace 2 años +8

    He deserves 50-0 for. Reasons it shows

  • Tony Cullina
    Tony Cullina Hace 7 años +29

    From the commens I have read, If you are asking why there is no power and why its like a worked out routine is because no boxer gets power from mitts. lmao. its a hand eye coordination drill with stamina, defensive set up to counterpunching, and speed. fluidity is key. if you watch this and think its not doing anything this is what makes you most accurate puncher EVER. lmaooooo

  • 레귤러포스RegularForce

    Greatest of all time!

  • Aldrin valdez
    Aldrin valdez Hace 5 años

    Watching this is so fucking intriguing man. You can learn so much. All you losers keep hating this is greatness going to work. His mitt work is amazing. It's just quick little punches you guys are saying. But his reflexes and his muscle memory that he's built all his life make it so hard to stop in the ring. It's quick twitch of the punches but when he fully implements it in a boxing match it's unstoppable.