Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz FULL WEIGH IN & FINAL FACE OFF | Matchroom Boxing USA

  • Publicado el 30 may 2019
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    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz FULL WEIGH IN & FINAL FACE OFF | Matchroom Boxing USA
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Comentarios • 6 535

  • TripleJBoxing
    TripleJBoxing Hace 3 años +2280

    Everybody underestimating Ruiz. He has a chance of a KO upset here mark my words

  • Maximiliano307
    Maximiliano307 Hace 3 años +23

    Soy de Argentina y festejé la hazaña de Andy Ruiz. Campeonazo y por KO. Un coloso. Hoy mira al mundo desde arriba.

    TRIBAL MYSTIC 101 Hace 3 años +231

    Love the mutual respect displayed by both fighters.. nothing but boxers with big hearts.. in the ring is where its at..

      TRIBAL MYSTIC 101 Hace 3 años +3

      @Slaker shore was mate👍

    • Slaker
      Slaker Hace 3 años +4

      No matter the race!! It was just respect ✊

  • Ionel Scutaru
    Ionel Scutaru Hace 3 años +61

    Gotta love this face-off. So simple and quiet! Respect to both.

  • Jake Meoff
    Jake Meoff Hace 3 años +504

    You cannot hate on Ruiz. Seems like a good hearted guy.

  • Emman A
    Emman A Hace 3 años +938

    Who’s here after Ruiz won 🤯🤯

    • Murat Tekeli
      Murat Tekeli Hace 3 años

      Jose Benitez 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • Enkyl power.
      Enkyl power. Hace 3 años +2


    • The Legend
      The Legend Hace 3 años

      Me biting my words thinking Joshua didntvwant his debut against an elite and then out nowhere Ruiz the Mexican Aztec Warrior got knocked down looked up from the canvas like "boy u in America now" gets up up slaughters him the rest of the 3rd then boxes a beautiful technical ly sound fight till round 3 he ready go home to his fam. He does a half back step leafs on left foot with A.J on the ropes with a qiuck 1-2 combo followed with 3 monster hooks to take all the belts.. I underestimated Ruiz and he showed the world im have you all biting your tongue lol im proud as fuck of ruiz and his camp an family if anybody deserved these belts it was him.. Welcome to your American Debut Mr. Joshua

    • Rocky Balboa
      Rocky Balboa Hace 3 años


  • Burnt Kebab
    Burnt Kebab Hace 3 años +85

    British here, but huge respects for Ruiz, he came out wanting it and he got it fair and square. Also those hops he did were probably the best ever reaction to winning a title in history 😂😂 GG

    • David Corral
      David Corral Hace 3 años

      iKR and then with his dad and team great moment

    • AHwasright
      AHwasright Hace 3 años

      Zack Lane
      Why is everyone keep on asking me that!?

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot Hace 3 años

      @AHwasright Joshua is a Brit, no?

  • Cesar Medina robledo
    Cesar Medina robledo Hace 3 años

    Sin palabras ,historia pura, campeón en toda la extensión de la palabra.

  • Minh Sprint
    Minh Sprint Hace 3 años +25

    Great sportsmanship here. More of this and less trying to play the bad guy. Well done to both. Cant wait for a rematch

  • Patrick K
    Patrick K Hace 3 años +717

    Whatever the result of this fight, i really like how both fighters respect each other. True boxers
    Hats off

    • M C
      M C Hace un año

      @Bryan Morton lol, u would quit in 1 round against a amateur humble urself

    • Bryan Morton
      Bryan Morton Hace 2 años

      No respect for Anthony he quit when he was put in the position of having to endure a true challenge he folded under pressure.

    • Arturo Albino
      Arturo Albino Hace 2 años


    • Cizi Kauntu
      Cizi Kauntu Hace 3 años

      Cody you sure about that buddy😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lenz eazy
    Lenz eazy Hace 3 años +502

    Congrats Ruiz u proved a lot of ppl wrong ✔️💯👍

    • redstone 809
      redstone 809 Hace un año

      @Native American Cowboy either way your point was proven wrong since the mexican flag is still one of the faces on boxing

    • Native American Cowboy
      Native American Cowboy Hace un año

      @redstone 809 Not in the heavyweight division it don't.
      Also, Billy Joe Sanders can't fight anyway.

    • redstone 809
      redstone 809 Hace un año

      @Native American Cowboy and its still lasting 🤣🥱🇲🇽🇲🇽

    • Jose David
      Jose David Hace 2 años


  • Yasith Perera
    Yasith Perera Hace 3 años +1

    Absolutely anything can happen in the ring. Just like this moment we witnessed

  • Valpuia Khiangte
    Valpuia Khiangte Hace 3 años +6

    Mutual respect after face off, real sportmanship shown by both of them...

  • J12
    J12 Hace 3 años +12

    This is how a weigh in should be... mutual respect and cool vibes👏🏼👍🏼

  • A Leon
    A Leon Hace 3 años +4

    Much respect to Ruiz man. He took hits and gave right back with heart.

  • Me Temuulen
    Me Temuulen Hace 3 años

    I've never seen this such a positive face off before. I dunno know why while i watching this i just kept smiling 😂. Obviously these two great boxers are beautiful human beings. I love them so much since this time. No matter whoever won that match. They showed how real men should be . Respect them peace

  • oscar franzini
    oscar franzini Hace 3 años +13

    Desde Chile: FUERZA MÉXICO

  • Rodrigo Alonso
    Rodrigo Alonso Hace 3 años

    Felicidades al señor Ruiz. lo mas probable es que detrás de ese hermoso momento de gloria hay una vida entera de sacrificios.

  • Frank Buff Ramirez
    Frank Buff Ramirez Hace 3 años +146

    AJ: “this is going to be a piece of cake”
    Ruiz: “somebody say cake?”

  • Dread TheLion
    Dread TheLion Hace 2 años

    I love the respect they gave one another before the fight!

  • Mallorca Mark
    Mallorca Mark Hace 3 años +24

    So nice to see both camps showing respect ✊🏻

  • Angel Manuel Velazquez Alvarez

    Grandes ejemplos...así es como se debe de llevar un pesaje... saludos, sonrisa, estrechada de mano y que gane el mejor.....

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Hace 3 años +29

    Much respect for both fighters 💪💪💪 no thrash talking..

    • C lightning
      C lightning Hace 3 años

      it's Ruiz moment..lets show respect.

  • doooper super
    doooper super Hace 3 años +7

    love the respect these 2 fighters have..

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez Hace 3 años

    Nomas paque vean q los mexicanos llegamos haciendo y desaciendo donde quiera 💪🏾🇲🇽

  • Houssam
    Houssam Hace 3 años

    We miss such boxers with mutual respect. This really made me happy. This shows how clean the game is.

  • SigmaTiger24
    SigmaTiger24 Hace 3 años +119

    This is the nicest weigh in I've ever seen lol. But class and respect. I salute them

  • Sergio Jordan
    Sergio Jordan Hace 3 años +6

    una sola palabra/EDUCACIÓN/ ambos boxeadores/

  • Suny Gujjar
    Suny Gujjar Hace 2 años

    I like how much respect they have for each other 🤛

  • Coulton JC
    Coulton JC Hace 3 años +7

    I love this. No trash talking, just respect with each other.

  • Ramiro Akamine
    Ramiro Akamine Hace 3 años

    Como resaltó la educación de los dos! son dos personajes, que distancia de otras presentaciones , en realidad es un deporte como otros, solo que este es al que más le duela.. termina la pelea y queda la historia para recordar, yo los recordaré como dos personas muy respetuosas.

  • The Pacific Rathaur
    The Pacific Rathaur Hace 3 años +145

    The most joyful and calm weight in I've ever seen... Supporting Aj but dude Ruiz deserves the respect too✌

    • The Pacific Rathaur
      The Pacific Rathaur Hace 3 años

      Brothers sadly with thaet fucking shape he took the title, well Ruiz played really 👍

    • Paul O'Hara
      Paul O'Hara Hace 3 años

      @Jeff Chase 10 too many burritos a day

    • Adegoke Adefemi yusuff
      Adegoke Adefemi yusuff Hace 3 años +1

      @Paul O'Hara you killed me with that comment 😂.. His shape is nothing to write home about

    • Paul O'Hara
      Paul O'Hara Hace 3 años

      How is it possi le to look in that bad shape when you train every day for your job

    • bugsta2012
      bugsta2012 Hace 3 años +1

      If wilder was fighting him what would you say then? He’s a bum cherry picker huh

  • Wezj Gaming
    Wezj Gaming Hace 3 años +16

    Disrespectful fans chanting rubbish words.. glad you proved them wrong Andy Ruiz 👊

  • Indy Fernandez
    Indy Fernandez Hace 3 años +14

    A lot people are focused on the height but Andy is a big dude man. 260 with speed and power is no laughing matter. It’s a fight not a bodybuilder competition.

    • J T
      J T Hace 3 años

      Str8 talk

    • Ronnie 2k
      Ronnie 2k Hace 3 años

      Indy Fernandez he really showed it too, AJ couldn’t handle his speed and he paid the price for it, deserved winner but hopefully a rematch

  • Martipet de bullar
    Martipet de bullar Hace 3 años

    I have not been watching boxing before but I don't know why this fight broke my heart this early morning. Up till now once I remember how it happened I will feel it because I was awake and watched it live

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Hace 3 años

    This is the most calmest weigh in I've ever seen, it looks like they are close homies.

    *NANO VISION TV 2* Hace 3 años +75

    Love the respect between the two teams! 👍🏽

  • MentexxEnferma
    MentexxEnferma Hace 3 años +13

    The sportmanship was beautiful

  • JV González
    JV González Hace 2 años +1

    Both of them seem like nice people can’t wait for the rematch

  • agus suariadi
    agus suariadi Hace 3 años +3

    best weigh in. I like the sportsmanship shown by both fighters.

    MÁSTER PIANO Hace 3 años

    Nunca subestimen a MX 🇲🇽

  • Manong Jay's
    Manong Jay's Hace 3 años +150

    This is the real sportmanship.. both figther recpecting each other... goodluck

    • Den
      Den Hace 3 años

      Big baby still crying!!!

    • Crypto Bates
      Crypto Bates Hace 3 años

      the show of respect is good but if one of them think for a second either will go easy they have another thing coming.

  • danoc84
    danoc84 Hace 3 años +1

    Jajajajaja no mames. Que chingon!! Orgullo mexicano 100%

  • Geovany Chacon
    Geovany Chacon Hace 3 años

    Para los demás boxeadores, esto es un ejemplo de aptitud deportiva en ningún momento se les ve una aptitud agresiva son deportistas de altura.
    Eso da gusto es un ejemplo para todos los deportistas de contacto

  • Roberto Macias
    Roberto Macias Hace 3 años +1

    Representando al máximo felicidades y mucho éxito broo

  • m a r s o n
    m a r s o n Hace 3 años

    muy bien joshua nunca subestimando al rival. sabia que no iba a ser una pelea facil. un grande el Andy Ruiz jugando de callado llego a destronar a un gran boxiador. saludos desde argentina

  • Baldeep Birak
    Baldeep Birak Hace 3 años +216

    Great respect from both camps. Love the positive vibes.

    • b52gf16c
      b52gf16c Hace 3 años

      You gotta be fucking kidding me???????????? way to go Ruiz

  • Horacio Luna
    Horacio Luna Hace 3 años

    Eso me gusta de este deporte ...el reconocimiento sin arrogancia de ambos, sin racismo, sin clasismos , sin perder fin y al cabo lo que cambia de la gente es la perspectiva mental.... saludos!!

  • Ricardo Villa
    Ricardo Villa Hace 3 años

    Que chingona entrada de Andy Ruiz como se enchino la piel con el grito de la gente vamos campeon

  • Cameron Ivankiv
    Cameron Ivankiv Hace 3 años +4

    Devastated AJ lost but because of the mutual respect Ruiz had before and after the fight I have a lot of respect for him

  • Juan Diegüito Morales
    Juan Diegüito Morales Hace 3 años +8

    A huevo estilo Mexicano 🥊🥊🥊

  • Hacker4life
    Hacker4life Hace 3 años +6

    Stop judging this man's endomorph physique. He is the personification of fighting like a "Mexican." Smart, never stop fighting, a combination of high technique and brawling. Direct descendant of the ferocious Aztec warriors. DO NOT COUNT HIM OUT!!!!

    • Byron Castillo
      Byron Castillo Hace 3 años +1

      Mad respect for you. You know your stuff.

  • Diego Esquivel
    Diego Esquivel Hace 3 años +2

    Orgullo mexicano

  • Roger Ivy
    Roger Ivy Hace 3 años

    Mexican fighters are amazing, literally no fear big heart, no surrender. Full blast.

  • Wassup Hommie
    Wassup Hommie Hace 3 años +58

    As Rudy Tomjanovich once said
    "Never Under Estimate the heart of a champion"

    • Aproko Report
      Aproko Report Hace 3 años +1

      Buddha once said, *never underestimate an overweight Mexican-American*

    • Mark Whittaker
      Mark Whittaker Hace 3 años

      Beerus The best

  • hoylecasino
    hoylecasino Hace 3 años +1

    I want to see AJ again before writing him off. He has for sure
    underestimated the opponent and he has power, but this match reminds me
    completely his clone, the weak of the Klitschkos, Wladimir: just he
    seems to be weaker. Wlad was knocked out few times in his career but
    only once close to his prime I had the feeling of seeing his limits. It
    was against Corrie Sanders: light fast left hook, below average boxing
    skills, terrific chin. This evening we had in Ruiz Jr a guy with over
    average power, terrific boxing skills and terrific chin.
    On top of it Ruiz jr had a game plan, AJ team looked unprepared and mono dimensional.
    I have seen is a team who has not learnt anything from Klitschko fight;
    Klitschko, after Saunders, learnt to boxe behind a real jab, setting up
    punches, save energy and protect his chin: he had a very good mobility
    and stamina. What has AJ learnt after Klitcshko fight? Not a lot. I
    posted here at that time saying: Klitschko should not look for a revenge
    but become AJ trainer as AJ has a lot to learn and they are very
    All this said: AJ with a game plan, serious training and
    working on his weaknesses can win back the title but I fear that there
    are doubts now in his head and it will be hard to get rid of them.
    now the new champion: Ruiz jr. He is strong, and fast: how the hell
    have they chosen this guy? Are they totally crazy? Don't they know that
    in boxing there are still fighters who can .... boxe, fight and throw
    combinations? Let's give this guy all the honor and credit he deserves; I
    fear that Wilder arm speed and power are more dangerous than AJ ones
    and Fury boxing skills could block the mexican but we don't know
    anything till the matches are made.
    This is boxing: style is still
    important in every category and it seems that also in the heavyweight
    not always the big equalizer punch wins. From time to time out of
    nowhere come a true boxer, as Ruiz jr is a true boxer, with heart,
    power, style.
    This time everything was hidden under an insignificant
    body and a nice character: was the self confidency of the little
    overweight warrior already a signal that we all underestimated? Have we
    witnessed the result of real battles, of a man built up from childhood
    to fight in every possible condition, looking to find a way to the
    victory, if just one possibility is there? Who on this earth, after the
    first knock down, didn't think that he couldn't cope with AJ power and
    the match was done? His mother, his family, his corner? I think none.
    But he stepped on the ring alone and alone, firmly believing in himself,
    without loosing an ounce of his composure, he went to shock the world,
    as he shocked the world, reaching for the glory that he truly deserved. I
    have the feeling that we witnessed a rare event: the man who slowly
    build himself, without being the chosen one, without any step of his
    career manufactured and, given his opportunity, goes and takes it as the
    most natural things in this world.
    Well done Andy Ruiz Jr: you made it seem easy. Hat off. It was emotional as only boxe can be: I enjoyed every second and I will
    watch this match again and again.

  • The Jose Miranda
    The Jose Miranda Hace 3 años +3

    Love it. Don't let anyone EVER limit your horizons! Almost reminded me of Nacho Libre's comeback! 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣💯

  • Briceño S
    Briceño S Hace 2 años

    Que gane el mejor el que se preparo seriamente para este combate.
    Bien por el representante de México esperemos que esta vez ya no sea sorpresa!

  • Arfan M Kayo
    Arfan M Kayo Hace un año

    Love AJ, he always smile and full of respect..

    ALDO MONROY Hace 3 años

    Está bro si representa a los mexicanos, sencillo, orgulloso de su tierra, nada de bla bla todo lo demostró en el ring siempre con coraje, grande Ruíz

  • The Metal
    The Metal Hace 3 años +262

    No bitchin' around, true fighters with respect for each other and for the sport.

    • E Z
      E Z Hace 2 años

      j b what happened now ?😂

    • jimmy s
      jimmy s Hace 3 años

      @Drahcir Nevarc Peace.

    • Drahcir Nevarc
      Drahcir Nevarc Hace 3 años

      @jimmy s Well said, then.

    • jimmy s
      jimmy s Hace 3 años

      @Drahcir Nevarc Yeh.

    • Drahcir Nevarc
      Drahcir Nevarc Hace 3 años

      @j b I basically agree with you. Losing the split decision against Parker wasn't very impressive. I thought Parker looked unambitious against Joshua, even though he managed to last the distance.

  • account
    account Hace 3 años +3

    This wasn't a beauty contest.... it was a fight. People saying Joshua was exposed, nah, Ruiz is just that good of a fighter!

  • James Sutherland
    James Sutherland Hace 3 años +15

    I am English yet I was so happy that Ruiz dominated AJ. When the crowd booed Ruiz at the start of the fight I felt very un-English. Not very sportsman like, disgusting behaviour just like the thugs shouting abuse at a football match!
    AJ just didn’t seem to try! Then at the end he just gave up.
    Well done Ruiz!!!!

    • Paso Fino🇲🇽
      Paso Fino🇲🇽 Hace 3 años

      James Sutherland problem was Mexicans are small minority in Eastern U.S they are despised by most ethnics groups over there had this fight took place in west coast, Midwest or south west the booing would have been followed by screaming and internal bleeding - saludos from Mexico

  • Retro_0o0
    Retro_0o0 Hace 3 años +340

    Don't judge a book by it's cover. Ruiz won and is now a champion.

    • Shinigami Eyes
      Shinigami Eyes Hace un año +1

      AJ got that back tho 💪🏾

    • Brandon
      Brandon Hace 3 años

      Robert Smith you live under a rock?

  • Common Sensicle
    Common Sensicle Hace 3 años +3

    Admire Joshua for way he took defeat, hopefully he will come back stronger. But took it like a man.

  • Shawn Mcginnity
    Shawn Mcginnity Hace 3 años

    I’d love to see Andy win ,but I have my doubts.lets go Andy

  • MR. J
    MR. J Hace 3 años

    Respect to the two fighters

  • donivan LOL
    donivan LOL Hace 3 años

    Love the respect being displayed shit’s awesome.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Hace 3 años +55

    Well done Ruiz, I thought you had no chance. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • leopldo alvarez
      leopldo alvarez Hace 3 años

      Lol beacuse of his weight ? Lmao is a heavyweight boxer

    • Lewenn19🤠
      Lewenn19🤠 Hace 3 años

      Ray Ray por qué la mano gris o negra no somos de africa :v

  • magico
    magico Hace 3 años +54

    Always great atmosphere before his fights, what a respect. AJ - the real sportsman. Good luck!

  • Chris Welcome
    Chris Welcome Hace 3 años +5

    This is literally the biggest upset in the heavyweight division since Hasim Rahman vs Lennox Lewis. 13 - 1 and that was just for a win. Crazy man.

    • Chris Welcome
      Chris Welcome Hace 3 años

      @Christian Warren I know a lot of people see it as "Fat guy beating muscular guy" but this is some bullshit. Butterbean had been doing it for years. Roy Nelson and Paul Buentello too. Willie Meehan beat Jack Dempsey several times and he was known as the fat boy!

  • Shussey 1
    Shussey 1 Hace 3 años

    Ruiz got in AJ’s head! Maybe not intentionally, but being so friendly and nice smiling hugging asking for photos... that unclicked something in AJ’s mind! That anger/hatred wasn’t there when he went up against Ruiz! Big psychological effect!

  • Ivan Paštrović
    Ivan Paštrović Hace 3 años

    Bravo...napokon normalni i dobro odgojeni momci🙏
    Cestitke obojici. I njihovim roditeljima❤❤

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Hace 3 años +3

    Congrats, Andy Ruiz, jr.! First heavyweight champion of Mexican descent.
    Joshua was poor and seemed to think he only needed to turn up and win. Appeared not to take things seriously throughout and certainly didn't expect Ruiz to survive the knockdown. I wonder what state of mind he's in now as he looks completely distracted. I'm not sure he'll win the rematch against Ruiz. Joshua looked fatigued and gassing so early was bordering on unprofessional.
    Joshua has never been the best heavyweight. That designation was pure hype. I reckon Fury with his head straight is the current best followed by Wilder with Joshua a distant third. Joshua's worst was on display tonight: muscle-bound, iffy chin, slow and conditioning needs work. He should also use his big-man range better as a big man to keep smaller opponents beyond their deadly range. Basically, borrow a leaf from Emanuel Steward's vast improvement of Wladimir Klitschko.

    • Salum Said
      Salum Said Hace 3 años

      Wanataka mimba kwa MGANGA

  • Albena 123
    Albena 123 Hace 3 años +316

    AJ fan, but Ruiz is such a likeable person, respect and good luck !

    • Jomzi01
      Jomzi01 Hace 3 años

      @Drahcir Nevarc well there you go fellas, he's not as good as what you thought huh?

    • Jomzi01
      Jomzi01 Hace 3 años

      @Charlotte Brazil yes Charlotte

    • Wayne Tanner
      Wayne Tanner Hace 3 años

      Fair Human real opponent, who the 2 ducks that are Fury and Wilder? Don’t make me laugh 😂

    • Matt G
      Matt G Hace 3 años

      Fair Human Right and Wilders and Furys opponents are so much better aren’t they lmao

  • Raúl Esquivel
    Raúl Esquivel Hace 3 años +1

    I never doubted Ruíz, since I saw that King Kong squeezed him and left him as an ice cream cone (8:20) I knew he was tough and a champion...

  • Lyle Auld
    Lyle Auld Hace 3 años +570

    Fans:Who are ya who are ya who are
    Ruiz: new world champ that’s who!

    • Fhesseti
      Fhesseti Hace 3 años

      I'm a Brit and even I hate these idiotic hooligans they are always like this even with the world cup which we haven't won in over 50 years (admittedly we were close this time but even then I wasn't expecting anything more than 2nd place)

    • Coin Treasure Hunt
      Coin Treasure Hunt Hace 3 años

      @Ninja Squirrel - Well said.

    • Jonah Vasquez
      Jonah Vasquez Hace 3 años

      @Carlton Banks Joshua is 25% Irish from his dad's side 😂

    • Sergio jara Muñoz
      Sergio jara Muñoz Hace 3 años +1

      Ruiz comes from a boxing dad

  • Captain Merica
    Captain Merica Hace 3 años +211

    My man had entire Mariachi band. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AlbyTheMovieCreator
    AlbyTheMovieCreator Hace 3 años

    AJ seems so humble. love him

  • Halake Dida
    Halake Dida Hace 3 años +44

    A lesson in HUMILITY from both fighters. Gentle giants.

    • EFC_Karl
      EFC_Karl Hace 3 años

      oli bouch why are you watching this when you don’t even know who Aj is at least

    • Oliver Bouchard
      Oliver Bouchard Hace 3 años +5

      @aaron pryor Jesus Christ mate their names are in the title
      At least try

  • R
    R Hace 3 años +1

    You know if Wilder and Tyson won a fight against Anthony they would be talking alot of unnecessary smack , Ruiz keeps it humble and classy a true champion.

  • Flowmoneyy
    Flowmoneyy Hace 3 años +1

    Love how Aj doesn’t even take him serious.
    He had no clue what was coming lmao
    Champ Ruiz !

  • bido251
    bido251 Hace 3 años +3

    The speed of Ruiz is amazing

  • Slawek Wankowicz
    Slawek Wankowicz Hace 3 años

    Walka ustawiona, AJ nawet nie był zmęczony, świat jest zakłamany.

  • Ricardo Lui
    Ricardo Lui Hace 3 años +8

    Respect for both of them. God bless them

  • Spinosaurus The Proud Socialist Aegyptiacus

    Now we know why AJ was scared to fight Wilder and Fury. 🤣

    • M C
      M C Hace un año

      @Real KingRav lol when, Wilder would get smoked by AJ

    • Real KingRav
      Real KingRav Hace un año

      @Hardcore Boxing Fury just beat Joshua 🤣🤣 talk now!!! 🤣🤣

    • Hardcore Boxing
      Hardcore Boxing Hace 2 años +2

      After seeing wilder get knocked out by fury who couldn’t drop a grandma, we know why wilder was ducking AJ😂😂🤦‍♂️ turned down 120m from dazn to fight AJ

    • Reina Deuxmal
      Reina Deuxmal Hace 3 años


  • Millie _
    Millie _ Hace 2 años

    Andy Ruiz, I don’t really know much about him but by watching some videos and his fight and a few clips he just always has his thumbs up and he is always smiling he seems so kind

    DAVID AP Hace 3 años

    Boxers like this bring nobility to this sport. More like these please

  • Steve Cannonier
    Steve Cannonier Hace 3 años

    I thought Josh had him. Ruiz was just the better fighter that night. I think Anthony got careless. Prediction- rematch- Joshua in 6 or less. Congrats to Ruiz. He did his thing. #respect.

  • Stefano Pentury
    Stefano Pentury Hace 3 años

    The most quite and calm face off i’ve ever seen

  • Pete Berry
    Pete Berry Hace 3 años +13

    What's the betting
    that Andy Ruiz jr keeps his title
    Which will be great for world Boxing 👍🏻🇬🇧

  • Cheko Serna
    Cheko Serna Hace 3 años +4

    Suerte Ruiz 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 mi respeto nomás por pelear con este monstruo..

  • GKseba
    GKseba Hace 3 años +41

    It made me smile seeing these guys respect each other so much. Great representation for the sport!

    • GKseba
      GKseba Hace 3 años

      @aaron pryor Lol

    • teriaki123
      teriaki123 Hace 3 años

      aaron pryor we'll see big boy got hands!

    • St810k ksforlife
      St810k ksforlife Hace 3 años

      That just means it's not going to be a competitive fight.

  • Equaliser 90
    Equaliser 90 Hace 2 años

    Watching this back now aj lost it here. Ruiz got in his head at the face off. Aj visibly shrunk and his lips went blue. He realised then this might not be a good idea. I hope he's better prepped for the rematch

  • George Corona
    George Corona Hace 3 años +1

    Not just boxing warriors but gentlemen. This is what boxing should really be like. Not like the clowns that make the art of boxing look like a joke.

  • Reece Hayden
    Reece Hayden Hace 3 años +28

    Joshua: This will be fast & easy! 💪🏽
    Ruiz: Hold my burrito 🌯🥊

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur Fleck Hace 3 años +1

    Soy mexicano pero ese Joshua se ve bien trabajado en el gym. Y mi paisano Ruiz podría tirar mucho chingazo los primeros episodios, después cansarse si no tumba a Joshua y bajar la guardia. Ahí es donde puede perder

  • Manikin Skywalker
    Manikin Skywalker Hace 3 años +10

    Love it... No bullsh1t no hype both fighters ready for all out War last man standing
    Can’t wait for fight night.. Big respect to both fighters for professionalism shown
    Hope all fans enjoy the night !!!

  • Ivan Alaba
    Ivan Alaba Hace 3 años

    Although AJ loses I still respect him because the two show respect with others

  • L Kendrix
    L Kendrix Hace 3 años +1

    What a class act!