Deji vs Jake Paul KEPT APART | OFFICIAL WEIGH IN | Boxing

  • Publicado el 23 ago 2018
  • Full weigh in for Deji vs Jake Paul in Manchester, England
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    Deji vs Jake Paul KEPT APART | OFFICIAL WEIGH IN | Boxing
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Comentarios • 9 383

  • Vinay Sharma
    Vinay Sharma Hace 3 años +662

    Legend has it that deji still needs to start training

  • KrishivBN
    KrishivBN Hace un año +391

    *This looks like god physique after seeing his physique against vinnie 💀*

    • Adam Bouallouche
      Adam Bouallouche Hace 7 meses

      his physique vs wassabi..l oh god, transformation is amazing.

    • Bing Bong
      Bing Bong Hace 11 meses

      Well Jake Paul has a much better physique in that video then what he has now but physique doesn’t matter as long u can last long and have good technique.

    • Ayumi
      Ayumi Hace un año

      No it doesnt

    • Exo
      Exo Hace un año

      @Bruxstus fr

    • Yxsuf
      Yxsuf Hace un año

      @Bruxstus fr he was so skinny back then

  • Christian Geng
    Christian Geng Hace 4 años +414

    Jake Paul lost a lot of weight deji looks like he didn’t hit cardio enough

    • Amerti TheBird
      Amerti TheBird Hace un año +1

      Yet he still hasn’t

    • monster best gamer
      monster best gamer Hace 2 años +2

      @Bruh go cry to ur mama xd

    • Boopy Doopy
      Boopy Doopy Hace 2 años

      @Michael houndus it is unless your opponent is same as you

    • D
      D Hace 2 años +4

      He actually did slim down quite a lot leading up to the fight and looked a lot more muscular in his arms. In one of his twitch streams he wore like a jumper with no sleeves. His arms looked more toned. But I think he had to gain a lot of weight otherwise he wouldn’t have been in jake Paul’s weight class and thus wouldn’t be allowed to box him. But instead of eating healthy and training to gain muscle, he wanted to rush it and gained fat instead.

  • UHK 14
    UHK 14 Hace 2 años +249

    Jake was 5'11 here, now he's 6'1
    Anyone else thinks he lies abt his height

    • Niro Galactoid
      Niro Galactoid Hace 2 meses

      @Mike Y I know iam a year late I grew two inches at 21 it's possible if your a late bloomer.

    • ProMo
      ProMo Hace 6 meses

      You stop growing at like 20-22 so yeah

    • Rick Thomson
      Rick Thomson Hace 9 meses

      @Triple O logan is 6"2. Nuff said

    • CnB
      CnB Hace un año

      @SlingShot him and jj are barely the same height and jj is 5'11

    • Brandon Ojeda
      Brandon Ojeda Hace un año +1

      yeah and hes still doing it. just look at him next to his brother. thats not a 3 inch difference. hes 5'11

  • British Rick
    British Rick Hace 4 años +311

    I'm worried for Deji. Like legit. He seems really unstable.

    • Bill Lan
      Bill Lan Hace 4 años

      Elnoia I wouldn’t be he got hit by Jake Paul yesterday I think and took it like it tickled

    • CanadianBoYY
      CanadianBoYY Hace 4 años +4

      Elnoia hes bulking search what it is

    • Bob Man Sanches
      Bob Man Sanches Hace 4 años +1

      He's not unstable he just doesn't give a shit

  • PK
    PK Hace 4 años +1252

    why’s it look like deji hasn’t even trained yet

      IBTHAT1GUY Hace 7 meses

      @Elliot Willard your comment didn’t age well. Nowadays it’s very evident he didn’t train

    • memet emre
      memet emre Hace un año

      @JayveeTV 😭😭🤣

    • JayveeTV
      JayveeTV Hace un año +1

      This aged well

    • memet emre
      memet emre Hace un año

      @King Vegeta ,,mature,,

    • memet emre
      memet emre Hace un año

      @King Vegeta ,,mature people like me,,-🤡🤡

  • Peter M
    Peter M Hace 4 años +1193

    Am I the only one who saw mini jake Paul flex more confidently then Deji? 😂

    • 1000 subs for pizza?
      1000 subs for pizza? Hace 2 años +1

      @Stoic what did he say

    • SoloAlex2005
      SoloAlex2005 Hace 2 años

      Oml I'm a big fan of Deji but guys please don't disrespect Jake Paul fans look at these Deji fans acting like kids they just make Deji's fan base look bad.

    • Konlea Clayborne
      Konlea Clayborne Hace 3 años

      I did

    • Trashcanme
      Trashcanme Hace 3 años

      ptr miska he honestly did

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop Hace 4 años +31

    I love how Deji always answers something completely unrelated to the question

  • Cen
    Cen Hace un año +45

    Deji looked much better in this weigh in than the ESclips vs TikTok weigh in

    • david Utube
      david Utube Hace 7 meses

      now hes even 2kg lighter and more toned hopefully he gets that dub

    • South
      South Hace un año +4

      @Ashley because it shows he doesn’t train that seriously and if he looked worse in the newer one it’s showing he’s lacking harder in the most recent fight which definitely is not a good sign and yep that proved to be true as we saw

  • Zoe Bear
    Zoe Bear Hace 4 años +520

    Deji Just Realized Tomorrow Is The Fight Omg Wtf 😂😂

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ Hace 2 años +1


    • Bradley Scannell
      Bradley Scannell Hace 4 años

      Daniel Lopez exactly

    • Frank signature
      Frank signature Hace 4 años

      @Ben Prentice IDK about here but it was all over the official weigh in

    • P -Mac
      P -Mac Hace 4 años +1

      Deji had the weakest 5 months of Fame I've ever seen

    • Ben Prentice
      Ben Prentice Hace 4 años +2

      Abir Hussain he said that because Deji said ‘I’m gonna show him August twenty- oh it’s tomorrow, I’m gonna show him tomorrow’

  • JayveeTV
    JayveeTV Hace un año +105

    Anyone here after the fight to see his previous physique ?

    • TheRealBenFineGold
      TheRealBenFineGold Hace 7 meses

      Yep and he looks a lot better in the current weigh in than this. You can tell it’s muscle now much more

    • Pleasure
      Pleasure Hace un año

      @DaRich Kid he didn't take his second fight seriously he thought vinnie was an easy fight he underestimated vinnie which lead to his loss, he should never box again and if he comes back he better get his first win

    • Pleasure
      Pleasure Hace un año


    • DXD
      DXD Hace un año


  • Dante Morales
    Dante Morales Hace 2 años +2

    Michael Buffer: Deji has trained hard
    Deji : takes shirt off
    Michael Buffer: let me shut the fuck up

  • Thomas L'train
    Thomas L'train Hace 7 meses +8

    I think he looks in better shape now than he did for this fight against Jake

  • Niyaz Ahmed
    Niyaz Ahmed Hace un año +6

    Alot of you are forgetting that after the jake fight he put on alot of weight and was really chunky if you've seen his older videos, he's actually lost over 20lbs since he started training again, give him another fight shortly after vinnie and I bet he'll lose more weight.

    • Niyaz Ahmed
      Niyaz Ahmed Hace un año

      @shiz r that depends on how long he had to train compared to deji, buy I do agree, deji could have done alot better

    • shiz r
      shiz r Hace un año

      ksi was fat before he fought logan but even he got in shape for the fight

    • mexican man
      mexican man Hace un año

      @Ahmed :) "these hater have no backbone" - deji the truth

  • Alex Boulton Boxing
    Alex Boulton Boxing Hace un año +45

    He honestly wasn't in as bad shape as everyone was making him out to be

    • Dunk AgamingTV
      Dunk AgamingTV Hace 2 meses

      I know right he doesn't need to have the perfect body to fight and plus he weighed lighter than jake

    • MAYCH.
      MAYCH. Hace 4 meses

      Nah we’ve always said this physique vs jake wasn’t too bad, it’s the physique he brought to vinnie fight that was just unacceptable

    • Ahmed :)
      Ahmed :) Hace 8 meses +1


    • Clown•_•
      Clown•_• Hace un año +8

      In 2018 he was fine but now he’s just not it

  • Bona._ Dynamite._
    Bona._ Dynamite._ Hace un año +17

    Deji was in better shape here then in fight with vinnie hacker

  • Anudeep Koneru
    Anudeep Koneru Hace un año +39

    He looked less fat in this fight than he did vs Vinnie...smh 😐

    • Freck
      Freck Hace un año

      @Bruxstus he was much more skinny before the jake fight due to this being a few years back but after the fight Deji went from 79kg in 2018 to 90kg in 2020 so he had to lose a shit ton of fat for the vinny fight

    • Anudeep Koneru
      Anudeep Koneru Hace un año +4

      @Bruxstus I didn't bro😂

    • A S.
      A S. Hace un año

      I agree.
      He gassed out against Jake as well. Now he is carrying even more weight.
      Hopefully his experience and power will help him win

  • Alanae Stewart
    Alanae Stewart Hace 4 años

    I’m so proud of him

  • Sale C
    Sale C Hace 4 años +335

    When u were expecting a body transformation fron Deji😂😂

    • tristan carter
      tristan carter Hace 2 años

      Sale C facts I was so sad

    • Attack Titan
      Attack Titan Hace 2 años

      husaan shabendri and maybe he could’ve won if only he took it seriously, I like deji, however the guy is like a fucking child. He accepted the challenge jake gave him, and instead of taking responsibility and actually work, he decided to take shortcuts. Right from the beginning deji even said that if he beat jj, he wouldn’t have to train for his fight. That’s where his mindset was at and you can see it.

    • Logan Paulson
      Logan Paulson Hace 2 años

      @NELL Official Music Page Jake was already in shape for this fight

    • AB Visuals
      AB Visuals Hace 3 años

      @husaan shabendri no shit Sherlock🕵️it was in my recommendations along with other boxing's vids, so Im seeing how unfit he was for the fight and that led to his defeat. His power, technique, composure, was good but his endurance and cardio was awful lmfao

    • husaan shabendri
      husaan shabendri Hace 3 años

      @Hidden Life yeah his body was utter crap but then did you even see how well he fought

  • Tenzo
    Tenzo Hace 3 años +411

    Deji looked sooooo cringey with that mask on for the weighing

    • Exo
      Exo Hace un año

      @Pavan Nair fr

    • Human 8845
      Human 8845 Hace un año

      He was trying to look like a bad ass

    • Tenzo
      Tenzo Hace un año +3

      @Chin Line back when i wrote the comment covid did not exist

  • Anime Vicastamae
    Anime Vicastamae Hace 4 años +25

    *Deji:* The Tanks
    *Jake Paul:* Fighter
    Wow a fighter defeats a tank and gets a First blood😂😂

  • Deral782 Ł
    Deral782 Ł Hace 4 años +102

    Jake Pauls fan base takes the number 1 spot for delusional but dejis takes 2nd spot for actually thinking he will beat jake.

  • Adam Bouallouche
    Adam Bouallouche Hace 7 meses +2

    his physique vs wassabi..l oh god, transformation is amazing.

  • Owlsome
    Owlsome Hace 4 años +386

    Man, I just look back at the history of youtube like... how did we get here?

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Hace 2 años

      IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! • nooo i was about to say that! XD

    • IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!!
      IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! Hace 3 años +1

      Do you have 90 minutes?

    • Charles Masclef
      Charles Masclef Hace 3 años

      Back in 2011 youtubers didn't want their families/friends/co-workers to find out about their chanels.
      Remember when they was the bullied minority ? Making a terrible living ? Getting destroyed by tv hosts ? Called stupid teenagers ?
      They were the picture of failed life. And now every kid wanna be a multi-millionnaire social media artist. You have your answer. :)

    • Fred Owens
      Fred Owens Hace 4 años

      Owlsome ksi’s existence lead us here

    • Bodyy
      Bodyy Hace 4 años

      Owlsome hahahah i’m deaddd

  • quandale99
    quandale99 Hace 2 años +3

    Host : “so have you been training hard?” Deji : “he’s delusional”

  • Daki Podvala __
    Daki Podvala __ Hace 4 años +4

    8:46 "are you training hard?" "hEs dElUsIoNaL" 😂😂

  • Maria Blue
    Maria Blue Hace 4 años

    When Deji dodges the question and just calls Jake delusional😂😂wth

  • crilly HD
    crilly HD Hace 4 años +2410

    No matter the winner, pewdiepie will be there to roast

  • NTK
    NTK Hace un año +1

    Lol he trained really hard 😂😂😂

  • IvanGoldBit
    IvanGoldBit Hace 4 años +27

    9:06 sounded as if he didn't know the date of the fight or just forgot XD

  • Joanna Cao
    Joanna Cao Hace 4 años

    Deji: He’s the loser he’s the loser
    After the match: Deji is the loser
    Me: you’re saying he’s the loser but you lost to Jake because he’s better than you and look at his body compare to yours😂

  • B3US
    B3US Hace 4 años

    Thing most people dont understand is that Jake and Logan did most of their time training and cutting, of course they did boxing but most of the time whent into getting the muscle and getting a good body. Deji and Jj did more boxing training and less strength.
    I feel like this match will be Strength vs Skill. Deji and JJ will have to punch and dodge, trying to take minimum damage, while Logan and Jake will have to focus on acctually hit them ( For logan, it will prob take 3 punches to drop ksi, while jake it will take prob around 10, and thats around around somewhere the jaw). For Jj it will prob take around 6 punches and Deji 20 ( Yes i know i just 2x but its because of their weight, after all weight has a lot to do with whatever kinda sport youre doing).
    Personally i think this will be a great match and only when we see the first 2-3 min ( depending on the situation) only then can we determin a guarenteed winner.

  • Cheetoes Frank
    Cheetoes Frank Hace 4 años

    Ive wanted to see this guy come to genuine serious harm over his ego for a long while now. If you don't handle him in the ring dej ill be disgusted that you wasted this opportunity.

  • levels to this
    levels to this Hace 4 años

    with that shape, he better mess him up in the first two minutes bc after that he won't be able to keep his guard up... jake on the other hand has the weight advantage and the reach and the form so yeah I'm betting on jake on this one.
    KSI on the other hand is another story anything goes with those two

  • nyy c:
    nyy c: Hace 4 años +7

    .......Got a bad feeling bout this😕good luck jake and deji😇

  • Shain Manabat
    Shain Manabat Hace 4 años

    Deji😢 still proud of you 😓😃

  • Ghost Toast
    Ghost Toast Hace 4 años +362

    Is Deji incapable of answering a single question?

    • Galaxie Perfect
      Galaxie Perfect Hace 4 años

      @O G You make no sense lmfao. The fight happens in LESS than 24 hours! For a 5 year old I'm surprised you have proper grammar lol

    • El Negro
      El Negro Hace 4 años +1

      @O G so not answering a question about a fight that happens in less then 24 hours ruins his imagine 😂
      no lol you say career as if he is a boxer lol he is a ESclipsr the gloves only come on for more views and he clearly wants to show his ability in the ring cant throw shade at him for wanting to keep the delusion of the disadvantage its called tactics

    • BeanutPutter
      BeanutPutter Hace 4 años +1

      @GeneralGoon 8lbs is a weight division. Definitely a lot.

    • JT Cavicola
      JT Cavicola Hace 4 años +6

      Question: Deji, how many days are in a week?
      Deji: Jake like literally won’t look me in the eyes!

  • יהונתן קור
    יהונתן קור Hace 4 años

    Ahhhhh the deji weight in is soooo fucking good, deji killed me with the August 25 part 😂😂😂

  • Tucker Ali
    Tucker Ali Hace 4 años +18

    Rip Deji 2009-2018

  • briboi burner
    briboi burner Hace un año

    I don’t like Jake but when Michael Buffer did an actual weigh in for mini Jake that was honestly adorable, I feel bad for the kid as no one should hate him.

  • WBD
    WBD Hace un año +1

    Say what you want Deji did good everyone thought he was getting knocked out in the first round he proved them all wrong and he didn’t train if he trained jake would have lost simple

    • Greven Griff
      Greven Griff Hace un año

      Jake Paul would have killed Deji without headgear. Look what a tiktok kid did to Deji, battered him

  • Thomas Simon
    Thomas Simon Hace 4 años +71

    deji is clearly more fit than before but has a higher fat percentage because he had to gain weight to get closer to Jake's weight. jake has clearly been cutting so he looks more lean than deji but still boxing is mostly all about technique than physique

    • Christopher Bolanos
      Christopher Bolanos Hace 4 años

      lol logan is 10 pounds heavier then ksi, how much did Jake weigh ? and gaining the right way wouldn't result to dejis body honestly....

    • Silver
      Silver Hace 4 años

      Gladiators EBK Ali was a world class fighter with many wins under his belt at that point, not a chunky ESclipsr making his boxing debut

    • IEditForNoReason
      IEditForNoReason Hace 4 años

      Mohammed Ali gained weight and still kept up with the youngins with out breaking a sweat

    • Zoggy77
      Zoggy77 Hace 4 años

      BiG Tommy exactly

  • A.P
    A.P Hace un año

    7:17 how come ksi and deji always almost fall stepping onto the scale?😂

  • Sean McKenna
    Sean McKenna Hace 2 años +3

    Who is watching this a day before the rematch. I love the way Shannon Briggs says he is neutral

  • Hillbilly Boxing League
    Hillbilly Boxing League Hace un año +1

    Even Micheal Buffer knew this was a clown show, he was just there for the money 😂

  • Bruhmoment3
    Bruhmoment3 Hace 4 años

    Well he lost, Deji I put my faith in you...

  • Alidwee
    Alidwee Hace 4 años +234

    Why is everyone in the comments talking as if they're boxing experts lol. It's an amateur fight chill out and have fun.

    • Saiki K.
      Saiki K. Hace 4 años

      Alidwee Not even an Amateur fight Amateur fight better than this

    • MisterSir
      MisterSir Hace 4 años

      Deji in terrible shape for this - use some proceeds to get gynecomastia surgery 😂

      GOLDENSPIKE3000 Hace 4 años

      No fight is a fun fight bud, it's boxing not soccer.

    • Bazam
      Bazam Hace 4 años +1

      Everyone in the world is now an expert because of the internet.

  • Loopytoot
    Loopytoot Hace 4 años

    Deji: Imma mess him up
    The next day: Loses

  • Akhi24z
    Akhi24z Hace 3 años +6

    I’m not fat I’m BULKiNG 😂 - Deji 2019

  • Meee 🖤
    Meee 🖤 Hace 4 años

    Imagine grabbing the mic and talking all that shit and calling Jake delusional and then losing the fight lmfaooooooo

  • blwhere
    blwhere Hace 4 años

    Deji you might be the underdog. But I still think you'll beat his ass. Rooting for you guys. #TankFam

  • jedisurf26
    jedisurf26 Hace 4 años +22

    It's hilarious that I can hear Shannon the cannon yelling "let's go champ!" In the background

  • noxic.
    noxic. Hace 4 años +6

    Deji's physique doesn't say boxer, but it makes it look like he can give a terminal African slap

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong Hace 11 meses +1

    Jake Paul looks ripped at the weigh in and now he just doesn’t care abouts as long he stays fit and makes the right weight

  • Señor White
    Señor White Hace 4 años

    Holy crap gotta admit, Jake is in great shape man.

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco Hace 4 años +276

    The fact that micheal buffer is involved is brilliant 🤣

    • Victor Rykowski
      Victor Rykowski Hace 4 años

      I mean you know hes just there like youtube boxing damn thats stupid well im getting paid so imma act like its cool

    • DorrisGonnaWreckyou
      DorrisGonnaWreckyou Hace 4 años

      Its degrading for the poor guy, i know he's happy to do it but shit man, what a down point in his career.

    • robbie g
      robbie g Hace 4 años

      @Game Bred Duramax yeh he will, he trademarked that phrase, hes made 400 million off it. Look it up its crazy.

    • Tristan McCray
      Tristan McCray Hace 4 años +1

      Herbaholic amateurs boxing each other for money getting covered cause they have a lot of followers is a disrespect ?

    • DEE DUBZ
      DEE DUBZ Hace 4 años

      Not when he looks in his bank account Delsin

  • hotrod23 stamper
    hotrod23 stamper Hace 3 años

    When deji got on the scale and it didn't read I was like dang he so big he broke da scale

  • Landy Nacua
    Landy Nacua Hace un año

    1:41 No one has the bravery to fight the beast

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan Torres Hace 4 años

    I wanted deji to win but honestly just by looking at him it looks like he didnt work as hard as he could have or should have

  • MurryCoolz
    MurryCoolz Hace un año +2

    7:15 the instant crowd noise change when he takes his shirt off 🤣🤣🤣

  • The gamer
    The gamer Hace 4 años +2337

    No matter who wins, pewdiepie will be there to review lol

  • Rondog
    Rondog Hace 3 años +1

    How did he go from 5'11" to 6' then

    • Patek draco
      Patek draco Hace 2 años +1

      Ronandinhio he is still between the age of 20 and 23 he is still getting taller

  • Essento
    Essento Hace 4 años +3


  • seuMin
    seuMin Hace 3 años +1

    Pretty sure now we know why Deji didn’t go shirtless for his stare down for his picture, we all know he has a beer belly, ( the picture on the right behind the stage )

  • Guilty Shark
    Guilty Shark Hace un año +4

    Here after the weigh-in and deji still has to start training....

    • mexican man
      mexican man Hace un año

      @Guilty Shark I mean 11 kg lost

    • Guilty Shark
      Guilty Shark Hace un año

      @henryelky yeah I was talking about the most recent weigh in

    • henryelky
      henryelky Hace un año +1

      He looks even fatter in the newest weigh in , kinda let us down

  • ayyee_elijah
    ayyee_elijah Hace 2 años +3

    9:07 the fact that he just realized it was tomorrow 💀

  • sheesh🥳
    sheesh🥳 Hace un año +4

    Who's here after deji lost....again 😔

  • Kareena Samaru
    Kareena Samaru Hace 4 años

    Can we just talk about how good Anthony takes care of Tydus

  • odd ball
    odd ball Hace 4 años

    7:16 boy was so read to show off and people were about to cheat for him but damn as soon as he took out that shirt everybody was like "fuckkkk, he losing".

  • Trim world
    Trim world Hace 4 años +68

    Deji very light and im sure he had to bulk so no way in that time frame he will be able to cut his body up. I think theres alot of people that don't understand this. Where as jake paul already had a base line to start with
    I think Deji has done well

    • Taggen
      Taggen Hace 4 años +1

      THANK YOU!!!! I'm getting sso frustrated with all these people thinking he hasn't trained.

    • Trim world
      Trim world Hace 4 años

      Unfortunately its the world we live in, people like the here and now, lack common sense and knowledge

    • Zoggy77
      Zoggy77 Hace 4 años +2

      Trim world finally someone says something that makes sense

    • IEditForNoReason
      IEditForNoReason Hace 4 años +9

      Trim world that's what I'm saying he's not even fat 😂 people think if you don't have a 6 pack you are instantly fat

  • Ignatiaus
    Ignatiaus Hace 4 años

    Sadly I think jakes gonna smash deji, underdogs don’t tend to win, everyone wants them to but they don’t.

  • Vision Clear
    Vision Clear Hace 3 años

    If deji took it half seriously He could've had it

  • Ramya Johnson
    Ramya Johnson Hace 4 años

    I love how for Jake and Logan they both have all these titles and for Ksi and deji just have their names

  • Fernando Zapata
    Fernando Zapata Hace 3 años +2

    Bodies don't win a fight who ever is complaining about deji he still fought like a warrior champ. I don't have the good shape body but I don't care what people think. But at least I can fight better I have been winning fights. Good job deji.

  • HaRdCoRe 466
    HaRdCoRe 466 Hace 4 años +465

    It’s disrespectful seeing someone great and professional like Micheal Buffer doing this for these fools lmao

    • vector 3366
      vector 3366 Hace 4 años

      Kid grow up he is doing it for that money

    • teamchancery
      teamchancery Hace 4 años

      Michael is ok because he got paid alot of money but he must be thinking wtf.

    • Michael
      Michael Hace 4 años

      He's worth 400 million for a reason.

    • Edward
      Edward Hace 4 años

      If it makes money it makes sense

  • XtraordinaryaN
    XtraordinaryaN Hace 2 años +1

    when mini jake gets more cheers than the real jake

  • Kasey-Mai
    Kasey-Mai Hace 4 años

    At 3:09 Anthony looked like a proud dad holding tydus 😂😭🌍

  • Jimmy Hoffa
    Jimmy Hoffa Hace 3 años +8

    Jake Paul: Hey Shannon, i'll give you 10k if you on my team!
    Shannon Briggs: Hold my beer...

  • Gracie Symes
    Gracie Symes Hace 3 años

    Deji doesn’t even have a six pack and he try fight Jake Paul 😂

    DRIVEN INSANE Hace 4 años +222

    Wtf was wrong with Deji lmao
    And I definitely thought Deji would be more in shape than he is but he is still in shape.

    • Scar Sinatra
      Scar Sinatra Hace 4 años

      @GabeFitness shhhh ur disappointed parents are going to hear u and my son watches that stuff

    • Mark Elder
      Mark Elder Hace 4 años

      Lmao Dejis got about 10 kilos on jake but I think hes gonna be gassed by the third round... Jake shouldnt go for the first round KO if he wants to win

    • Kristian P
      Kristian P Hace 4 años


    • 1 Flims
      1 Flims Hace 4 años

      He’s in shape ?? Yeah shaped like a potato

  • Veveve Vsveveve
    Veveve Vsveveve Hace 3 años

    So glad all of this “drama” is done

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Hace 4 años

    I love the sudden realization of Delhi that the fight is tomarrow

  • Dude Matt
    Dude Matt Hace un año +6

    Deji out here predicting covid with that mask on

  • Jolianna Popelka
    Jolianna Popelka Hace 4 años

    And tbh in the beginning I thought Jake was gonna lose but dam idk he could actually fight pretty good but it also didn't look like deji even trained

  • jazmin campoverde
    jazmin campoverde Hace 4 años +2

    Who else heard chad say “Your so big bro”😂😂💀LMAO

  • nothing
    nothing Hace 2 años

    Deji's body still looks legendary even without abs or biceps

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Hace 4 años

    I want to know how he feel since he lost😂😂

  • GZH 91
    GZH 91 Hace 4 años

    Good fight deji you were doing rly good at some parts ✋✋✋Just overall not as good as Jake that’s it, North American was too much to handle

  • ozzy
    ozzy Hace 2 años +1

    Deji still roasting him on the weigh in

  • Meme's 4dayz
    Meme's 4dayz Hace 4 años +6

    He's way stronger then deji

  • DAWSN274
    DAWSN274 Hace 4 años

    _I think they protected Deji from the gum_ 😂

  • thebrunssss
    thebrunssss Hace 4 años

    I feel both paul brothers will win just based on how they have fighting backgrounds

  • Michael Staley
    Michael Staley Hace 4 años +496

    Deji got that Daniel Cormier body

    • Jawsh The Jim
      Jawsh The Jim Hace 4 años

      But Daniel Cormier is stronger😂

    • Eesa Fredericks
      Eesa Fredericks Hace 4 años

      @Eduardo Chavez id say a LW

    • Angela King
      Angela King Hace 4 años

      Michael Staley v

    • Andromeda Delux
      Andromeda Delux Hace 4 años

      Doesn't matter....DEJI IS NOT DANIEL CORMIER....
      Deji got dropped by his trainer and doesn't spend near as much time in the gym as his brother. Both the Paul brothers trained side by side, non stop. And as much as I hate the Paul brothers, theres no contest here, Jake is going to completely demolish deji. Deji is going to have to wear contacts as well cause he's blind as shit, which won't help him in the ring when he's sweating heavily and theres light glare and fatigue everywhere. He's not built to fight, and he openly praised his lack of shape.

  • ēric
    ēric Hace 4 años

    Sadly Deji lost because of lost of breathe but he went in, made jake bleed but he lost breathe

  • Rxge
    Rxge Hace 3 años

    U can tell everyone was disappointed when they saw deji

  • katanaworldwide
    katanaworldwide Hace 2 años

    this was the turning point of the fight for deji

  • ming lin
    ming lin Hace 4 años +2

    1 day later...

  • xHawkgaming
    xHawkgaming Hace 4 años

    Deji reckons jake is scared to stand in front of him although he’s gonna get his ass beat

  • Cyka
    Cyka Hace 4 años

    Can’t believe they “tied” ksi won lmao

  • Soso Drake
    Soso Drake Hace 3 años

    Deji just didn't train hard enough I wanted to see the abs like his brothers