Floyd Mayweather's IMMEDIATE REACTION after exhibition fight vs Logan Paul | Showtime Boxing

  • Publicado el 5 jun 2021
  • In this video Floyd Mayweather talks about his exhibition fight vs Logan Paul.
    Shot by Matt Tucker
    @MattTuckerPhotography on Instagram
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Comentarios • 0

    RUSSIA'S MILITARY Hace un año +1275

    Shout out to the people who didn’t pay for this PPV. We’re the real winners here.

    • MEssYkiLLa
      MEssYkiLLa Hace un año

      @Cody's Horror Collection nah we didn't wanna be legally labeled an idiot. Damn and we had high hopes for cody h

    • T Money
      T Money Hace un año

      Regardless if you payed or not, this man earned 100 million for a fucking spar!!! I fucking love the motivation he gives me!!

    • Skyler Seiben
      Skyler Seiben Hace un año

      The people hosting or sharing it are getting huge lawsuits filed against them.

    • erandy 02
      erandy 02 Hace un año


    • RJ Dodgerz
      RJ Dodgerz Hace un año

      I haven’t paid for PPv for a good 3 years. I get all fights for free.

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow Hace un año +378

    You need to stop having high expectations for fireworks and huge KOs when it comes to these special events. Just take it for what it is. A sparring, fun match. That's it. 🥊

    • Leo the Grey
      Leo the Grey Hace un año

      @🇬 s 🇩 Did you just call Mayweather a "smaller legend" when he's 50-0 and Logan is 0-1? How the hell is Mayweather the smaller legend in that situation?

    • Robert Legaspi
      Robert Legaspi Hace un año

      Right, with all this pandemic going on, people would pay to watch anything and Mayweather knows it, he's a business man.

    • Corey Day
      Corey Day Hace un año

      @Arabian PRINCE get out of this chat

    • Corey Day
      Corey Day Hace un año

      No we watched to see Logan get Knocked by Mayweather

  • Teater Cannon
    Teater Cannon Hace un año +40

    As egotistical as Floyd can be, he actually is being super nice.

    • issatr4p
      issatr4p Hace un año +4

      If i was 50-0 arguably the greatest boxer alive and i was making $100 million+ for every fight i would be the most egotistical person in the world 😂

  • the_hulk 392
    the_hulk 392 Hace un año +64

    He said it all when he said "I came to put on a show, he fought to survive."

  • PainnWithAT
    PainnWithAT Hace un año +27

    The fact that mayweather has been in 50 professional fights and is still so coherent and and present is incredible.
    It really shows the effectiveness of his evasive style

    • Mo Money
      Mo Money Hace un año +3

      Shows no emotion this dudes str8 uo laser focused on one thing and one thing only I never see him get mad but I always see the opponents start getting pissed off they can’t hit him then he goes for it lol it’s fuckiing amazing

  • TK VimSavage
    TK VimSavage Hace un año +10

    This is the classy Floyd that we will always love.... Peace and longevity to you champ....

  • V J
    V J Hace un año +3

    Salute to Floyd! Greatest boxer of this era💯

  • Alexander LP
    Alexander LP Hace un año +1

    I don’t think Floyd wanted to end Logan. I feel like he was just somewhat impressed with some of his fighting skills for a guy who hasn’t fought other than one fight. I would feel blessed to get in the ring with Floyd. Regardless of how my brain and body felt 😂

    • J
      J Hace un año

      I mean he did say he just wanted to put on a show and that it was just good fun. Not only that but he also didn't train a whole lot. He really wasn't trying to beat up Logan. Just sparr with him in the ring

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez Hace un año +1311

    He's basically saying he's taking your money and laughing all the way to the bank 🤣

    • Mr XxX
      Mr XxX Hace un año


    • Abbas Ali Vlogs
      Abbas Ali Vlogs Hace un año

      @Hector Hernandez yeah sure what is it

    • Hector Hernandez
      Hector Hernandez Hace un año

      @Abbas Ali Vlogs can you do me one? Smd

    • Abbas Ali Vlogs
      Abbas Ali Vlogs Hace un año

      Hector Hernandez's can u do me 1 huge huge favour ppz

    • MYGOD
      MYGOD Hace un año

      @James LOL I watched it for free and turned it off after I saw the 4min clip of the fight of Logan Paul Hugging.

  • JackFromYouTube
    JackFromYouTube Hace un año +1

    if im honest cause of the hieght i wanna say well done to floyd and well done to logan he made the full fight witch most people dont so well done . also anyone saying all logan done was hug at least he even got to the 8th round most of you wouldnt make it 1 round so yeah it is what it is . well done logan and floyd.

  • Millaray Morales
    Millaray Morales Hace un año +160

    Floyd: "I wanted to give people the show and he was fightin to survive"
    Manny: (left the room giggling)

    • Titor
      Titor Hace un año

      FACTS 💯

    • Eric Bates
      Eric Bates Hace un año

      @breakneck777 that's just your own specuhation lol anyone who knows anything about boxing knows the difference between a clinch and a hug

    • breakneck777
      breakneck777 Hace un año +10

      Poor Floyd, made a career out of hugging and avoiding fights and now that theres finally a youtuber he's confident to throw with HE ends up getting hugged. Pretty perfect to be honest.

    • MattD
      MattD Hace un año +2

      Still crying? Manny shouldve had a better strategy

  • Charles
    Charles Hace un año +1

    You can tell he really does love boxing with a passion.

  • QuikJay
    QuikJay Hace un año +3

    He actually wrapped that up quite well. 🙌 respect

  • Vasi
    Vasi Hace un año


  • Chris Polen
    Chris Polen Hace un año +4

    "Hats off" for Floyd remaining humble. Love to see the honesty. 🐐

  • Alex
    Alex Hace un año +20

    All I've learnt is that Mayweather not just had more skill and stanima, than Logan, he also has a stronger punch than him.

  • Anabia Strickland
    Anabia Strickland Hace un año +1

    Floyd: "I wanted to give people the show and he was fightin to survive"
    Manny: (left the room giggling)

  • Barbaros Aksu
    Barbaros Aksu Hace un año +1498

    Logan was so happy earming 20 million he hugged him in all rounds

    • Gene Walker
      Gene Walker Hace un año

      @Daniel Spargo I don't knock what fight you were looking at. Even these comedians making jokes on how much Jake was hugging Mayweather. Were you drunk when you were watching the fight because that how you sound as if you were

    • Abbas Ali Vlogs
      Abbas Ali Vlogs Hace un año


    • Peter Bach
      Peter Bach Hace un año


    • the fantastic 2 beast
      the fantastic 2 beast Hace un año

      @Mixbitz bro no I watched the whole fight my g logan held the whole time and floyd literally saved logan from getting knocked out floyd hit him and logan was falling so Mayweather caught him

    • Robert Lutz
      Robert Lutz Hace un año

      @GRIMREAPPER FROM SOUTH SUNNY COAST REAPPERS and by boxing you mean backpedaling and running? ;)

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Hace un año +2

    Floyd wasn't even trying hard, Logan was exhausted on the 5th round already and he could barely land a punch. Getting paid 100+M to have fun and getting hugged by a fighter 20 years younger while you already retired is the finesse of the century.
    Good for him and I gotta give my props to Logan tho.

  • Deejay DaVinci
    Deejay DaVinci Hace un año +2

    Floyd Didn't try to hurt Logan he could've knocked him out in the 4th Round but let it go all 8 Logan couldn't hurt Floyd at all...so he just hugged all night its a exhibition it wasn't gone be Winner regardless it was entertainment nothing more nothing less I enjoyed all the fights

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights Hace un año +1411

    I think deep down inside Floyd is disappointed he didn’t finish the job.

    • Old Ironsides
      Old Ironsides Hace 9 meses

      It’s an exhibition. It’s not a real fight.
      It’s just for money. And guys like you think Floyd is disappointed in the outcome
      It’s basically wwf. And guys like you are I can’t believe hulk body slammed Andre the giant

    • De Lezo
      De Lezo Hace un año +1

      He couldn't KO him because
      1) Logan is too big
      2) He was wrestling all the time
      3) Floyd is 44
      Teddy Atlas, an actual boxing expert, predicted this outcome.

    • Skyler Seiben
      Skyler Seiben Hace un año

      No way Floyd just didn't wanna hurt him to bad. Floyd could have knocked him out.

    • Black House TV
      Black House TV Hace un año

      u dont no floyd then he never cared he knew he cant lose and getting 30mill lol floyd is the type that rather u be mad so he can get a rematch or another fight so he can get another 30mill lol

      EX-GEN GAMES Hace un año

      @CriticalShot1 the mans 44 he’s not as fast as he used to be he’s never gonna be as great as he used to be ever again he’s clearly lost speed and is trying to be smart as Logan weighs 50 pound more than him and is a lot stronger

  • Tommy Murray
    Tommy Murray Hace un año

    Hats off to both of these men for what they did!

  • useyourimaginasean
    useyourimaginasean Hace un año +287

    Floyd handled his post-fight interviews with a lot of class and diligence tonight. He could have really spoken up more on the opportunities he had for power punches tonight but I felt like he was pretty reserved compared to what I've seen from him in other post-fight interviews

    • Jonathan Brenner
      Jonathan Brenner Hace un año

      @Optic idk I be high asf bro my b lmao

    • Optic
      Optic Hace un año +1

      @Jonathan Brenner ​ How am I supposed to get that from "this fight wasnt real" lmao

    • Jonathan Brenner
      Jonathan Brenner Hace un año

      @Optic I'm just saying that they weren't boxing fr they was just giving there self fat pockets bro lol

    • Remember your future
      Remember your future Hace un año

      @Barnzy 213 Riddles?? 😂💀☠️😂😂🤣lmfao I’m done, you win😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

    • Crazedmadman05
      Crazedmadman05 Hace un año

      @Kavya Chaudhary your most definitely like 9

  • John TheSpartan
    John TheSpartan Hace un año +3

    I love how he avoided all the questions that tried to make him say that it was not a real fight :P

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Hace un año

    Although one of the greatest boxers of all time, I never really liked him but after seeing him interviewed here today I thought he was realy nice guy..Well done

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Hace un año

    Funny how people went from “Logan won’t last a minute against Floyd” to “Floyd let him last” or “Floyd went easy”, “Floyd is retired”, etc.. I’m no Paul or Mayweather fan, but it’s funny to see haters constantly changing their story to discredit Logan. Whether people want to admit it or not, he is far from the joke-fighter the media is making him out to be.

  • Tech Hawk
    Tech Hawk Hace un año +1

    *My biggest question is ;*
    If nobody WON & it wasn't a draw, what happens to the people who bet on the fighter 🤨 ?

  • Binnkky
    Binnkky Hace un año +4220

    Logan is hugging Floyd bcz he’s grateful bcz of how much money he got from the fight.

    • Abbas Ali Vlogs
      Abbas Ali Vlogs Hace un año


    • Muffincavemen
      Muffincavemen Hace un año

      @Echo bruh there were no winners but if there were judges mayweather would’ve won

    • Paul Rivers "Red"
      Paul Rivers "Red" Hace un año

      @Solaire97 I'm 39 and know floyd is Logan not even close

    • Solaire97
      Solaire97 Hace un año

      @Paul Rivers "Red" ur prolly a little kid and think they’re real fighters 😂

  • Sean White
    Sean White Hace un año +183

    "if they ain't pay they gotta move" talking about the bottles on the table near the microphone 🤣😂🥲

  • Moto Bandito
    Moto Bandito Hace un año +12

    He slick clowned the ppv buyers. 😂 savage.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Hace un año +281

    Logan and Mayweather hugging was the best part

    • STM Anonymous
      STM Anonymous Hace un año

      They whisper get that money

    • Secret Ninja
      Secret Ninja Hace un año

      @God is one and Islam is truth religion
      u need Jesus

    • Arlo Bubble
      Arlo Bubble Hace un año

      @God is one and Islam is truth religion get your taqiyya outta here

    • Fat Man Jackson
      Fat Man Jackson Hace un año

      The best fight then.

    • Strawberryyy
      Strawberryyy Hace un año

      @𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖚𝖛𝖘𝖈𝖔 lol

  • Fireside
    Fireside  Hace un año

    What a gentleman. Deserves all he’s got.

  • PayPal me bigboi7
    PayPal me bigboi7 Hace un año +2668

    Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter

  • Captain Blue Shell
    Captain Blue Shell Hace un año +5

    *Losers? All the ones who paid for this fight. Winners? All of us who didn't... We are all winners n congratz Legends!*

    • OKG2000
      OKG2000 Hace un año

      says the people who spent that much on shit junk food every week.....stop it

  • Alex
    Alex Hace un año +1

    All this has shown me is a boxers punching power is insane, he's 16 kg lighter and his punches are a lot more powerful than Logan Paul's.

  • Andrés Avalo
    Andrés Avalo Hace un año +2

    "He was good at tying me up" 😂 love u floyd

    OGLOCC GRAPE Hace un año

    I love Floyd to death man, one of the best fighter ever. I just hate when he say no excuses but he constantly make em. Well if I’m not mistaken his background is wrestling so he was able to tie me up pretty good. I came in the fight 155 he was over 200. Stop my dude u making excuses when you don’t have too. Trust me I fuccs with Floyd I’m just saying making excuses sound like he stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do, such as getting a knocc out. Talking about he so happy because he didn’t get knoccd out, to tell you the truth he should be happy he just went the distance with Mr 50-0 I don’t Care what he did to be able to do it. Floyd first words after the fight was, wow he’s better than I thought he was. Then Floyd go back in the locker room listening to his people then he come to the press conference with all these excuses. What happened with he’s way better than you thought he was. Floyd we love you bro you’re the undefeated champion of our day, truly a once in a lifetime talent. You never have to make any excuses bro, you’re the GOAT. I just gotta keep it real on what I hear.

  • Young dizz stomach
    Young dizz stomach Hace un año +1

    Everyone is saying Logan survived 8 rounds but he actually got knocked out and floyd held him up..

  • Bored Panduh
    Bored Panduh Hace un año +5

    Man Floyd is turning into a real cool dude with his older age. Respect man.

    • LaughingMute
      LaughingMute Hace un año

      Same thing happened to mike tyson.
      And eminem.

  • Born2fap
    Born2fap Hace un año

    Floyd Mayweather *44 year old grandfather, "sometimes when you win you loose" - robin Williams you cannot help but respect this person...

  • nominee0
    nominee0 Hace un año

    Damn he really is retired....what a humble interview.

  • Shubham Bhatt
    Shubham Bhatt Hace un año +948

    2 minutes of silence for those who paid money to watch them hugging.

    • The Broken Mystic
      The Broken Mystic Hace un año

      It’s not like Floyd wanted to hug

    • Diego Sanchez
      Diego Sanchez Hace un año

      @Larking Games no haha Chiii the free streams saved my ass.

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith Hace un año +1

      All Mayweather fights are uneventful and boring.

    • The Boxer
      The Boxer Hace un año +3

      Let's give them 3 minutes so it can sink how stupid they were for paying for this buffoonery and horseplay... The WORST part was that Mayweather could NOT KO this wanna-be.

    • The Boxer
      The Boxer Hace un año +1

      I’m one of those who care about real boxing. This was a stupid exhibition that did NOT do anything good to enhance the sport, quite the contrary! Mayweather had a great career. Why tarnish it w/ stupid and boring exhibitions like this one - money, of course. Hasn't he made enough? Mayweather may very well be the MOST intelligent promoter/boxer of his era, and he is "lucky" that there are still fools who pay for these travesties...

  • J PM
    J PM Hace un año

    The monumental irony of Floyd saying “He’s good at holding people.” 👀

  • MJT
    MJT Hace un año

    Floyd walked towards Logan with his hands down about 75% of the time. Literally Floyd NEVER does this. anyone who doesnt think this was a one sided flop and joke is an idiot.

  • Francisco Leiton
    Francisco Leiton Hace un año

    Amazing boxer and a amazing man. Truly very good

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Hace un año

    Floyd took down one of the most brutal kickboxers three times in the first round but he can't finish some random dude with little to no boxing experience? If you think these influencer events are not fixed, you're a fool. If you didn't pay for this debacle, you're my hero. Keep being awesome.

  • AJ
    AJ Hace un año +127

    People are being too critical. It's a retired pro and a novice beginner. This wasn't meant to be taken seriously it's just entertainment.
    Edit: I say entertainment in terms of the oddity of it all, not in terms of the sport. It's Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather. Just that alone is crazy.

    • AJ
      AJ Hace un año

      @Alhaithm Albakri I actually set 2 hours aside every week to make sure I get to watch paint dry

    • Kzrxy
      Kzrxy Hace un año

      @TRUTH KILLA lol, Logan loves hugging

    • Alhaithm Albakri
      Alhaithm Albakri Hace un año

      @Springfield Springfield you don’t plan a big fight, hype everyone up for it, and have it turn out like this, it’s supposed to be entertaining, not money grabbing

      TRUTH KILLA Hace un año

      More like a circus show for humans to be entertained

    • Pavel Shmelov
      Pavel Shmelov Hace un año

      @Alhaithm Albakri to certain people it was entertaining, not me personally

  • Bobbie Harth
    Bobbie Harth Hace un año +1

    It was entertainment by choice. I enjoyed it. I love Floyd Mayweather.

  • Raz Insua
    Raz Insua Hace un año +21

    I love the sarcastic respect 😂😂..they both had fun they both made money

  • Okay I pull up
    Okay I pull up Hace un año +1

    After watching this fight we only know that Mayweather had fun

  • Vinx
    Vinx Hace un año +1

    It must have been imbarassing for the other professional boxers that floyd TKO'D in the past years for Logan to be able to survive for 8 rounds.

    • Vinx
      Vinx Hace un año

      But still its imbarassing for them bruh

    • Scout
      Scout Hace un año

      Why? They were not in on the scam or a circus.

  • unknown l909
    unknown l909 Hace un año +1864

    He smiling laughing knowing he finessed everybody who paid for this crap

    • Abbas Ali Vlogs
      Abbas Ali Vlogs Hace un año


    • John Mora
      John Mora Hace un año

      Didn’t pay for it but I did had a good time sorry if you feel upset about event.. u probably should of watch something else

    • NeoJenshi
      NeoJenshi Hace un año

      @Yourgirllovesmangos its for the giggles

    • What What
      What What Hace un año

      @Mike Hawk You mean Logan couldn’t knock out a 44 yr old guy who weighs 60 pounds less than him and is like 6 inches shorter than him. You guys are playing yourselves forreal.

    • Derek
      Derek Hace un año

      Lol floyd complaining about holding and weight difference....clown

  • Maria Casella
    Maria Casella Hace un año

    Mayweather never doubted you or your skills and experience 👍🏻💪🏻❤️🔥

  • Real Brooklyn
    Real Brooklyn Hace un año +3

    Floyd still look's good. Paul was a big dude holding 90% of time.

  • Regarde Coetzee
    Regarde Coetzee Hace un año +5

    He talks as good as he fights! 💯 👌

    • Jah Queen
      Jah Queen Hace un año

      "He talks as well as he fights"

  • Blake Ow
    Blake Ow Hace un año

    This is hilarious, even though Paul went the distance.. Money toyed with him, for an embarrassing 8 rounds 😂

  • Big Sucka
    Big Sucka Hace un año +116

    That slipping and countering is something I’ve missed man. I wish Floyd was younger so we could continue to see him fight professionally

    • A.M.P.
      A.M.P. Hace un año +3

      On God. Watching him in action has left me spoiled.... him and Rigondeaux.

  • Greg Skinner
    Greg Skinner Hace un año

    we all need someone like dude in the glasses in our lives lolol

  • Harry Davey
    Harry Davey Hace un mes

    Literally the most skillful of all time.

  • Terrofi915
    Terrofi915 Hace un año

    May weather is smart. He knew what he was doing. He gonna finish the job in a rematch. But even if he doesn't finish the job. He got nothing to prove. He still the best in the world.

  • Kevin Sargent
    Kevin Sargent Hace un año

    Floyd's holding back tears.

  • visjar
    visjar Hace un año +327

    I think it’s safe to say Floyd had a lot fun tonight 😂

    • ItzMrGG
      ItzMrGG Hace 6 meses

      Yea he had lot of fun especially the look on his face being frustrated not being able to knock Logan Paul and when the match finished, in the ring post interview mans def didn’t looked disappointed or ashamed, yup a lot of fun 😂😂

    • Cancer14
      Cancer14 Hace 9 meses

      @non vixy What excuses They already through straight facts at u

    • cyrus moreno
      cyrus moreno Hace un año

      boxing died

    • Bo Newman
      Bo Newman Hace un año

      You're telling me people thought Paul could outbox Mayweather? 😂

  • CúChulainn
    CúChulainn Hace un año +10

    3:03 find someone that looks at you like this dude looks at Floyd

    • Mr XxX
      Mr XxX Hace un año


  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Hace un año

    “When the money comes, we’ll see who was the real winner”

    JOEHOVA Hace un año

    this is just the greatest boxer of all time. in his weight class at least.

  • Kenron Barnes
    Kenron Barnes Hace un año

    To me Floyd seems way more humble now thn he did before.

  • Henty Langdrik
    Henty Langdrik Hace un año +463

    Jake: gotchya hat
    Floyd : gotchya money 😂😂

    • William PPL
      William PPL Hace un año +1

      @Kavya Chaudhary Dude, you might wanna go easy on them drugs, you cant be overdose and posting comment

    • Eye Conqueror
      Eye Conqueror Hace un año +1

      They both got the money...

    • Arabian PRINCE
      Arabian PRINCE Hace un año +1

      Plz I beg you my friend help stop Israel (modern nazis) terror against Palestine, I know it's not your problem but your gov is funding them, get information before judging and spread the message cause their strongest weapon is misinformation. If we together boycotted them they will be forced to stop like South Africa...

    • Byron Jenkins
      Byron Jenkins Hace un año +1

      @Kavya Chaudhary you're all the way tripped out

  • Fanta7t
    Fanta7t Hace un año

    Much respect to Mayweather. Seriously

  • Aldrich Unfaithful
    Aldrich Unfaithful Hace un año

    i think the takeaway from this fight is that logan did surprisingly well and floyd did surprisingly badly. its frankly embarrassing that floyd considers himself to be the GOAT, and just to prove my point at 44 years old floyd barely beat logan paul, whereas at 44 years old george foreman went 12 competitive rounds with prime evander holyfield for the heavyweight championship, almost knocked him out and won several rounds

  • Travis Antcliff
    Travis Antcliff Hace un año

    Hey respect to Floyd though. Not gunna lie I was thinking this was gunna be the fight. But he respected what he WAS good at. He's not being bragadosious about it. Salute!

  • 10K Subscribers in 01-Day Challenge !

    I'm proud of myself that I didn't pay 50 bucks for this fight

  • LS4.8 Frank
    LS4.8 Frank Hace un año +193

    This has to be the most humble I have ever seen Floyd. He held his answers to a respectable and professional level. 👏

    • C Silk
      C Silk Hace un año

      Wouldn’t you be if you just made like $150 m for just dodging punches for 28 minutes! Lol! What a joke

    • LS4.8 Frank
      LS4.8 Frank Hace un año

      @T A I have issues? No guy you do. Just because I called you out on your BS makes me the one with issues? Naw, sorry, not sorry guy. Maybe stop trying to battle everyone over a simple comment on ESclips that obviously hurt your feels deep inside because I said it was the calmest I have seen him and you didn't agree with me. Go on about your day.

  • Nicholas Lash
    Nicholas Lash Hace un año

    Its seems the older floyd gets the more intelligent he gets. This Mayweather seems a lot more mature than floyd vs connor.. where as floyd has always seemed to lean into every question with his ego first, this really feels different.

  • James brown
    James brown Hace un año

    You really have to pay attention to his word play. He's the best...TMT 4life

  • FreddyLoc
    FreddyLoc Hace un año

    This was a sad post fight conference for floyd he tried bringing every excuse… he kept bringing up the size like he didn’t know what he was going up against…and of all people floyd shouldn’t talk about holding

  • Ironkid883
    Ironkid883 Hace un año

    Mayweather is a legend fair play for the humility

  • Juliussmoothie
    Juliussmoothie Hace un año +195

    For Floyd to be retired, that’s a good point man. You made you’re money doing what you love.

    • Arabian PRINCE
      Arabian PRINCE Hace un año +1

      Plz I beg you my friend help stop Israel (modern nazis) terror against Palestine, I know it's not your problem but your gov is funding them, get information before judging and spread the message cause their strongest weapon is misinformation. If we together boycotted them they will be forced to stop like South Africa...

      GELLIANA Hace un año +1

      @Sir Smokes a Lot still got that money tho and that all that matters to them so stay mad

    • Kavya Chaudhary
      Kavya Chaudhary Hace un año

      when conor was grabing in conor v mayweather u said his wresling instints is kicking in when logan clowned him and beats him up in the first round u salty coz none of ur fav fighter could beat floyd but logan did better then ur fighters

    • Sir Smokes a Lot
      Sir Smokes a Lot Hace un año +2

      must love hugging and standing around doing nothing for more than 20 mins

    • Carlo
      Carlo Hace un año +1

      Agreed💯loved how he spoke so eloquently 💯😘

  • Chewy Trades
    Chewy Trades Hace un año +125

    Pacquiao: "Mayweather on the other side of the hugging for a change"

    • Enoxificatti
      Enoxificatti Hace un año

      @Youneed Learning And still... Not truly undefeated. We all know Castillo took his "0" and he knows it deep inside as well.

    • Titor
      Titor Hace un año


    • FreddieTwo
      FreddieTwo Hace un año +5

      @Youneed Learning manny was cheated of the w dont cap

    • Brady MXR
      Brady MXR Hace un año +8

      @Youneed Learning Manny clearly beat him In Vegas. If you know boxing and how it’s scored you would understand Manny was cheated! Vegas is corrupted and ppl are paid. A lot of ppl agreed Manny won that fight. Landed way more punches like a lot! If boxing was scored by running and dodging then ya Mayfeather would be considered the winner! 😂

    • NYFX
      NYFX Hace un año +4

      @Youneed Learning manny would destroy mayweather

  • J B
    J B Hace un año

    BRAVO! Like it or not both men should be congratulated on an amazing business venture. This is a taste of an untapped entertainment market that is yet to come.
    On a side note, props to both Mayweather and Paul for their respectful conduct toward each other after the fight. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Imagine
    Imagine Hace un año +14

    "He's good with holding, he's very very good with holding" 🤣🤣🤣

  • octavio trejo
    octavio trejo Hace un año

    He’s good at holding but I wanted to fight him cause I wanted a hug lol

  • Ricko
    Ricko Hace un año +452

    "he's fighting to survive", yeah, absolutely true. Poor logan🤣

    • Wellyww00
      Wellyww00 Hace un año

      @Sasuke Uchiha yeah that’s what floyd said 😂 he was entertaining but he felt logan hugging and fighting for his life 😂😂 it was entertaining but it doesn’t make sense why he choose floyd in the first place

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha Hace un año

      Ramje Kim Ciervo Floyd was really trying to entertain the crowd but Logan just kept hugging not fighting smh

    • Wellyww00
      Wellyww00 Hace un año +1

      @breakneck777 if you believe in what you have said ,then I feel sorry for you.

    • breakneck777
      breakneck777 Hace un año

      Poor Floyd, made a career out of hugging and avoiding fights and now that theres finally a youtuber he's confident to throw with HE ends up getting hugged. Pretty perfect to be honest.

    • Alexis santiago
      Alexis santiago Hace un año

      Logan is unexperienced, what were youe expecting?

  • Oran Callaghan
    Oran Callaghan Hace un año

    Floyd: The fight was just for entertainment and we wanted everyone to get a good show.
    Everyone: Gonna have to call this one a failure

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha Hace un año

      I think Floyd was trying to entertain but Logan kept holding not fighting. Dude was scared to get knocked out. He can't box at all.

  • The Show
    The Show Hace un año

    Damn he said he was fighting to survive 😳 hella true

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Hace un año +1

    Well said Floyd Mayweather

  • The Wacky Wizard
    The Wacky Wizard Hace un año

    No one know about hustling like Floyd I tell ya, my G here made this look hard so the exhibition paydays roll even more! He’s an absolute genius. Leading up to a billion for the Canello fight. Watch

  • Raiden
    Raiden Hace un año +13

    The respect that the fighters have for eachother is insane

  • Thomas Park
    Thomas Park Hace un año

    Floyd really just did Logan a favor 😭

  • NewGameSlayers
    NewGameSlayers Hace un año

    Respect to both fighters Floyd looked little compared to Logan first thing I thought to myself is Floyd you sure u wanna do this but Floyd got skills Logan as well I was shocked

  • RaStA ReLLs
    RaStA ReLLs Hace un año

    Floyd seems to be getting humble in his old age..nice to see him being him and not just money may.

  • bric k
    bric k Hace un año +2

    As long as Jake gets KO'd I'm happy. I can tolerate Logan slightly more than Jake but it's not by much.

    • issatr4p
      issatr4p Hace un año

      Logan is a good guy but when it comes to fighting he just sets his expectations wayyyy too high and becomes this egotistical version of himself

  • Doug Fisher
    Doug Fisher Hace un año +429

    Floyd doesn't even look like he did a basic sparring session lmao

    • Derek Kennedy
      Derek Kennedy Hace un año

      @ricky camacho bro he literally ask the front row if they paid lol that his first words

    • Derek Kennedy
      Derek Kennedy Hace un año

      @ricky camacho dawg making 100 mil for the second time in a fight the he knows he’ll win cuz he trained to box. He always lets them waste energy then go🤙🏼

    • ricky camacho
      ricky camacho Hace un año

      @Derek Kennedy haha money hungry he said it’s for fun are you okay !!??

    • ricky camacho
      ricky camacho Hace un año

      @Derek Kennedy naw you wrong and sorry to bust your bubble, Floyd strictly said it ain’t about money but how much he’s paying security it might be needed

    • Gene Walker
      Gene Walker Hace un año

      @Im just a Troll whos intentions are good Come on man. You never seen a lighter weight person knock a heavy weight out or down because a lighter weight person doesn't hit hard like a heavy. I seen fights on the streets between light weights and the heavy weight gets knocked out fighting any light weight. Bruce Lee never knocked out a heavy weight person when he was a live and he could hit

  • BurrMarie
    BurrMarie Hace un año +2

    "he's fighting to survive", yeah, absolutely true. Poor logan藍

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Hace un año

    Pre-fight: I'm gonna knock him out!!!
    Post-fight: it was fun!

    ASAP THERM Hace un año +1

    3:20 Floyd said it best

  • Vigilant Social Media V.S.M


  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis Hace un año +226

    When he said “im going to the hall of fame for boxing” they all knew he wasn’t lying 💯💯

    • F. Burton
      F. Burton Hace un año

      @Matt taking notes from this blueprint and getting money from the things that you already do anyway. Doesn’t have to be $200 million like them, but I bet you can get a extra $100k from just what we see right here.

    • F. Burton
      F. Burton Hace un año

      @Matt lol... I’m already close to where I want to be! Just rest assured that I get paid for people watching my work!

    • Matt
      Matt Hace un año

      @F. Burton taking notes and trying to make them numbers?? 😂😂 Are you joking??? Floyd was a world champion for 20 years... What do you do? People aren't going to pay to watch you do your job 😂😂

    • F. Burton
      F. Burton Hace un año

      @Matt man.. you can’t believe everything you find on the internet. The man is much smarter than you think. Especially with his business shed his money.
      Proof... he just made several people several millions on a fake fight.. if he was dumb as you say.. that would not be so..
      we should be taking notes and trying to make those numbers too.. instead of hating and negativity wishes

    • Matt
      Matt Hace un año

      @F. Burton Mayweather is close to being broke. Couple of big tax bills and he will be broke. The problem is he doesn't know how to manage his money and Leonard Ellerby is even worse. It will be a shame that a man who was one of the best to ever box and who made so much money will end up completely broke.

  • Alfred Burton
    Alfred Burton Hace un año +56

    “When the money comes, we’ll see who was the real winner”

    • Domain
      Domain Hace 2 meses


    • Carbon Bomb
      Carbon Bomb Hace un año

      Floyd's base pay for the fight is higher in his contract than Logans contract. Both of them are earning commissions from the streams and tickets.

    • Xizz
      Xizz Hace un año +2

      @Scout 😂😂

  • jason Rivera
    jason Rivera Hace un año

    It's a sparing interview. Since when legends do interviews after a sparing match? He's really answering these questions with care smh 🤣

  • Jerry Esque
    Jerry Esque Hace un año

    It's weird to realize that most of the comment section can probably hang with floyd mayweather. All you have to be is taller than him, over 190 pounds(easy), and 0 wins in boxing.