BRUISING! Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker • FULL PRESS CONFERENCE • BT Sport Boxing

  • Publicado el 21 sep 2022
  • The fight week press conference for Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker, a heavyweight showdown with world-level implications.
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Comentarios • 123

  • Leonard English
    Leonard English Hace 9 días +1

    Andy means well that Parker is doing the right thing in his focus to make it easy to deal with the circumstances of the fight, but no boxing is an easy fight they still have to test the waters 😉

  • adamfavsvidc
    adamfavsvidc Hace 11 días +1

    Fair play what a badly managed and presented press conference.

  • pezkai
    pezkai Hace 10 días +6

    Seconds out what kind of stabiliser did the camera have?! was amazing so smooth!👌🏼Quality Vid!

    • Kevin Bermingham
      Kevin Bermingham Hace 10 días +2

      My two year old could have done a better job with my phone.
      Weird press conference. The trash talking was quite unnatural for both I think.
      Both are decent guys, nice blokes. Not comfortable being rude to one another.

    • Ben Plant
      Ben Plant Hace 10 días

      Sound is next level too!!!

    • ushilives3
      ushilives3 Hace 10 días

      Top tier technology

  • Abacus
    Abacus Hace 10 días +2

    Yes was soft like a bruise the conference

  • SBK Peace
    SBK Peace Hace 9 días +1

    I'm sorry
    But nobody does is like Eddie hearn 🤣

  • P.T.
    P.T. Hace 10 días +1

    Winner should fight fury...plain and simple

  • Cristiano Ronaldo © ™️

    @19:25 Parker gets to speak.

  • Mario Gatt
    Mario Gatt Hace 10 días +4

    I think Joyce is already punchy, although I want him to win

  • wajidhaq
    wajidhaq Hace 10 días +2

    “The money is in escrow”
    🤣🤣 George Warren like father like son

    • Ben Finesilver
      Ben Finesilver Hace 10 días

      Never trust a man holding on to a balding head.

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Hace 10 días

      Incredible work by his fringe. Can't work it out o.O

  • Dane-Michael Starwood
    Dane-Michael Starwood Hace 10 días +1

    The Battle of the Big Joe's. Both nice guys too. Weird in a way.

    • DontTouchYerBumAndSniffIt
      DontTouchYerBumAndSniffIt Hace 10 días

      Weird that they are both nice or both called Joe? Or because they're both nice and called Joe? 🤔

  • jay G
    jay G Hace 10 días

    No way he really think Joyce is in the top 3 🤣🤣🤣 above AJ and even whyte dkm

    • jay G
      jay G Hace 10 días

      @loudhalertrue maybe but you can’t forget wilder also

    • loudhalertrue
      loudhalertrue Hace 10 días

      Whyte hasn’t got the stamina to go toe to toe with Joyce. Joyce is definitely superior to Whyte in the fight game.

  • Smith Pinai
    Smith Pinai Hace 10 días

    It looks like Joe Joyce will win this.If not by a TKO on the 1oth round, it will be by a score card 2-1

  • James Brown
    James Brown  Hace 10 días +4

    I wish Parker had more dog in him I didn’t like how he let Chisora off the hook in their rematch

    • An Clark
      An Clark Hace 8 días

      @MMA Expert typical American, love the cowboy rock em" sack em.

    • An Clark
      An Clark Hace 8 días

      I didn't saw him letting off chisora, you folks yearns too much for a knock out.

    • James Russell
      James Russell Hace 9 días

      Parker has looked better of late though and with the chin he's got I can see him taking joyce out late on.

  • Alan Houghton
    Alan Houghton Hace 10 días +2

    What sort of press conference was that... People talking in the background camera wobbling all over the place the sound is terrible

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Hace 10 días

    We'll be seeing more of George Warren. Hope he ditches the turtle necks.

    • DontTouchYerBumAndSniffIt
      DontTouchYerBumAndSniffIt Hace 10 días

      At least he's no rocking a Goldie Lookin' Chain with the old turtle neck... Yet! 🙄🐢

  • Panmad
    Panmad Hace 10 días

    Boxing really has become the gentleman's sport..ffs! I guess kids off poor council estates have better things to do than fight with fists..

  • John Eteuati
    John Eteuati Hace 9 días

    Can't wait goodluck both players let's GO BROTHERz

    • Sean Mick
      Sean Mick Hace 8 días

      Both players? Are you female?

  • ThePeckham Poet
    ThePeckham Poet Hace 8 días

    I predict a knockout of parka in the 11th round

  • Boxing is life 🥊
    Boxing is life 🥊 Hace 10 días

    Parker’s promoter smokes food 😮 💨

  • Tim Makin
    Tim Makin Hace 9 días

    Joe J wll loose this fight.

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Hace 10 días

    its a cracking fight but £20 FFS. kick in teeth when I already pay for BT

  • Mario Gatt
    Mario Gatt Hace 10 días +2

    Audio not good.
    Filming not good.
    Dev Sahni rubbish.
    George Warren a bit timid.

  • George Korakas
    George Korakas Hace 10 días +2

    Porker getting stopped

  • leafys fishing
    leafys fishing Hace 11 días +10

    Hope Andy Lee hasn't underestimated Joyce.. there's a reason he was such a good amature and hasn't been beat yet.. everyone saying Parker wins but I think Joyce wins.. late stoppage or points. Parker will need to be much fitter than usual in the last 4 rounds to beat Joyce.

    • leafys fishing
      leafys fishing Hace 7 días

      @MMA Expert 😂😂 yea I think I'll give that a miss.. the browne I seen fight whyte and dave Allen was a joke ... I mean really bad 😑 I'm sure he's still tryin to get fights

    • leafys fishing
      leafys fishing Hace 7 días

      @MMA Expert I didn't know that and I also havnt seen that fight with junior fa... but it really does say everything you need to know about that fight.. I watched it a couple of times and had Ruiz winning. Parker is mediocre imo .. I mean he's decent but he's not elite by anymeans .. Joe Joyce has underrated skills and i dont see many beating him atm.. the jab is a awesome weapon. Its a damaging jab 👊

    • leafys fishing
      leafys fishing Hace 8 días

      @MMA Expert yea I was meaning a lot of these so called experts in interviews were thinking Parker would win.. I'm sure he was favourite!! All because of his display and points win over the mighty Chisora 😂😂 .. acting like beating chisora is a massive statement ... Joyce don't get the credit he deserves either. Parker fluked his win against Ruiz imo.

    • leafys fishing
      leafys fishing Hace 8 días

      @DontTouchYerBumAndSniffIt this didn't age too well 🤷‍♂️ .. Andy Lee was sniffing glue with his "easiest fight ever" comments. I seen this coming a mile off. Hope you enjoyed Parkers arse whooping 👍

    • leafys fishing
      leafys fishing Hace 8 días

      @Huge Euge ...machines also beat sh1t out the likes of parker.. I been telling people Joyce is legit.

  • J D
    J D Hace 11 días +4

    The mics are connected to pringle tubes

  • Jose Antonio Delgado
    Jose Antonio Delgado Hace 10 días +1

    It can go either way.

    • ID23
      ID23 Hace 10 días

      No shit

  • Carl Whitby
    Carl Whitby Hace 11 días

    Joyce to do him a problem at 6th rnd then ko him by 9th/10th very latest

    • Carl Whitby
      Carl Whitby Hace 7 días

      @MMA Expert yeah well I said it from early my pals no I had Joyce to win only thing I ment nearly ko from 7th! My favorite heavy boxer@ moment he's relentlessness gets the victory quiet evident in he's fights also a humble character unlike the rest good for him I say init

  • Gary Edwards
    Gary Edwards Hace 10 días

    Warrens lad thinks he's simon templer the saint

  • Best Sleep Sounds
    Best Sleep Sounds Hace 10 días +4

    Two gentlemen being asked by the Promoters to trash talk each other. Both will go back to their dressing rooms and feel really badly about saying bad bad things about the other guy.

  • EverDayBest
    EverDayBest Hace 9 días

    Dude next to Joyce wearing make up and a turtle neck? oh golly

  • B Hatch
    B Hatch Hace 10 días +5

    Parker going to Sleep 😴 too small

  • Hood Champion Boxing and Sports

    Toss up fight

  • Big Tuss
    Big Tuss Hace 10 días

    What to watch this show or the match room show ??

  • Pany Stavrinos
    Pany Stavrinos Hace 10 días

    Absolute crap sound quality

  • love the Earth
    love the Earth Hace 11 días +2

    Joe for me

    • Jacco Jacco
      Jacco Jacco Hace 10 días

      @Huge Euge yes

    • Huge Euge
      Huge Euge Hace 10 días

      @Jacco Jacco Both Joe's will win? So you're saying a draw.

    • Jacco Jacco
      Jacco Jacco Hace 10 días

      @Daniel Hemmings lmao 🤦🏿‍♂️ both Joe's will win but which one?

    • Daniel Hemmings
      Daniel Hemmings Hace 10 días +1

      Which one

  • One_and_only_
    One_and_only_ Hace 11 días +7

    Parker on points

  • Your Voice Matters
    Your Voice Matters Hace 10 días

    These press conferences in boxing have become too political. Boring.

  • Esbeydy Casanova
    Esbeydy Casanova Hace 11 días +3

    How is this ppv😂

    • john m
      john m Hace 10 días

      I actually think it's a good fight but agree not worth £20,.....They don't realise that ppv is getting greedy,£10 to £12 is enough for this fight

    • Carl Whitby
      Carl Whitby Hace 11 días +1

      Suppose because there professionals maybe 🤔

  • Michael Page
    Michael Page Hace 10 días +3

    Parker will still have plenty of decent fights available if he loses this one. He's a solid fighter and a former world belt holder. Joyce is bigger and fresher. Parker will be game, but he doesn't have enough to win and he has a financial incentive, skill, and chin to not get knocked out. Joyce points win is the most likely result.

    • EverDayBest
      EverDayBest Hace 9 días

      @Big fesss lt thanks so if it goes the distance, one of the fighters will win? LOL thanks for the deep hardcore boxing analysis kid

    • Big fesss lt
      Big fesss lt Hace 10 días

      I think if it goes the distance parker will win if not I think joyce like both fighters

  • hawk6978
    hawk6978 Hace 10 días

    Mumbling audio and shakey visually crap video unwatchable.

  • Dennis Proctor
    Dennis Proctor Hace 11 días +7

    Shake me, I'm falling asleep ffs.

    • Panmad
      Panmad Hace 10 días +1

      🤣🤣 this is the exciting bit..ffs!

    • James Brown
      James Brown  Hace 10 días +2

      Yeah man these guys boring as hell

  • J Sharpe
    J Sharpe Hace 10 días

    Volume terrible 🎙

  • Tony Douglas
    Tony Douglas Hace 10 días +2

    Slow down mc let's not get ahead of ourselves these 2 boxers are far from. the best in the world 🤴🏿

    • Abacus
      Abacus Hace 10 días

      That cringe presenter hopefully will never be used again.

  • Classic Hits {Stereo} 2
    Classic Hits {Stereo} 2 Hace 10 días

    This is so boring too much soft talk and to each other.

  • Ziiko Bon
    Ziiko Bon Hace 10 días +3

    My heart says Joyce but Parker's speed and agility will be the key to a points victory.

  • TRIZZY90
    TRIZZY90 Hace 11 días +1

    Parker on points if he can survive the first 6/7.. Joyce has the personality of a brick wall and his style matches that, have to give Joyce his flowers though he is a unit, Parker needs to be fit enough to move around the ring because we know Joyce won’t stop coming forward.

    • Panmad
      Panmad Hace 10 días

      Joe is top three in the World, remember... 🤣

    • TRIZZY90
      TRIZZY90 Hace 10 días +1

      @Ciaran mc cusker Very true, I thought Dubois would have his number. I wouldn't be surprised if Joyce wins, just hoping Parker can pull it off

    • Ciaran mc cusker
      Ciaran mc cusker Hace 11 días +2

      He also has a chin like a brick wall what if Parker punches himself out and Joe stops him. You wouldent have picked him to Beat dubious sorry I know I buttcherd his name.

  • Tony Douglas
    Tony Douglas Hace 10 días +2

    In all fairness if Parker has done his homework his cardio is on point Joyce should not get near him, but to fight Joyce's fight at a slow plodding pace suits joyce, who is going to try and steamroller Parker and wear him down best man will win but Fury or Usyk won't be losing sleep

    • loudhalertrue
      loudhalertrue Hace 8 días

      @MMA Expert Have you ever seen a Parker fight? Waltz is a dance in case you didn’t know? And that’s what he did against AJ!

    • Tony Douglas
      Tony Douglas Hace 10 días +1

      @loudhalertrue So are you telling me Joyce has footwork as good as Parker 🤣 he is the closest thing to lurch or the mummy in boxing straight up it,s a toss up between him and windmill wilder style wise he is a tonka toy wind him up he just goes forward thats it block everything with his face

    • loudhalertrue
      loudhalertrue Hace 10 días +1

      Plodding? It should go well with Parker’s Waltzing then.

  • Bob Dolphin
    Bob Dolphin Hace 10 días +4

    Parker is spooked.... by joes relaxed and calm maverick smiley being

    • An Clark
      An Clark Hace 8 días

      🗑🗑, how can he be spooked when he has been there and done that, JJ is planning to achieved what JP had already got a World championship belt and has 2 former Champ on his resum'e.

  • joseph read
    joseph read Hace 10 días

    Usyk Fury Joyce top 3.... 😂 😂 😂 Oh dear..

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay Hace 10 días

    Audio is dogshyte as per usual

  • Stephen Miles
    Stephen Miles Hace 10 días +1

    Joe Joyce might stop him later rounds.

  • Vw Wilson
    Vw Wilson Hace 10 días

    Why is the PA sound terrible

  • H
    H Hace 11 días +2

    2 of the biggest trash talkers in boxing, always going to be fireworks at this type of presser

  • ushilives3
    ushilives3 Hace 10 días

    Fury, Usyk, AJ & Wilder are top 4 heavyweights

  • reece
    reece Hace 10 días

    Parker by knockout looking very sharp it's a shame Joyce didn't fight AJ for title because he won't get a shot at the title the next fight he should have if he loses is dillian whyte or Usyk if he can get that

  • Dennis F Boston
    Dennis F Boston Hace 10 días

    Joe Parker stays outside pot shots hard right hands gets robbed yeah

  • platonic
    platonic Hace 10 días +2

    Parker is fast but Joyce will dominate with the will go the distance and Joyce will win on points..

  • Neil C
    Neil C Hace 10 días +1

    Joyce is a bit too big if you ask me, plus Parker is past his best and the momentum is with Joyce, but you never know

    • Panmad
      Panmad Hace 10 días +1

      Why doesn't Joe just lose some weight to see if his feet can move any quicker..

    • Huge Euge
      Huge Euge Hace 10 días

      Parker is on the improve under Andy Lee.

  • James Tatters
    James Tatters Hace 9 días

    I do wish Joyce wouldn’t try and trash talk… it’s awful and certainly doesn’t come naturally. It’s almost as if he’s been asked to try and spice things up for the PPV sales. I like both fighters but think Joyce wins on work rate and a good engine. Good luck to both.

  • Gary Fisher
    Gary Fisher Hace 10 días

    This will be a good 50/50 fight. think Parker has the better boxing skills and footwork where Joe has zero fook work and average boxing skills but boy has he got a granite chin and just keep on moving forward
    May the best man win 🥊

    • Panmad
      Panmad Hace 10 días

      Joe needs a good kick up the baxide and he could beat anyone. He can't even pretend to be angry..

  • loudhalertrue
    loudhalertrue Hace 10 días +1

    The belt means nothing, Ruiz won that fight, it was so transparent.

  • Best Sleep Sounds
    Best Sleep Sounds Hace 10 días

    If Joyce is the future of heavy weight boxing, then Jake & Logan Paul and KSI will be the main attractions for fight fans. Joyce is a Gorrila with long arms, slow hands, and foot work like a Sherman Tank, and a chin easy to hit. The man is BIG, but nothing like BIG Tyson Fury who has skills and mobility. Imagine if Tyson moved like Joyce. What has the heavvy weight boxing come to where a 14-0 Gorrilla is being promoted. Joyce belongs in WWE wrestling. NO way I'd pay to see Joyce fight.

  • Chris Angelo
    Chris Angelo Hace 10 días +1

    This is the toughest fight for Joe Joyce so far.
    Not the same can be said for Parker.
    Parker has lost against his toughest opponents so far.
    Parker moves better, has faster hands, and is more difficult to hit.
    Joyce is bigger, stronger, and probably hits harder.
    I feel that Parker will be winning going into the last 5 rounds before the fight really gets going. Joyce will from that point on really be coming on strong.
    Outcome, in my mind is 50/40/10.
    50 - Parker to win most rounds in a close fight but robbed on the cards.
    40 - Parker, fairly on points.
    10 - Joyce by KO in rounds 10, 11 or 12.
    Looking forwards to this one.

  • the watcher
    the watcher Hace 11 días +2

    parker will win with speed and combos.