• Publicado el 21 sep 2022
  • Joe Gallagher speaks to Jamal Niaz about his man Mark Heffron, plus Saturday's Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker main event and Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.
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Comentarios • 331

  • omar nasser
    omar nasser Hace 10 días +9

    If AJ's not beaten anyone you're basically saying that joe parker is a nobody? so why is this an incredible fight then?

  • Richard
    Richard Hace 11 días +34

    Joe just looks more jealous and unhappy the more I see him in these interviews. You may not be an AJ f or an Eddie Hearn fan, but come on.. who has AJ beat? He deserves more respect from someone like joe, who has been involved in the boxing game for many years! He’s fought mandatory after mandatory for years in a division which isn’t particularly a strong era to be fighting in.

    • Patoban
      Patoban Hace un día

      @M Like a said.....

    • M
      M Hace un día

      @Patoban You just don't know what you're talking about. If he wasn't training, he wouldn't be at his lightest in years. You don't know even know how serious the injury was, you're just speculating on how much training he had.

    • Patoban
      Patoban Hace un día

      @M They were scheduled to fight in December and Klitschko pulled out due to a injury lol.
      What's wrong months old troll are you bored looking for a back and forth with someone?? 😂 Sad

    • M
      M Hace un día

      ​@Patoban Floyd losing that is irrelevant, we're talking about Fury getting gift decisions, I responded to your point because comparing Fury to Floyd is asinine, they're not in the same league. Wouldn't see Floyd getting cut and struggling with someone like Wallin.
      Klitschko didn't get a lesson, landing 3 punches more a round isn't a lesson by any stretch. He had well documented family issues which everyone choses to dismiss but when Fury ducked the rematch because he popped dirty, all he had to do was blame mental health to duck the rematch and Fury fangirls eat it up.
      You don't know how long Klitschko trained for the rematch, you're making things up to suit a stupid argument, after the Fury loss he was basically in camp training for a fight the whole time. It's pretty easy, look at his weight vs AJ and then vs Fury. He was in better shape vs AJ, not debatable.

    • Patoban
      Patoban Hace un día

      @M What like Floyd got against Castillo?? Or AJ got in the Olympics?? Guess what it happens lol. Klitschko was in better shape 2 year after getting a lesson lmfao.
      Klitschko had to pull out his fight with AJ due to a injury and hardly trained for the rescheduled fight.

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford Hace 10 días +6

    Saying AJs record isn't better than Wilders? Madness. Wilder had only beat Ortiz, and he was losing on points in both. Then lost 3 on the run against fury

  • Rick B
    Rick B Hace 11 días +15

    Wilder is tougher than AJ...who has AJ beat? Ok fair but then starts to mention who Fury has beat rather than Wilder - is he feeling alright behind all that hate? AJ is a tougher proposition than a single (dangerous) right hand.

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 10 días

      @Funny Fuse It's wilders knockouts that sell him, both of his knockouts against Ortiz were sick, the one against Brezeale was disgusting. AJ doesn't pack power like that, he's a TKO specialist. So nobody wanted to really mess with that power, we all know he's a rubbish boxer and hasn't really fought any top opponents until Tyson Fury.

    • Funny Fuse
      Funny Fuse Hace 10 días +1

      @angry brit but who's wilder beat for fury to get credit for beating him? Because if we apply the same logic with wilder then his record is 10x worse

    • angry brit
      angry brit Hace 10 días +2

      Because fury beat wilder aj wouldn't in my opinion wilder would win in 6 ,beat klit when he was the man not a beaten 2 years later version

    • Joseph Kennedy
      Joseph Kennedy Hace 11 días +1

      No his not

  • anUntouchable
    anUntouchable Hace 11 días +13

    This guy is a DONUT 😂

  • SW
    SW Hace 7 días +7

    I’m not an AJ fan but this guy is wild. AJ has a real good resume.

    • arm chair boxing
      arm chair boxing Hace 7 horas

      He has nothing on his resume. Just over the hill past it household names.

  • z388z
    z388z Hace 11 días +22

    The AJ man fans already rattled 🤣

  • Nigel Barker
    Nigel Barker Hace 11 días +37

    AJs best wins far exceed Wilders. throwing Charles Martin up was pathetic when there’s Wlad, Whyte, Pulev, Ruiz, Parker and Povetkin. Plus he’s just gone 24 rounds with Uskyk - fair enough he lost but he didn’t get humiliated.
    If Parker (for example) isnt any good then why is he 50-50 with Joyce - unless Joe also doesn’t rate him (and by extension presumably Dubois too).

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 4 días

      @Tarmac1 This is why triangle theories don't always work. It's just as easy to say that Whyte has been worn out fighting wars waiting for his shot?

    • Tarmac1
      Tarmac1 Hace 4 días

      @Interstellar Beat Teller A J fought a Whyte who was no where as good as he is now, but A J is better now also. But I don’t think Whyte hit Fury while A J had a hard go with him

    • nhlanhla ramotebele
      nhlanhla ramotebele Hace 6 días

      Are u literally bragging on Parker ?! the guy who just got knocked cold by Joyce ?! lmao...dont make me laugh mate.

    • Somebody
      Somebody Hace 8 días

      @SugerHitman 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • jabcross100
    jabcross100 Hace 11 días +18

    He’s beat the guy on the poster behind you 😂

    GHOSTVR Hace 10 días +6

    Very salty is Joe lol, what's Paul butler's best win

  • Alex
    Alex Hace 8 días +2

    To be fair AJ had a life and death with Klitschko and it was strange that Klitschko didn't finish him when he had AJ hurt.

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace 7 días

      That's not strange, Klitschko always would over think things , if you think that's strange go look at the fury fight, he didn't throw a right hand until the last round. Just hit any part of the body . So Klitschko was known for being hesitant

  • Alexander Hughes
    Alexander Hughes Hace 10 días +7

    People get pissed when someone just keeps it real and says something positive about Wilder

  • Andy Joggers
    Andy Joggers Hace 11 días +8

    Wilder better than aj 😳 fml I about fell off my chair haha

    • angry brit
      angry brit Hace 10 días +2

      Wilder would beat aj inside 6 I'd bet me House on it

    • Joseph Kennedy
      Joseph Kennedy Hace 11 días

      Your baby chair?🤡

  • ahijah sellassie
    ahijah sellassie Hace 11 días +6

    Ohh gosh 😳 why is he speaking about AJ again 🥴! Everytime we hear from boring joe it's talking about AJ FFS 😒 worse than frank warren!

  • Rhys Richmond
    Rhys Richmond Hace 10 días +2

    Who's aj beat? Is he serious lmao wilder has beat ortiz that's it the rest am bums does he have a massive punch yeah hardest punch in the heavyweight devision at this moment but aj is defo a all round better fighter I always used to say aj would beat wilder but now I'm gunna be honest I think if wilder lands its game over but to say who's aj fought that's rediculas Klitschko ruiz parker whyte wilder didn't wanna fight Klitschko he didn't have the balls he went on about unification but didn't ever make the effort to even try just kept fighting bums amd let's be real he only took fury because he thought after his long lay off he would be a soft touch yeah he fought him 2 more times but that was due to his own pride I think wilder has more heart than aj I'm gunna be honest but for him to say who's aj fought is stupid and before anyone comments I'm no aj fan boy i just enjoy good fights and the best fighting the best

  • nhlanhla ramotebele
    nhlanhla ramotebele Hace 6 días +1

    AJ hasnt fought or beat anyone credible mate, except it and move on. Thats why his approaching the end of his career with no respect for his accomplishments.

  • The Shadow's Project Limited

    100 percent agree with Joe here... AJ fought a load of has beens and never weres... at least fury and wilder fought each other and Fury beat a much fresher version of klit

    • Lee Corcoran
      Lee Corcoran Hace 4 días

      AJ faced everyone of his mandatory’s who the fuck was he supposed to fight ???? FURY didn’t make one defence of his belts 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace 7 días

      That was Klitschkos worst performance in any of his fights . It's a fight youd put on if you need sleep. Wilder cherry picked fury, thinking he was finished, the second wilder still claims fury cheated . Plus the third fight fury wasn't even in shape , that's how much he rated wilder. Wilder won one belt in 40 odd fights Joshua became unified within 22 fights , even fury wasn't unified as quick as Joshua.

  • Barry Thomson
    Barry Thomson Hace 11 días +5

    Joe must be on the glue. 🤣

  • CiganoBoxer
    CiganoBoxer Hace 10 días +1

    Let’s be fair Fury Has beaten not one but two future Hall of Fame reigning heavyweight champions in their primes 4 times and on foreign soil ,one of them with the 2nd longest rein in heavyweight boxing history and the second one with highest KO ratio in heavyweight boxing history,on top of that he dominated and stopped an unbeaten Chisora and now dominated and knocked out Whyte in front of 94000 fans.
    The fighters he faced are in their primes and on foreign soil, and he’s never been knocked out or quit ,can you say the same about AJs “resume” ! ?
    As for Usyk, Who has he actually beaten in the heavyweight division other than AJ Who let’s be fair isn’t the same guy since the fat obese Mexican cab driver made him quit in New York,he even struggled with Chisora who roughed him up and most thought might of deserved the draw.
    Haters really need to start putting some respect on the Gypsy Kings name, The man is an enigma there is something very special about him the size +way he moves /boxes etc
    He’s regarded the best and number one for a good reason .

  • Lazarus Onebamoi
    Lazarus Onebamoi Hace 11 días +8

    This guy is a hater without Borders, common who has he beat? Never want to see or listen to this guy ever again.

    • andy smith
      andy smith Hace 9 días

      I think in a nutshell he's saying Anchinny Lossua is shit!

  • Philip Crewe
    Philip Crewe Hace 6 días +1

    Joe straight talking, he knows his stuff, no bull

  • Snipz1 Lol
    Snipz1 Lol Hace 11 días +4

    I want everyone down in these comments to name me who has wilder beat for people to be clowning on his record he got a vacant belt of bermane steverne for Christ sake that guy is worse than Charles Martin

  • Angelique smith
    Angelique smith Hace 4 días +1

    Usyk was undisputed cruiserweight champ in a very weak division, has a razor thin win against Chizora and wins over AJ. Joyce has a better resume than most heavyweights. Joyce next fight should be against Usyk he deserves it.

  • Fletch
    Fletch Hace 11 días +22

    Who has wilder beat ????

    • Joe M
      Joe M Hace 6 días

      Not one genunie top heavy weight, the most protected wbc champion ever whole record is padded with taxi drivers

    • Al Kuya
      Al Kuya Hace 6 días

      @Kyle Ado Wilder was the one who blatantly ducked AJ.He was offered five times the amount to fight AJ than Fury,he only took the Fury fight because he thought it would be easier.Fury had been out for years and his two comeback fights were against Two bin men.The Klitschko that fought AJ was refreshed with something to prove so he was more aggressive with AJ than he was against Tyson "drugs cheat"Fury

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 6 días

      @Al Kuya Fury beat him by a UD, outclassed him in Germany after 13 years unbeaten run. AJ got knocked down when Klitschko was like 41 years old with a 2 year layoff and injuries lmao.
      Fury fighting Wilder, who was AJ's apparent big target for years is better than anyone AJ has beat.

    • Al Kuya
      Al Kuya Hace 6 días

      Who has Fury beat? Klitschko? Joshua knocked him out while the fight with Fury was a snooze fest.Dillian Whyte?AJ already knocked him out. Wilder?his best win is against a 50 years old Luis Ortiz all the rest were against tomato cans.If he is going to ask who AJ has beat he should also be asking who has Fury beat because AJ has the best resume of all the current Heavyweights

    • Al Kuya
      Al Kuya Hace 6 días +1

      @CiganoBoxer Wilder a future hall of famer?are you mad?Wilder's best win is against a 50 years old Luis Ortiz all the rest have been tomato cans.

  • Deano S
    Deano S Hace 10 días

    Joe is the man , speaks so much sense ! Who has AJ beat ? EXACTLY! He’s beat no one ! ! Luckiest heavyweight of all time ! Take your money & go live on a Caribbean island & enjoy it ! Your legacy in boxing is very little

  • DeadDogTony 1
    DeadDogTony 1 Hace 11 días +37

    If AJ's not beaten anyone then neither has Wilder

    • Dedra Delreyez
      Dedra Delreyez Hace un día

      @unclassifed yes full of washed-up bums and no hopers and he still managed to lose 3 of them😃😃.
      Imagine what would happen if he ever fought a live opponent like for example Deontay Wilder.
      Maybe AJ will call Wilder out after he beats Helenius-we'll wait and see shall we?

    • unclassifed
      unclassifed Hace 2 días

      @Dedra Delreyez aj git the best resume out of anyone in the class 😆

    • Dedra Delreyez
      Dedra Delreyez Hace 2 días

      Exactly neither have ever beaten anyone the closest either came was when Wilder got a draw with Fury

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 4 días

      @unclassifed AJ has the best resume? 😂😂😂😂 Boy you AJ fans are incredibly delusional.

    • unclassifed
      unclassifed Hace 5 días

      @DeadDogTony 1 not only Wilder but neither has fury. Fury beating Wilder don't make him great or have a better resume. Clearly aj has the best out of everyone in the division.

  • Boxing Truth
    Boxing Truth Hace 10 días +2

    Well said joe about Joshua who has he beat?
    Some journeyman and 40 year olds
    Did he fight fury and wilder NO
    Why do you think that is?
    Because both batter him

    • Dedra Delreyez
      Dedra Delreyez Hace 2 días

      THe josh man casuals really can't see this. Eddie says the names of Pulev, Povetkin and Vlad as if Joshua fought them when they had any chance of winning, they were geriatrics when Eddie bribed them into the ring for one last payday. Then Joshua moved mountains to try to avoid the fIrst Usyk fight, now he's trying to act like they want Fury. Eddie's bullshit about JOsh's contractual arrangements with 78 Multinational companies is so fake, they'll never sign a level playing field contract with Tyson Fury OR Deontay Wilder for that matter.

  • Foxxyy
    Foxxyy Hace 9 días +1

    In that case he shouldn’t be mentioning Butler and Tasha has 2 time world champions when they beat who exactly? 😂😂

  • William Brown
    William Brown Hace 2 días

    Joe just raging still at Eddie Hearn for not giving him enough spots on the shows very spiteful bitter man

  • kurtmeyer
    kurtmeyer Hace 11 días +14

    What a surprise, the usual Hearn hate

    • 0121 villain
      0121 villain Hace 7 días

      Errr, i dont recall Joe mentioning Hearn in this interview.

  • Wazza Mirza
    Wazza Mirza Hace 11 días +5

    Yes Joe always speaking facts!! The Joshua fans boys will be hurt about your comments 😅🤣😂

    • Wayne-R-
      Wayne-R- Hace 10 días

      @Marco not a phantom resume at all AJ was constantly fighting his mandatories ranked fighters while fury and 🦆wilder cherry picked bin men

    • Andy Joggers
      Andy Joggers Hace 10 días +1

      @Wayne-R- lol 😆

    • Marco
      Marco Hace 10 días

      @Andy Joggers Always the same nonsense about this phantom resume AJ supposedly has. His best win to date is a 42 year old coming off a loss.
      Get a grip

    • Wayne-R-
      Wayne-R- Hace 11 días +3

      @Andy Joggers you can’t tell these people facts mate

    • Andy Joggers
      Andy Joggers Hace 11 días +4

      Ah what lol aj has the best resume in the division and I don't give a shit about either fight tbh haha

  • JustAJai
    JustAJai Hace 7 días

    Who has AJ beat!? Whyte, Wlad, Parker, Povetkin, Ruiz. Probably forget about them
    Who has WIlder beat!? Ortiz...
    Lets be serious

  • Pink and Fluffy Super Woke Bloke

    Beating an old Klitchko, or knocking out 40+ bin men and cab drivers - We need more wilder fights just to show how much of a protected hype job he was. Who did wilder beat, not even an old klitchko but an ancient Ortiz, who was beaten by a still fat Ruiz and only other achievement was being beaten by Wilder twice! 😂

  • The legend
    The legend Hace 10 días

    Who have Callum and Liam Smith beaten? They both fought bums all their careers and the first world class fighter they came up against, (Canelo), destroyed them both.
    And Liam Smith got beat by Kurbanov and Munguia, too,(who are both shite)

  • unclassifed
    unclassifed Hace 5 días

    He's got the best resume out if everyone hahaaha. Wtf this dude talking about?

  • Matthew Holden
    Matthew Holden Hace 5 días +2

    He has a better resume than any other active heavyweights

    • kalladom 55
      kalladom 55 Hace 2 horas

      @John Love I'd like to see all those fights. I probably agree, but A.J has a live chance against all of them.

    • John Love
      John Love Hace 5 días

      But, fighters like Fury, Wilder, and Joyce stop him. So, does that resume help him then?

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 Hace 11 días +22

    It’s no wonder AJ ended up losing his temper when this is the sort of disrespect he has to deal with from people involved in boxing.. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves whatsoever. Imagine putting yourself through all those competitive fights in a row for years and years and people still don’t respect you for it.
    Fair play to AJ for taking all these competitive fights when the other Heavyweights for years would never fight each other.

    • Lee Corcoran
      Lee Corcoran Hace 4 días

      Well said , he could have faced Manuel charr 😂😂😂😂🥊🥊🥊🥊ranked 62

    • matthew hicks
      matthew hicks Hace 6 días

      @Interstellar Beat Teller go on what you do know, not on what you don't! 40% offer for a challenger!

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 6 días

      @matthew hicks He hasn't got a rematch clause so clearly he isn't worried & Fury wanting 50% if he loses and is no longer the A-side shows he is only in it for the money.

    • matthew hicks
      matthew hicks Hace 7 días

      @Interstellar Beat Teller most challengers get 20%, so regardless of anything else 40% is a great offer. If Joshua wants the fight so much, surely he'll take it. The rematch is 50/50, but if AJ is so confident, why is he worried about a rematch clause. AJ and Hearn must realise they are not the A side anymore! They are the challenger and the terms the challenger has received in this case are more than generous. Stop making excuses for him. If AJ will fight anybody, he takes the fight. If he doesn't he's full of bullshit!

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller Hace 7 días

      @matthew hicks I wonder if it's like that contract they gave Dillian Whyte - no tickets to his own fight type of contract. The fact that AJ doesn't even get 60/40 in the rematch if he wins, tells me it's not going to be on fair terms

  • Kadafi Jo
    Kadafi Jo Hace 8 días

    AJ beat Ruiz, Parker, Whyte, Klitschko, Povetkin so whoever says AJ beat nobody is stupid and ignorant about boxing. He'll fight Fury soon.

  • Panmad
    Panmad Hace 10 días

    Wilder is no. 2 in the world atm. He just doesn't know it.

  • Dylan Bodenham
    Dylan Bodenham Hace 10 días

    Who has joe gallagher made as a relevant fighter that has beaten any good opponent with Callum smith or Tasha jonas not really both become world champions plus Callum smith was very lucky with the decision against Ryder them lost every round to canelo

  • Paul Coe
    Paul Coe Hace 10 días +1

    another bloke with an agenda! Sour grapes since callum smith left him

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hace 11 días +7

    If AJ ain’t fought nobody then who’s left for him to challenge ?

    • James Smith
      James Smith Hace 19 horas

      @Dedra Delreyez haha fury pulled out of the fight aj had already signed for last year.wilder turned down a a 3 fight deal from Eddie with aj as the third fight,he fought Usyk back to back and has sparred Joyce more than any man ..go back to watching netball or get your facts right

    • Dedra Delreyez
      Dedra Delreyez Hace 2 días

      He could challenge Fury, Wilder or Joyce, none of whom he will fight, he'll just keep on running. He moved mountains to try and avoid Usyk.

    • Simon
      Simon Hace 10 días


    • James Smith
      James Smith Hace 10 días +1

      @Dublin in my heart 💙 whhaaattt,go have some potatoes

  • SunniAthari
    SunniAthari Hace 5 días +1

    Who has a better record than AJ currently as a heavyweight?

  • Jb Uk
    Jb Uk Hace 10 días

    After that 3rd fury fight we found out wilder can't just bang he's as tough as they come with heart of a lion.
    He'd beat every hw out there apart from fury!
    He'd finish Ajs career imo.
    And ko the rest of em Whyte Joyce parker dubois Ortiz Chisora Whyte

    • Arindo Mudiare
      Arindo Mudiare Hace 9 días

      @Jb Uk Joshua has actually fought and beaten 3 out of the 5 fighters you mentioned above Wilder and Fury combined haven't faced up to 2 of them what does that tell you?

    • Jb Uk
      Jb Uk Hace 9 días

      @Arindo Mudiare what the fkkk are you going on about cheering for him? We're did I do that? I'm not even a fan of his & from UK.
      Joshua avoided him twice & apart from fury theres Parker Ruiz Whyte Dauphas Anderson Joshua Usyk.
      Love him or hate him he'd baptise them all.
      Fury is the king 🇬🇧❤️

    • Arindo Mudiare
      Arindo Mudiare Hace 9 días

      Wilder KOs everyone that's why he has conveniently avoided all top 10 heavyweights and is currently fighting his sparring partner and you clowns are cheering for him

  • Craig Harby
    Craig Harby Hace 4 días

    All these AJ fanboyz up in arms yet no one can offer a name ? At the highest level who has he beat? Brazeale? Who wilder hit once. Parker? Just got banjo’d and whyte beat him, povetkin? Probably his best W

  • Angela Evans
    Angela Evans Hace 11 días

    This man is sick.

  • maîtrise de soi
    maîtrise de soi Hace 4 días

    Well, he has beat: Klitschko, Ruiz, Whyte, Takam, Povetkin, Pulev, Parker, and you can even add Martin in there for giggles. I am not even a fan, but how dumb is this guy?

  • ♡︎ miaavibez 𓆉
    ♡︎ miaavibez 𓆉 Hace 11 días +3

    When the fury aj fight happens we will see that the wilder fight is the hardest. People say about fury keeps getting back up but so did wilder. The is no way aj would of took the beating wilder took.

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 7 días

      @Wayne-R- AJ went down most of the time in the Ruiz fight to escape punches...he turned his back, spit out his mouth piece and refused to step forward after repeatedly being asked by the ref to do so...he quit. AJ is now widely (and correctly) regarded as a fighter with no heart and timidity. Sorry you guys were mislead by Matchroom. 😉

    • Wayne-R-
      Wayne-R- Hace 7 días

      @SugerHitman 1 yes ok he’s got off the floor how many times in his fights and carried on but he’s got no heart 😂😂 enjoy your day no point trying to talk to you

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 7 días

      @Wayne-R- The ref stopped it because AJ refused to come forward...he quit...he ain't got heart...mate.

    • Wayne-R-
      Wayne-R- Hace 8 días

      @SugerHitman 1 no we didn’t at all we seen AJ get counted out on his feet sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative but that’s what happened

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 8 días

      @Wayne-R- The ref stopped it because AJ quit...we all saw that, mate.

  • Craig Evans
    Craig Evans Hace 6 días

    This man is so salty!!!

  • Lee Corcoran
    Lee Corcoran Hace 4 días

    The matchroom hater and always will be old salty joe 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • Dennis Proctor
    Dennis Proctor Hace 10 días

    Best get everyone's opinion...even a rough sleeper.

  • Marco
    Marco Hace 10 días +8

    Well said Joe.
    AJ’s never beaten a prime elite. Biggest hype job in boxing history.

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 5 días

      @Joe M Ok....so which fighters of this era should be Ring's #2 #3 heavyweight, which Wilder has been ranked at for years, over Deontay Wilder other than Fury and AJ? Apparently you don't know what elite means if you don't think Wilder is an elite heavyweight in this era.

    • Joe M
      Joe M Hace 6 días +2

      @SugerHitman 1 how is wilder elite ? Prime yes but he hasnt beat anyone to be elite, his best win is old man ortiz who hasnt beat anyone of note himself

    • nhlanhla ramotebele
      nhlanhla ramotebele Hace 6 días +3

      @Patoban And Whyte was honestly an average heavyweight.

    • nhlanhla ramotebele
      nhlanhla ramotebele Hace 6 días +2

      @SugerHitman 1 Facts

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace 7 días +2

      @SugerHitman 1 wilder whole career has been against 3/4 tier opposition. Shelley finkel didn't think he was ready for Klitschko after 33 fights. Joshua beat a better version of Klitschko than fury did. He beat ruiz , who beat the only guy wilder best . Let's not forget ortiz won most of the rounds he wasn't knocked down in. Wilder is so elite fury fought him 70% fit . The second fight showed wilder was a pub boxer with an amazing right hand. Wilder elite lol elite right hand when landed perfect. Joshua knocked out whyte just as good as fury. Povetkin was elite. Povetkin was a world champion amateur. Anyway I'm tired of peoples opinions . Remember fury couldn't cope with being a unified champion and have a reign as champion, Joshua did . Fury was banned for peds .

  • Big ram Toner
    Big ram Toner Hace 11 días +5

    Go on Joe love this 😆🤣

  • DD
    DD Hace 7 días

    Im not an AJ fan but
    Who’s he beat??? Thats the same question as…who IS there to beat?? Who has ANYONE beat??? Who has Fury beat? Wilder?
    Who has WILDER beat? Ortiz?
    Im a Fury fan. But im just sick of all these experts giving opinions that just keep their bosses happy
    Oh BT guy slags AJ off
    DAZN guy slags FURY off
    SKY guy stirring the shit
    Blaah blaaah

    TRUTH WINS UK Hace 10 días

    Joe Gallagher top man. WILDER WOULD KNOCK OUT JOSHUA END OF.

  • Vimal Kumar K V
    Vimal Kumar K V Hace 6 días

    Tell me who beat by Fury....tell me who the hell that stupid wilder beat ?

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Hace 7 días

    Joshua the bodybuilder he’s just a frank bruno clone

  • Zahide Ahmed
    Zahide Ahmed Hace 8 días

    Says Joe Gallagher who was a shit amauther boxer and never have had pro boxing match in his hole life and now critesizeing AJ 🤣🤣

  • Daboxing Expurt
    Daboxing Expurt Hace 10 días

    Can just see all the little Fury fans... little piglets squealing with delight.
    Anytime anyone has something negative to say about Joshua.

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin Hace 11 días +28

    😂 what a vile man. Jealous and thick, the ultimate combo.
    Just the Olympic Gold Medal, Dillian (undefeated), Martin (undefeated), Breazeale (undefeated), Klitschko (by knockout, not by stinking the place out on points), + Takam, Povetkin, Ruiz, Pulev and 16 others.
    No one really hey?!
    Tesco Joe. No wonder he’s skint. 👍

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 10 días +1

      I love how you sell Klitschko as a good W when Fury was the one who beat him after 13 years undefeated and champion, in Germany, outboxed him, barely got hit. We call those fights from Mayweather a masterclass, when it's Fury it's boring, AJ got knocked down by a 41 year old with 2 years out the ring and coming off an injury.

    • fruit4health
      fruit4health Hace 10 días +1

      @Robb If i recall. he also didn't win the gold medal. the other guy won. but he was a 30 something Italian guy ... not very marketable. so AJ got the nod.

    • Graeme Thorpe
      Graeme Thorpe Hace 10 días +1

      @Simon the problem for you is people can read both of our comments and you look like a fool, there is no need to engage. You are ranting about Fury when I didn't mention him

    • Simon
      Simon Hace 10 días

      ​​@James Gmail 1 They love the Femi boy, something about that Luke boy, that they just can't take, that is left for you.

  • Good Antics
    Good Antics Hace 8 días


  • J
    J Hace 10 días

    Crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s

  • alanthomson007
    alanthomson007 Hace 10 días

    what a load of old cobblers who has aj beaten what planet is this guy on Parker Klitchko Ruiz Ortiz chisora whyte gold medalist why does this guy have anything against AJ a great bloke he is and what he has done for british boxing good grief man get a grip Joe a bad sentence for gb boxing .

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano Hace 10 días

    Spot on

  • Techno Joe
    Techno Joe Hace 9 días

    No nonsense interview by Joe.
    The Femi fans won't like it though.
    G14 raise your hand!

  • j v
    j v Hace 10 días

    The headline of this video who's AJ beat come on FFS PEOPLE GIVE YOUR HEAD A WOBBLE YOU TOOL

  • J
    J Hace 10 días +8

    Joe nailed this

  • Richard
    Richard Hace 9 días

    This guy is a has been trainer and he’s bitter for it. Doesn’t have much of a stable now because his best boxers left him and his best fighter is jonas which says a lot 😂. A bitter man who try’s to get tv time and make digs at Eddie while matchroom showcase everyone else’s fighters around the world. His loss and won’t be long before he has no fighters.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones Hace 9 días

    *The Main Point With AJ Is* That His Team _Are_ Dining Of His Past Resume. In His Last Five Fights He Has Looked Seriously Suspect AND *Lost Three Out Of Five* Them _And_ Now *A Back-To-Back Beaten Beltless Boxer* - He *Needs* To Make Online Noise Towards His Broadcaster *DAZN To Make That Fight Deal NOW* With Fury!

    • AJ Vindiesel
      AJ Vindiesel Hace 8 días

      Past resume includes noone, apart from old men, pies and 1 shouldered lads all of whom had him all over the place.

  • craig mainwaring
    craig mainwaring Hace 5 días

    I cannot stand this guy. So bitter and jealous of Matchroom fighters and AJ himself.
    “Who’s AJ beat”????? Every world champ he’s taken the belt off. Wilder more dangerous than Joshua 😂😂 What a joke.
    A man with no skill, limited boxing ability. Yes had one punch knockout power…. But has the worst resume a world champion ever has, second to Charles Martin, and Bermane Stiverne, who Wilder won the WBC belt off.
    Bore off Joe Gallagher

  • Your Captain Speaking Band
    Your Captain Speaking Band Hace 11 días +2

    The most honest answer: Everyone he has fought except for Usyk.

  • Al Kuya
    Al Kuya Hace 6 días

    Joe Gallagher is a joker who is Wilder's best win?

  • shaun foley
    shaun foley Hace 10 días +1

    Couldn’t agree more, good on you for speaking your mind 👍🏻

  • Seundrums Akerele
    Seundrums Akerele Hace 10 días +2

    This dude obviously doesn’t like Joshua. How can anyone say who has Joshua fought? Klitchiko, Povetkin, Dillian Whyte, Ruiz, Usyk… common! He has fought better opponents than Wilder & Fury. Everyone is going crazy over Fury knocking out Whyte but Joshua and Povetkin knocked him out too…

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 10 días +1

      Wilder and Fury fighting each other is immediately better than all the 40 year old eastern Europeans that AJ has beat and pads on his record. And Ruiz isn't even good, he barely won a decision against 43 year old Ortiz who has 0 punch resistance anymore.
      Whyte was hyped to oblivion by Matchroom, look at all the people saying Whyte will beat Fury before the fight or give him his hardest fight, he couldn't land a punch on Fury, he got absolutely toyed with in there. Whereas Whyte gave AJ a competitive fight, hit him clean a few times, and he was beating Povetkin before the KO. Fury showed Whyte serious levels.

  • djcolinbell
    djcolinbell Hace 11 días +3

    Who's Joshua beat? Obviously Gallagher doesn't listen to Eddie Hearn interviews, Eddie tells us every week. "klitscho, dillian Whyte, Joe Parker........"

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 8 días

      @John Dwyer Prime Stiverne is better than everyone on Aj's resume other than Klitschko...so is Ortiz...and so is Fury.

    • John Dwyer
      John Dwyer Hace 8 días

      two elites, great trilogy but if were be real, Fury and Usyk are the only two elite boxers, Wilders not. Stiverne is like throwing Martin in the mix. List Wilders top five.. then Fury top five.. I bet AJs list is more recognisable

    • SugerHitman 1
      SugerHitman 1 Hace 8 días

      @John Dwyer Wilder has Stiverne who was Ring's number 2 at the time, Ortiz, and a draw with Fury the best of this era...At the end of the day we've only had two elite heavyweights fighting each other and that's Wilder and Tyson....AJ has yet to do that...seems to get cold feet when it comes to facing true elite heavyweights.

    • John Dwyer
      John Dwyer Hace 11 días +4

      Tbf, AJ has fought a lot of known, ranked heavyweights, the most, Fury has Klitchko, Wilder and White, Wilder has Fury, Ortiz and Breazle, 3 each.. AJs got atleast 10 and I'm a Fury fan

  • lee Frazer
    lee Frazer Hace 8 días

    I can see a case for Fury’s comparison to AJ’s resumes etc but to say Wilder has a better Resume than AJ. you just expose yourself as a hater. I’m sorry. Styles make fights. Fury when coming back after psychological warfare with depression was quick to sign with an ageing promotor opposite to the one his biggest pay day was is signed to. With on a format that, that well was not as big as sky and DAZN internationally and nationally speaking. Was eager to do his own thing, then opts to fight for one belt rather than all the belts. The one holding most of the belts was allegedly the weaker option to Wilder and his WBC belt. Wouldn’t a prize fighter, opt to gain all belts and more leverage in beating the weaker champion on home turf. Yet Fury goes to America to fight the unknown Wilder. In Hicksville fighting a very limited champion with ONE EQUALISER! For the lesser money. Yet that makes sense ? because AJ is the weaker fighter. Well he’s keen now to fight AJ when he could be mentally broken. He’s keen now to push out deadlines. Remember when he said the AJ fight was on Contracts signed then less than 24 hours he pulls out. Stating he’s fighting Wilder again. Strange logic

  • treyakasprings
    treyakasprings Hace un día

    Look up bitter in the English dictionary & you’ll find joe Gallagher

  • Nigel Kennedy
    Nigel Kennedy Hace 9 días

    Who's he beat? Ermmmm.....Klitchko? Not exactly a nobody!

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M Hace 11 días +6

    Joe Gallagher are you on drugs or sumat

  • Thomas Howard
    Thomas Howard Hace 8 días

    Such a bitter old man

  • BlitzMCR
    BlitzMCR Hace 5 días

    Yes JOE!!! Bang on

  • Vimal Kumar K V
    Vimal Kumar K V Hace 6 días

    guy...tell me who your guys beat ? AJ hater

  • Michael GKF1695
    Michael GKF1695 Hace 9 días

    HW division is trash all of them have fought nobody bums it’s a weak era between the 3 of em they have done nothing

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller Hace 8 días

    This guy hates Eddie and is very bitter, another sad old man

  • S1sick1
    S1sick1 Hace 10 días

    Who has wilder beat? ill wait!

  • AJ Vindiesel
    AJ Vindiesel Hace 8 días +1

    I been saying it for years, Joshua beaten nobody. Whyte had 1 shoulder, Ruiz was a pie who hadn't trained, klitchko was an Oldman zombie who schooled Joshua till stopped due to age. Joshua has lost EVERY TIME he has stepped up. If he'd had a world class heavyweight trainer then he could've done better though.

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace 7 días

      @AJ Vindiesel what are you talking about the Europeans are the best , fury, uysk, Klitschko povetkin , Joshua. If you knew boxing you would know ddd is more like bruno. Wheres piers Morgan 1 million pounds fury owes him. Even now fury is playing games to fight diamond boy. You tell about Martin. Let's talk about the worst match up on heavyweight history fury v swartchz. . Anyway I'll let you go off to dream about fury in the ring . But you didn't reply why does fury associate with international gun runners and an international cartel that flood streets with herion and cocaine.

    • AJ Vindiesel
      AJ Vindiesel Hace 7 días

      @The Joker and now he's head and shoulders the best heavyweight on the planet while Joshua's been found out. I personally noticed he'd been found out at the Olympics when he lost 2 fights and the judges (now proven to be corrupt) gave him the decision. False Gold, false title beating Clown Martin. And lost every fight when stepped up against a higher level than Euro level. A poor man's Bruno.

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace 7 días

      @AJ Vindiesel who was fury mate a few months ago? A man who runs an international arms and drugs running business

    • AJ Vindiesel
      AJ Vindiesel Hace 7 días

      @The Joker and where is Martin now? And what was Joshua dealing before he got into boxing? It wasn't cards was it. Fury has no competition out there. Joshua has relied on beating up old men like the bully he's always been.

  • Micheal Stevenson
    Micheal Stevenson Hace 9 días +2

    At last someon who says the truth good on ye mate

  • Mark L
    Mark L Hace 10 días

    Get off my traaain!!!

  • Vantheman12 3
    Vantheman12 3 Hace 10 días

    Little unfair on Joshua’s boxing record. He’s beaten everyone in front of him apart from Ruiz who he avenged and Usyk twice. Trouble is he hasn’t developed since winning Olympic Gold.

    • Kyle Ado
      Kyle Ado Hace 10 días

      An Olympic Gold that was basically handed to him btw.

  • Tampiperson
    Tampiperson Hace 11 días +4

    Who’s he beat? Come ashore joe he’ beat a load of good fighters. For instance everyone going on about povetkin and pulev being old… pulev battered hughie fury and so did povetkin..povetkin also ko’d whyte year or 2 after Joshua had a slugfest with him. Klitschko despite his age looked great against Joshua. He beat Parker and whyte early on don’t get me wrong. Ruiz beat Parker and just battered Ortiz and even though he was out of shape for rematch joshua still would have won that. Let’s not forget he’s an Olympic gold medalist. I mean ffs making it sound like he’s had a shit career. Constantly going on about hearns fighters he’s so bitter no wonder the smiths left him. Habit of making it all about himself to the point fighters miss huge paydays. Done great job with jonas to be fair and crolla. I’m by no means an AJ fanboy I have fury and Usyk a fair bit ahead but cmon to fuck people keep going on like he’s shit. What did you achieve as a pro joe ?

  • Glossy
    Glossy Hace 6 días


  • Steven Townley
    Steven Townley Hace 10 días +7

    Joe’s spot on as usual nice one 😉👍🏻

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason Hace 11 días

    Its a fucking dogshit era for HW boxing and has been for two decades. The fact Fury is regarded as the best and the one with all the marbles is a CW just up sums it up, and the CW just schooled AJ twice.

    • Erel H L
      Erel H L Hace 10 días

      There was a period when some regarded Holyfield (a cw) the best in his era too

  • Saren
    Saren Hace 11 días +10

    Love how real joe is about frank Joshua’s record … so true 😂

    BIG LIFE Hace 11 días +1

    Whats this clown sniffing?

  • boxing/mma chat
    boxing/mma chat Hace 11 días +4

    Nice to see a man who doesn't get paid by sky or dazn having a honest opinion cream rises to the top and the shit slowly breaks apart and sinks wilder and Joshua are the 2 top heavyweights when fury fights uysk he will stop him brutally and even wilder has a really good chance of stopping him after seeing chisora push him 12 rounds Joshua isn't in the top 4 best heavyweights and never has been he was matched well and protected wilder would brutally kill joshua in a couple of rounds he is a different breed to a j

    • D Dubbz
      D Dubbz Hace 11 días +5

      ……and Wilder wasn’t matched well and protected over in the states?! He tried to cherrypick Fury, thinking he was done, and got battered! Stop your AJ hate 😅

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot Hace 6 días

    thick as mince

  • V3Num Gough
    V3Num Gough Hace 8 días

    Can't listen to this guy, sorry.

  • Damien mcc
    Damien mcc Hace 11 días +1

    Gowan Joe!!!

  • Patoban
    Patoban Hace 8 días +1

    Finally someone who says it how it is 👏