Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri HIGHLIGHTS

  • Publicado el 21 nov 2014
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Comentarios • 577

  • Bart Gatbonton
    Bart Gatbonton Hace 7 años +42

    "Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth." - Mike Tyson

    • Warren Blunt
      Warren Blunt Hace 7 años

      @Brian Lee Not to mention Holyfield was probably on PED's XD

    • e
      e Hace 7 años

      Ironically that happened to Tyson when he met Holyfield.

    • xxtestbotxx
      xxtestbotxx Hace 7 años +3

      ,,and biting ears too..

    • Crimes Herald
      Crimes Herald Hace 7 años

      Great (& fitting) quote.

  • sensei Finch
    sensei Finch Hace 7 años

    My GrandFather witnessed how great Ali was, my Father witnessed how ferocious Tyson was. I'm thankful I'm witnessing how great and ferocious Pacman is, a type of boxer you'll never witness again in ages.

  • Karl Kendrix De Vera
    Karl Kendrix De Vera Hace 7 años +17

    Manny and Marquez best fighters ever... If you watch them fight you would just be on your toes the whole time amazing skills

    • mads eggs
      mads eggs Hace 7 años +2

      @Roland Uligan I want Marquez to rematch against Pacquiao, but da problem Marquez refused to do it again. im sad, Manny do him a favor but now he doesnt want to do.

    • Rolando Uligan
      Rolando Uligan Hace 7 años

      No doubt, maybe till Pac vs Floyd

      Moad ALAOUI SOSSE Hace 7 años

      They are the best for the moment

    • Rolando Uligan
      Rolando Uligan Hace 7 años +1

      I see that too man. Manny vs Marquez so far is the best fight series ever... more fans wanted another rematch.

  • Titor
    Titor Hace 7 años +9

    OMFG ROACH WAS RIGHT!! HE DID RUN!! LOL. Dude if Algieri played along with Pacman and engaged him in the first round, he would have been knock the f*ck out

    • Randie Valdepena
      Randie Valdepena Hace 7 años

      next on pacman's list?, bring his basketball team to the finals :)

    • erfhin
      erfhin Hace 7 años

      Yes, I like that.

    • ChoppedNScrew956dude
      ChoppedNScrew956dude Hace 7 años +4

      Asian POWER is the worlds greatest bro!

  • RoninTXBR549
    RoninTXBR549 Hace 7 años

    Manny's awesome... and, a class act.

  • Billy Wright
    Billy Wright Hace 7 años +1

    Manny had an amazing fight

  • Guillermo Campos
    Guillermo Campos Hace 7 años

    That coach really really underestimated manny the legend! Big mistake buddy! I got the chills just by imagining what was goun happen to algerie

  • Pusa, Kape at Bisikleta.

    If I'm going to put in my two cents on this, I think Floyd isn't afraid of pacman. He's just probably delaying their fight as he prepares for it, maybe his training for Manny is not hundred percent complete. Too bad for manny though, besides boxing he's engaged and made a killing with a lot of things like being a politician, a coach for a basketball team here in the Philippines etc. that could affect his training in boxing. But I'm not sure if Floyd is doing something else too like pacman.

  • robert marcos loera
    robert marcos loera Hace 7 años

    algeri is tough for hanging in there after being dropped. algeri also has good movement but needs to be more explosive with his punches. manny looked better this fight then his last few because of his power. good fight...

  • William Walker
    William Walker Hace 7 años +2

    pacquiao is still a beast hes still a serious threat to mayweather's 0 lost record cant blame mayweather for not fighting him

  • Jordan
    Jordan Hace 7 años

    Well, news to you Tim! He is still as fast as ever... That was what Bradley was trying to say to Algieri, you won't even know how fast he is until you are in the ring with him yourself. He is so fast that you don't even see half the punches he makes (thus thinking he is slower than he is).. You'll just see it by the damage he makes on his opponents. So stop questioning his speed unless you are in the ring with him yourself...

  • Vile And Useless Dead Works

    Awesome fight and damn Pacquiao got some power fighting at 144. Algieri got floored almost 6 times lol.

  • arm bender
    arm bender Hace 7 años

    Algieri is a real sportsman if u noticed... Hes a tough fearless kid... I tip my hat to him!

  • Blue Peters
    Blue Peters Hace 7 años +1

    both great fighters!!!!

  • purecotton
    purecotton Hace 7 años +2

    provodnikov=brawler but no boxing IQ
    Algeri=good boxing IQ but no power oe speed
    Manny=has it all

  • Francis Fernandes
    Francis Fernandes Hace 7 años

    Love Manny! Pinoy pride, I'm so delighted he's humble. Good win!

  • Random Adventures
    Random Adventures Hace 6 años

    what a great experience that weigh in and chance to fight the champ!

  • Richard Kelch
    Richard Kelch Hace 7 años

    algieri was throwing weak left hooks while spinning to left instead of a snapping jab. he got hit on side of head that was so open instead of tucked behind shoulder. why?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hace 7 años +4

    Manny Pacquiao knocked down Chris Algieri six times to retain his WBO welterweight championship in Macau this morning.
    The first knockdown, in the second round, was a combination of a Pacquiao punch and Algieri slipping on the canvas but in the sixth round Algieri tumbled head over heels after a Pacquiao barrage and went down again in the same round from a right hook.
    A fierce left cross in the ninth sent Algieri to his back. He beat the count, but dropped to his knees from a follow-up flurry and seemed on the verge of being stopped as Pacquiao unleashed a fusillade of punches against the ropes.
    Algeri was also knocked down by another left hand in the tenth, made it to the final bell.
    Manny Pacquiao is the best... Algeri was dreaming not a chance in hell he can beat Manny,,,

    • Blue Peters
      Blue Peters Hace 7 años

      @cabbitxp2 I noticed that when Algieri slipped two times, he got frustrated because he thinks it was a slip, but my dad thought that it was counted as a knockdown because the guys wasn't punching as much until he got frustrated.

    • cabbitxp2
      cabbitxp2 Hace 7 años

      @Blue Peters It was neat to watch, but after the first few rounds, it was clear Algieri was outclassed. I think Bradley's comment that Christ will learn what it is like to box at that level became very clear to him in the first few rounds.

    • Blue Peters
      Blue Peters Hace 7 años

      @mikelpaulo15 oh well, 'twas a good fight.

    • MarchieMac
      MarchieMac Hace 7 años +1

      @Blue Peters Yes it was a slip but it happened immediately after a punch by pacquiao so it will be counted as a knockdown.

    • Blue Peters
      Blue Peters Hace 7 años

      I'm a fan of Pac, but I thought that the 1st and 3rd knockdown shouldn't be counted. 'Twas slipped.

  • Ruben Torrens
    Ruben Torrens Hace 7 años

    Pacquiao stopped trying to ko him after tue 9th. You can tell if you rematch the fight, he even said he felt bad for him.

  • Chad Lexmark
    Chad Lexmark Hace 7 años

    The man, is a pure lightning speed machine!...

  • leonardo montes
    leonardo montes Hace 7 años

    algieri tubo su momento de fama , la vida no es una pelicula solo fue una ilusion para los que odian a manny paquiao que les cayo la boca!!!

  • Mic Berisha
    Mic Berisha Hace 7 años +34

    Yea algeri wasn't supposed to beat Manny. This is true. I'm a Manny fan and I have to admit. This fight shouldn't have happened. However
    you can't blame Manny. Algeri beat Ruslan provodnikov. Someone who is dodged by most big name fighters. When a great champion fights a guy who he's supposed to beat easily. That's exactly what your supposed to do beat inferior fighters easily. You don't struggle u the likes of Marcos Maidana. Don't get me wrong I love Maidana but he's in not in the same league as Floyd, Manny, and the rest of the big names. It's simple people if Manny vs Mayweather never happens. It's all Floyds fault. Manny agreed to this fight in 2009 for God's sake. It's been nothing but excuse after excuse from Fraud "gay boy" Gay weather ever since.

    • bertelliish
      bertelliish Hace 7 años

      @Mark Quezon Ruslan whooped him but they needed an American white hope lmao

    • Mark Quezon
      Mark Quezon Hace 7 años +2

      @bertelliish algieri is not a bum mate! He won over a russian fighter so he's deserved to fight manny and some boxing analyst say he has a chance by beating manny. Look at his imposing size, naturally he can easily beat manny easily but i think the experience, power and confidence are too much for him..

    • Mic Berisha
      Mic Berisha Hace 7 años

      @Martin Luther Gimaras dead on bro. Your 100% right with this

    • Martin Luther Gimaras
      Martin Luther Gimaras Hace 7 años

      @Mic Berisha May I ask how many times did you favor PAC to win over all his fights since the Mexicans to Algieri? I bet you went against PAC winning right? And because you may have put your bet on all of PAC's foes and won in the fixed Bradley fight and the Marquez rhoid knockout punch you lost all of the other fights right? And understandably your hate for PAC makes you suck Floyd and any other fighter just to beat PAC anyway or anyhow. If you try to go to Floyd and ask him to fight PAC he would whip your face off because that's the last thing Floyd wants to hear - the words of loss. Everybody says Floyd can beat PAC except Floyd himself for 5 years. If Floyd does not fight PAC - he will stand to be the greatest chicken or duck in the history of boxing. Floyd stands to lose that way if he doesn't fight. And if he decides to fight he will stand to lose just the same. But for PAC he has nothing to lose even if he doesn't win. Floyd lose/lose. PAC win/win. That's bottomline.

  • Enrique Cervantes
    Enrique Cervantes Hace 7 años

    Yes Chris Algieri has the full circle. Running around the ring in full circle.

  • Richard Kelch
    Richard Kelch Hace 7 años

    this fight never happened as i see it. algeiri didnt throw anything like he did in his other fights. and pacman gave him a lot of opportunity to throw punches, especially in the first round. so was it a fix to make the money pac fight happen?

  • Inang Mundo
    Inang Mundo Hace 7 años

    Yes Tim Lane, Chris Algieri has the full circle of running around the ring. He was dizzying to watch.

  • jdoe
    jdoe Hace 7 años +1

    If Algieri fought more, throwed more punches, I'm pretty sure that Manny would have knocked him out even at the round 5 but but he was just playing safe. Not the usual Algieri against Provodnikov

    • Luna_Husky
      Luna_Husky Hace 7 años

      @ChoppedNScrew956dude Height*

  • Debt free and fitness
    Debt free and fitness Hace 7 años +51

    I'm one of the biggest Mayweather fans but I'm starting to think Floyd is really afraid of Manny. No more excuses Floyd. Fight Manny now or us loyal followers will think you're nothing but a big chicken. I'm black by the way. I'm just saying.

    • Monranel Rufila
      Monranel Rufila Hace 6 años


    • CandySlim501
      CandySlim501 Hace 7 años

      Agreed. No more excuses. There's no bigger fight to be made and u claim to want to give the fans what they want so let's get it on!

    • Kaye Palasyo
      Kaye Palasyo Hace 7 años


    • the dark
      the dark Hace 7 años

      im a brown man..but in my childhood i like some black boxers such as mike tyson,evander holyfield,and big daddy bowe and mosley..but this mayweather,,,,men i hate him as a fighter..people wasting money to see his fights..sorry but its the truth..

    • Leo Spaulding
      Leo Spaulding Hace 7 años


  • AmazingNeZz AliE
    AmazingNeZz AliE Hace 7 años +6

    ..... then again I gotta give respect to the guy that still made the 12th round. The other ones could t even make till 5th rounds.

    • albab malabon
      albab malabon Hace 7 años

      @RedAxl71 huhuhu lol

    • Robert Pilapil
      Robert Pilapil Hace 7 años

      Yeah! While Floyd couldn't even make the opening bell. LOL

    • Crimes Herald
      Crimes Herald Hace 7 años

      *in (not I'm)

    • Crimes Herald
      Crimes Herald Hace 7 años +1

      I give Allie Zay props for being sexy. Pacman props for destroying Algerie. Algerie props for even thinking for one second he belongs in the same ring as Pacquiao. And finally. I give props to Mayweather for his ability to quack like a duck. The duck/er that he is and always will be as long as Pacquiao is still I'm the game...
      Actually I take back all props given to Mayweather. Because he's a coward...

    • S S
      S S Hace 7 años

      @ChoppedNScrew956dude hahaha

  • Richard Kelch
    Richard Kelch Hace 7 años

    algieri was so tentative the first round that freddies words worked against him

  • Bettyb
    Bettyb Hace 7 años

    No offense to Chris Algeri he's a great boxer and has a lot of heart to step in the ring with PAC man but who has he beat to deserve this fight who has he fought why did his team put him in this situation manny is one of the best fighters in the world rather he's been knocked out or not he's one of the best Chris had no business stepping in the ring with PAC and everyone knows that

  • Brandon Black
    Brandon Black Hace 7 años +1

    The Legendary Beast PacMan does it again

  • Jordan
    Jordan Hace 7 años

    LOL, at them trying to sell Algieri as the underdog and "Rocky." Then he comes out so "cocky," while Manny's so
    humble... And I love how direct Roach is and everything he said was on point, except for the prediction about the knockout round. But then again the knockout round was just his prediction and not the truth...

  • Rashy Caiomhe
    Rashy Caiomhe Hace 7 años

    he really trained how to

  • Taggi Reed
    Taggi Reed Hace 7 años

    Full circle of greatness eh? I guess Chris Algieri went down full circle to the canvas.

    • Rhapsody Of Fire
      Rhapsody Of Fire Hace 7 años

      yeah..and that was the worst knockout fall I've ever seen in my life. he was like hit by a train

  • Dhemmyanne Basectin
    Dhemmyanne Basectin Hace 6 años

    he's so tall but 😂😂😂😂😂😂hahaha manny Pacquiao you are insane!!!!!!bravoooooo

  • David Hoang
    David Hoang Hace 7 años

    Manny fight is always a good fight unlike Mayweather just jab jab jab duck duck and judges give it to him due his record but fighting Pac-man will be a diffrent story! Mayweather is scare and Manny came back strong after the "KO" he got and look even better then last time. I'm not being biased but I'm rooting for Manny cause he is the best pound and pound fighter and yea just cause he got KO'd don't mean nothing and at least he's trying to call out Floyd by stating these comments and I know he be very very very focus which Mayweather know and scare.

  • cogie domingo
    cogie domingo Hace 7 años +1

    and now finally pacman won.

  • Uprising771
    Uprising771 Hace 7 años

    terrible fight plan by team Algieri to wait 4 rounds to start fighting back. Manny doesnt slow down, he stays active from rd 1 to 12.

  • Hellothere Hello
    Hellothere Hello Hace 7 años

    awesome fight!

  • annie ahsa
    annie ahsa Hace 7 años

    PRAISED GOD! Pacman won. Proudly Filipino boxer.

  • darytimed
    darytimed Hace 7 años +11

    Do you think that it might be possible Pacquiao could be a real life Goku?

    • lil Beelzebub
      lil Beelzebub Hace 4 años

      Gerry Buckets yeah Pacquiao is humble

  • Pj Kim
    Pj Kim Hace 7 años +1

    Pacquiao is Great!!!

    GAYLE CHANNEL Hace 7 años

    there's something about manny that only hes oponent can tell,..all of manny's previous oponents are good boxers but when the face manny they change the way the fight,..

  • Blue Peters
    Blue Peters Hace 7 años

    I want manny and mayweather fight though :/

  • Lisa Hayes
    Lisa Hayes Hace 7 años +51

    Rocky Balboa my ass! This ain't the fuckin movies!
    - Freddie Roach

    • albab malabon
      albab malabon Hace 7 años +1


    • long tooth
      long tooth Hace 7 años

      OK @Luis Diaz​ and @Bumble Bee​ I'll trust you then😠he just annoyed me terribly😇I'm fairly new to boxing though, so am naive about it still.
      Well thanks @ bumble bee😜

    • Roi Vincent Daliva
      Roi Vincent Daliva Hace 7 años

      @long tooth If roach can't do badly like trasht alking they going to bully pacman that's why roach does that to protect manny mah men. You're awesome just my opinion

    • LMD
      LMD Hace 7 años

      @leonemesis87 yeah I saw the fight. The commentators also mention that. But it was probably more rumors than anything else

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis Hace 7 años

      @Luis Diaz Didn't know that, but it would've been awkward as he usually supports Manny. In fact, he actually visited Manny with Arnold before the fight. That was on the big screen.

  • Joey
    Joey Hace 7 años

    Manny Pacquiao: Come at me Floyd.

  • Mario Flores
    Mario Flores Hace 7 años

    I feel sorry for Chris Algieri for having a trainer/coach like Tim Lane. He don't know what he;s doing.

  • monte carlo Saludes
    monte carlo Saludes Hace 7 años +1

    floyd fans. we cannot level a fighter if hes a A or B,C level. what these algieri fight can tell us is that. the best defensive fighter floyd will defend himself at all cause and manny will try to hurt floyd at all cause. the enigma is floyd will face manny in the ring not to win but to survive.. manny in seek and destroy mode while floyd will hide and run mode. like i said pot shot will not work. but a sucker punch will do just like ortiz fight.

  • Aldred Tan
    Aldred Tan Hace 7 años

    manny pacman pacquiao is the greatest boxer on earth

  • Johnny Texas
    Johnny Texas Hace 7 años +35

    Breaking news,,,,,,,,Floyd mayweather just left the planet when he saw Pacquiao vs algerie fight

    • primo baldos
      primo baldos Hace 7 años

      kayong 2 na lng kya mglaban pra MASAYA!!!!!!!!!!! he he he !!!

    • Marvin Escalate
      Marvin Escalate Hace 7 años

      wtf lol pacman fights a nobody and all of sudden mayweather is scared?? haha dude pacman fought a sorry ass fighter he's a nobody he beat the shit out of people that shouldn't have never stepped in the ring with him pac needs to worry about fighting a real boxer like mayweather

    • kyubbi doge
      kyubbi doge Hace 7 años

      haha.. like like...

  • janen manto
    janen manto Hace 7 años +1

    that was so great!!!!!!!!!

  • miky garcia
    miky garcia Hace 7 años

    Pacquio is the best fighter in the word now like tyson was in the 80s

  • kyu
    kyu Hace 7 años

    OMG!!! Pacman love u!!!!!!

  • Brigidare
    Brigidare Hace 7 años

    People crack me up with the trainers slapping the gloves of fighters with the mitts or sticks. They are called focus mitts for a reason.TO FOCUS! If you tell someone to throw a jab, rear cross.left hook combination and you don't even have the pad up what is the fighter focusing on? The person getting the most benefit of the work is the trainer. The fighter is getting worked because he or she is hitting something but not the working the true meaning of the focus mitts.

  • Hugh Morris
    Hugh Morris Hace 7 años

    Bob Arum made this fight because it's an easy win for Manny, they need to get him back on top.

  • Yaxin Lao
    Yaxin Lao Hace 7 años

    Chris Algieri show up his talent in running! LOL! a back pedal. hahaha!

  • Rhapsody Of Fire
    Rhapsody Of Fire Hace 7 años +2

    Algieri and his team talk too much as if chris has already won the fight, they underestimated pacman but guess what? Pacman puts chris' ass down 6 times. chris was too afraid to counter manny. he just couldn't see him coming so he turns his head every time manny initiates a punch.chris was totally schooled. manny didn't call out on chris before the match, he let his fists did the talking.

  • Inang Mundo
    Inang Mundo Hace 7 años

    Algieri wore a Calvin Klein brief, he is trying to get an endorsement from CK. But you know what, we have to give him credit for his bravery to fight Pacman, Mayweather should at least borrow Algieri's balls.

  • Bruce Chavez
    Bruce Chavez Hace 7 años +1

    All Pacman's opponent like this guy Algieri wouldn't be KNOWN if it wasn't for Manny's fame and worldwide popularity...Who is this guy Algieri??? That's the question I asked myself before their fight...Algieri just popped from nowhere and he was talking like he's been around and a LEGEND like Ali, Tyson, Holyfield, etc...but in the end he is just a statistics of PACQUIAO's PUNCHING BAG, and that fight is like a LIVE SPARRING FIGHT with PACMAN and obviously his ass got knocked out, what another LOSER !!!

  • Tj Vee
    Tj Vee Hace 7 años

    Besides being a lesser fighter than Manny, the reason why Algieri lost was because of how big his head got.

  • Riot KiTTeN
    Riot KiTTeN Hace 7 años

    Every best fighters have losing records. Ali, tyson, jones jr. Everyone has a losing record. Bit theyre the best fighters in the world. U dont have to say uoure the best because u have Zero losing record. Why so scared to fight an asian boxer mayweather?
    Be like a man like algeiri did :)

  • Con Artist
    Con Artist Hace 7 años

    Freddy said it exactly like it happened!

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola Hace 7 años

    Its so funny to hear Pacquiao do interviews and speeches in English because just like most ordinary pinoys from the province, he doesn't really understand the language. To speak English is a huge effort for him than fighting Algeiri! haha

  • Ako Si Onyok
    Ako Si Onyok Hace 7 años

    good fight for manny

  • Berlin Saint Clair
    Berlin Saint Clair Hace 7 años

    I guess Chris Algeri is gonna still be driving that old silver Accord sedan...

  • clare benett
    clare benett Hace 7 años

    mayweather cant break manny pacquaio,s record 10 world champion in eigth different division , pacquaio is the greatest boxer of all time and not muhammad ali, if you want to break pacquiao,s record you must break his record 10 world champion in eight different weight division, thats why mayweather is afraid of pacquaio, mayweather should beg paquiao to fight him, because pacquaio is the greatest boxer of all time period

  • freedomfyter
    freedomfyter Hace 7 años

    Honestly I'd rather watch a ford focus rust under the texas sun than watch Algeiri fight another fight PERIOD!!

  • Claudio Perrando
    Claudio Perrando Hace 7 años

    For me it doesnt matter what all the people think, I only want to see the fight PAQUIAO vs MAYWEATHER . I guess is very intresting. Mayweather is the bad guy and Manny the good. I personal dont like Mayweather, but we have to respect his carer. He lost the first fight with MAIDANA, but the second he won. How big he is we will see in the fight with PACMAN, until the preparing of each will be totaly difrent, because anybody of both know how dangerous can be the other. Its a new game and all can be happend

  • Roman Malakhov
    Roman Malakhov Hace 7 años

    Pacman the best. ..

  • slide4180
    slide4180 Hace 7 años

    Captivating highlights. Thanks a lot. Or maybe you don't know what highlights are.

  • Emmanuel QA
    Emmanuel QA Hace 7 años

    Pacquiao is giving this boxers their first taste of lost on their careers. First it was Bradley. Now it's Algieri. I guess we know who will be the next one :P

  • Edwin Esteban
    Edwin Esteban Hace 7 años +1

    Obviously Chris Algieri trained by his coach just to run...check his training in the camp???

  • JV VaL
    JV VaL Hace 7 años

    The fight is finished at 9th round. too long number 9 count. referee should have stopped the fight after that solid shot by pacman

  • Paranoia Complex
    Paranoia Complex Hace 7 años

    He beat the dog shit out of this poor boy. Chris wasn't ready

  • Janneth Perez
    Janneth Perez Hace 7 años

    The manny secreat is,being humble and always feet on the ground,HE IS NOT A MAYABANG PERSON

  • javier madera
    javier madera Hace 7 años +1

    silly fight algieri had no chance and did not belong there, thumbs up for the mayweather call out..

  • Serapis Bey
    Serapis Bey Hace 6 años

    Why so many dislikes? This video is an awesome complete story...

  • Cain !
    Cain ! Hace 7 años

    tune-up game to draw Mayweather!

  • Danilo Centeno
    Danilo Centeno Hace 7 años

    thanks Tim Lane for making me laugh.Do you do comedy aside from being a trainer? no wonder you are are talking funny and have great imagination. watch the carefully,you might learn something and that's for sure.

  • jedjie
    jedjie Hace 7 años

    manny doesnt really need d fight with mayweather, he's happy with his achievements.. the reason why he wants it its because of the fans demand..the next thing floyd wud ask manny is to wear pink gloves, no karaoke, and no eye of the tiger song entrance song :-) why would a fighter dictate another fighter...he wants to control Pac.. he keeps on bringing the test and pac's lost.. manny's old videos when he was a teen shows his intensity before he became known. he is passing the requirements of the world boxing council.. Ali's lost are equal to Pac's and some of the greatest had their losses.. manny is not just after of protecting his record but to always be a true fighter..and make the boxing world more exciting.. if floyd keeps on ducking Pac, that will show how much of a threat Pac is, if that is the case i would go for Pac!

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens Hace 7 años

    Freddie knows what Floyd and lots of other sellers of fights know - talk shit and people get interested. Being that these two are speaking so boringly, he seems to have taken that role.

  • mads eggs
    mads eggs Hace 7 años

    Guys, i just want to let anyone knows what is Official Height of Manny Pacquiao it was 5' 6 1/2", while Manuel Marquez is 5' 7" and Floyd Mayweather is 5' 8", Pacman always fought bigger guys but u cant notice dis much coz he can handle them very well even der is height diadvantage. I hope Floyd will fight our little Manny. Next Year 2015!!!

  • Brian Trask
    Brian Trask Hace 7 años

    Well Done Manny Pacquiao On winning Against that big mouth BUM Chris Algieri , I just Hope Floyd Mayweather stops ducking and diving and shows up, all we want to see him out on his Ass

  • Eye Bee Bak
    Eye Bee Bak Hace 7 años

    "He's going to fight me? hu hu hu hu" - Pacman.

    ANAK PAWIS AGILA Hace 7 años

    Even in your dreams team Chris Algieri will not happen that you will win the fight against PACMAN the best Boxer in the world.

  • Erma Alfon
    Erma Alfon Hace 7 años +2

    Omg Chris got knock out 5 reaoud

  • clare benett
    clare benett Hace 7 años

    its very obvious that manny pacquiao is greater and better than mayweather why? because pacquaio is the only boxer who achieved ten world champion in eight different weight division. no one in the history of the world that get that title only pacquiao and no one will ever break that record, if may weather want to break pacquaio,s record he must surpass the legacy of paquiao winning 10 world champion in 8 different weight division, but mayweather cannot do that its impossible because pacquaio is the greatest boxer in the world, greater that muhammad ali period, what ever you say thats the reality and truth, and truth hurts, for those who envy pacquaio's record it hurts to them, the case, confusion and doubt now is solved. so for mayweather and camp you have to prove that you are better than pacquaio, and prove that in the ring, not with your to much words and noise in front of the camera, because that is a virtue of being a traitor

  • jimmy jon
    jimmy jon Hace 7 años

    radio rahim is the man. good questions in the interview

  • Bettyb
    Bettyb Hace 7 años

    For so many people to hate floyd you can't even watch a boxing video without mentioning his name

  • Bettyb
    Bettyb Hace 7 años

    For anybody to compare Algeri to floyd mayweather is just plain stupid Algeri has no resume floyd has been on top for 18yrs so for someone to watch this fight and think manny will be able to do that to mayweather is smoking crack it would be a great fight I hope it happens but this was a obvious cherry pick to confuse fans into thinking the old manny is back and and a quick payday

  • Rolando Uligan
    Rolando Uligan Hace 7 años

    Mayweather is a faster than Algeiri. So he can run faster avoiding Manny better. LMAO

  • alexander orla
    alexander orla Hace 7 años

    Chris Algieri game plan is the run, run then run

  • Divina Smile
    Divina Smile Hace 7 años

    he really listen to me carefully hes in the cage right now boooom!! he will going knock pacman wow!!!

  • Cicada#42
    Cicada#42 Hace 7 años

    LOL the reason why pacman didnt knock him out is because algieri was not that popular. Pacman didnt want him to get a bad rep

  • Coleson
    Coleson Hace 7 años

    MasterBoxer tho XD

  • Jumil Gorry
    Jumil Gorry Hace 7 años

    Pacquiao fans knockdown reaction against Algiere- Philippines

  • freddie kuger
    freddie kuger Hace 7 años

    goose bumps ;p

  • Eclectic Media
    Eclectic Media Hace 7 años

    1 million views in two days. Good lord that is a colossal amount of views. Someone should tell Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser to stop trashing boxing and to stop claiming boxing is dead and nobody cares about boxing anymore.
    This video obviously shows otherwise.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Hace 7 años

    they keep using to the term "master boxer" - with all do respect to Algieri as a competitor and this guy as a trainer.... but this is ridiculous and this coach is totally embarrassing himself